Kodiak Island County Alaska Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Kodiak Island County Alaska

Place USGS Topo Map
Abercrombie Lake Kodiak D-2
Afognak Lake Afognak A-3
Akalura Lake Karluk A-1
Barry Lagoon Kodiak B-2
Beaver Lake Kodiak C-2
Beaver Lake Kodiak D-2
Big Kitoi Lake Afognak A-2
Big Kitoi Lake Afognak A-2
Bull Lake Kodiak B-2
Buskin Lake Kodiak D-2
Chiniak Lagoon Kodiak C-1
Chiniak Lake Kodiak C-1
Crater Lake Mount Katmai B-3
Dakavak Lake Mount Katmai A-3
Dark Lake Kodiak D-2
Dolgoi Lake Kodiak D-1
Dragonfly Lake Kodiak C-2
East Twin Lake Kodiak B-2
Elephant Lake Kodiak D-1
Frazer Lake Karluk B-1
Fugitive Lake Kodiak A-4
Genivieve Lake Kodiak D-2
Grant Lagoon Karluk B-2
Gretchen Lake Afognak B-1
Heitman Lake Kodiak C-2
Hidden Lake Afognak B-3
Hidden Lakes Kodiak C-1
Horse Marine Lake Kodiak A-6
Horseshoe Lake Kodiak C-2
Icehouse Lake Kodiak D-2
Island Lake Kodiak D-2
Jack Lake Kodiak C-2
Jupiter Lake Kodiak C-1
Kalsin Pond Kodiak C-2
Karluk Lagoon Karluk C-2
Karluk Lake Karluk B-1
Katmai Lakes Mount Katmai A-3
Lake A B Schwartz Afognak A-1
Lake Aurel Kodiak C-2
Lake Bettinger Kodiak D-2
Lake Bettinger Lower Reservoir Kodiak D-2
Lake Caroline Kodiak C-2
Lake Catherine Kodiak D-2
Lake Cicely Kodiak C-2
Lake Leanne Kodiak C-3
Lake Lee Kodiak C-2
Lake Louise Kodiak D-2
Lake Miam Kodiak B-2
Lake Orbin Kodiak C-2
Lake Phil Kodiak C-2
Lake Rose Teed Kodiak B-2
Lake Una Kodiak D-2
Laura Lake Afognak B-1
Lilly Lake Kodiak D-2
Lily Pond Lake Kodiak C-2
Little Kitoi Lake Afognak A-2
Little River Lake Kodiak D-5
Long Lake Kodiak D-1
Lower Malina Lake Afognak A-4
Lower Reservoir Kodiak D-2
Lupin Lake Kodiak B-2
Mark Lake Trinity Islands C-1
Mayflower Lake Kodiak C-2
Middle Reservoir Kodiak D-2
Mission Lake Kodiak D-2
Monashka Reservoir Kodiak D-2
Mush Lake Kodiak C-5
Neptune Kodiak C-1
O’Malley Lake Kodiak B-6
Pauls Lake Afognak B-1
Peninsula Lake Kodiak C-2
Pillar Creek Lower Reservoir Kodiak D-2
Pillar Creek Reservoir Kodiak D-2
Pillar Creek Upper Reservoir Kodiak D-2
Portage Lake Afognak B-2
Potatopatch Lake Kodiak D-2
Red Lake Karluk A-1
Salt Lake Kodiak D-2
Saturn Lake Kodiak C-1
Sawmill Lake Kodiak C-1
Seldevoe Lagoon Kodiak D-2
Snag Lake Kodiak C-2
South Olga Lakes Karluk A-1
Southern Lake Kodiak D-1
Spectacle Lake Mount Katmai A-3
Spiridon Lake Kodiak C-6
Summit Lake Ugashik C-1
Tanignak Lake Kodiak D-2
Terror Lake Kodiak C-4
Thumb Lake Kodiak B-6
Twin Lakes Kodiak B-2
Uganik Lake Kodiak C-4
Upper Malina Lake Afognak A-4
Upper Reservoir Kodiak D-2
Upper Reservoir Kodiak D-2
Uranus Kodiak C-1

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Kodiak Island County, Alaska. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.