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Shelby County Alabama Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Shelby County Alabama

Place USGS Topo Map
Acton Lake Helena
Acton Lake Vincent
Adams Lake Columbiana
Alpines Lakes Vandiver
Baggetts Lake Vincent
Belcher Lake Chelsea
Blue Pond Cahaba Heights
Bounds Lake Bounds Lake
Bowden Lake Bounds Lake
Boyden Lake Chelsea
Caddell Lake Helena
Cahaba Girl Scout Council Lake Vandiver
Caldwell Lake Westover
Catfish Lake Chelsea
Cedar Lake Vandiver
Charob Lake Chelsea
Chelsea Game Preserve Lake Vandiver
Cherokee Beach Lake Greenwood
College Lake Aldrich
Crystal Lake Vandiver
Deerwood Lake Vincent
Dobbin Brothers Lake Helena
Double Oak Lake Helena
Finger Lake Vandiver
Fletcher Estate Lake Cahaba Heights
Four Wing Lake Bounds Lake
Fowler Lake Cahaba Heights
Fultons Lake Alabaster
Great Pine Lake Vandiver
Green Valley Lake Bounds Lake
Hall Lake Vincent
Hargis Lake Westover
Harpersville Lake Number 1 Harpersville
Harpersville Lake Number 2 Harpersville
Heather Lake Cahaba Heights
Hillhouse Lake Cooks Springs
Hollybrook Lake Vandiver
Holtzclaw Lake Helena
Indian Estates Lake Helena
Indian Spring Lake Helena
Indian Valley Lake Helena
Indian Valley Lake Helena
Jackson Lake Vincent
Kerscoha Lake Vandiver
Kimberly-Clark Lake Bounds Lake
Kimberly-Clark Lake Alabaster
Lake Byram Chelsea
Lake Dewitt Vincent
Lake Dixie Cahaba Heights
Lake Gizella Chelsea
Lake Gorman Vandiver
Lake Melaken Helena
Lake Purdy Cahaba Heights
Lake Warren Chelsea
Lay Lake Shelby
Ledbetter Lake Vincent
Ledbetter Lake Number 2 Vincent
Lenora Lake Chelsea
Little Deer Lakes Vandiver
Lunker Lake Cahaba Heights
Martin Town Lake Vincent
McDavid Lake Cahaba Heights
Mirror Lakes Vandiver
Mitchell Lake Ozan
Moon Glow Lake Cahaba Heights
Moore Lake Columbiana
Moore Lake Vandiver
Moores Pond Harpersville
Mountain View Lake Vandiver
Nash Lake Leeds
Nazarene Church Lake Bounds Lake
North Valley View Lake Vandiver
Oak Mountain Lake Chelsea
Old Lake Chelsea
Pumpkin Swamp Road Lake Bounds Lake
Purdy Lake Westover
Rutherford Lake Helena
Rutherford Lake Number One Helena
Rutherford Lake Number Two Helena
Rutherford Lakes Helena
Salter Lake Alabaster
Salter Lake Montevallo
Schmitt Lake Leeds
Shelton Lake Vandiver
Spring Lake Vandiver
The Narrows Lake White Hall
Twin Pine Lake Vandiver
University of Montevallo Lake Aldrich
Valley Lake Vandiver
Valley View Lake Vandiver
Wehapa Lake Vandiver
Whispering Pines Lake Halfmile Shoals
White Lake Bounds Lake
Wilborn Lake Helena
Williams Lake Helena
Woodmere Number One Lake Bounds Lake
Woodmere Number Two Lake Bounds Lake
Wyatt Lake Helena
Yielding Lake Vandiver

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Shelby County, Alabama. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.