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Pinal County Arizona Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Pinal County Arizona

Place USGS Topo Map
Airport Tank Fortified Peak
Alamo Number One Tank Mineral Mountain
Alamo Number Two Tank Mineral Mountain
Allens Peak Tank Ninetysix Hills NW
American Flag Tank Campo Bonito
Anderson Tank North of Oracle
Antelope Tank Vaiva Vo
Antelope Tank Fortified Peak
Antelope Tank Putnam Wash
Apache Land Tank Florence Junction
Arboretum Tank Picketpost Mountain
Bee Tank Ninetysix Hills SE
Beehive Tank Ninetysix Hills NE
Big Bertha Tank Fortified Peak
Big Pond Fortified Peak
Big Spreader Tank Red Rock
Big Tank Friendly Corners
Big Tank Chief Butte
Big Tank Booger Canyon
Black Hills Tank Teapot Mountain
Black Tank Tortolita Mountains
Blue Ribbon Tank Durham Hills
Bollin Tank Cactus Forest
Brady Tank Ninetysix Hills SW
Buck Tank Ninetysix Hills SE
Burn Tank Oracle
Burro Flaco Tank Ninetysix Hills NW
Cadillac Tank Chief Butte
Casa Grande Military Reservoir Casa Grande Mountains
Cat Hills Tank Cactus Forest
Catalina Tank Oracle
Cedar Tank Superior
Cement Tank Booger Canyon
Chain Link Tank Campo Bonito
Chalk Reservoir Oracle Junction
Char Tank Cactus Forest
Chet Tank Booger Canyon
Clemans Tank Cactus Forest
Coffee Tank Friendly Corners
Colorado Tank Cactus Forest
Copper Mine Tank Durham Hills
Corner Tank North of Oracle
Coronado Tank Fortified Peak
Cowhead Tank Putnam Wash
Coyote Tank Ninetysix Hills NW
Crescent Tank Oracle Junction
Crucifixon Tank Teapot Mountain
D Bar H Tank Ninetysix Hills NE
Deep Well Tank Florence NE
Dirt Tank Booger Canyon
Dodge Tank Oracle
Dons Tank Florence Junction
Double Tank Red Rock
Double Tank Ninetysix Hills SW
Double Tank Oracle Junction
Double Tank Booger Canyon
Double Tanks Black Mountain
Dry Tank Florence NE
Dry Tank Florence Junction
Dugan Tank Picketpost Mountain
East Fork Tank Superior
Eight Section Tank Ninetysix Hills NE
El Molino Tank Florence NE
Escalanta Tank Ninetysix Hills SW
Faraway Tank Oracle Junction
Fletcher Tank Ninetysix Hills SW
Freeman Tank Chief Butte
Gap Tank Oracle
Gas Line Tank Durham Hills
Gato Tank Ninetysix Hills SW
Goldwater Tank Iron Mountain
Gonzales Tank Picketpost Mountain
Green Tank Durham Hills
Greene Reservoir (historical) Greene Reservoir
Hackberry Tank Ninetysix Hills NE
Half Moon Tank Ninetysix Hills NW
Hardt Tank Florence Junction
Headquarters Tank Superior
Heifer Pasture Tank Picacho Reservoir SE
Hidden Tank North of Oracle
Highway Tank Picketpost Mountain
Highway Tank Picketpost Mountain
Hit Tank Chief Butte
Horse Pasture Tank Superior
Irene Well Oracle
Iron Flat Tank Pinal Ranch
Jamieson Tank Cactus Forest
Javelina Tank Picketpost Mountain
Jones Tank Fortified Peak
Junction Tank Florence Junction
Lago del Oro Oracle
Lake in the Desert Casa Grande East
Lake Saint Clair Vaiva Vo
Lake Towers Hat Mountain
Last Chance Tank Fortified Peak
Lime Tank Teapot Mountain
Little Box Lake Hot Tamale Peak
Little Cement Tank Superior
Little Rock Tank Superior
Little Spreader Tank Red Rock
Lower EK tank Teapot Mountain
Lower Holding Tank Oracle Junction
Lower Tank Ninetysix Hills SE
McCarty Tank Fortified Peak
Mesa Tank Durham Hills
Mesa Tank Mineral Mountain
Middle Mountain Tank Ninetysix Hills NW
Middle Tank Florence NE
Middle Tank Ninetysix Hills NE
Middle Tank Ninetysix Hills SE
Midway Tank Picketpost Mountain
Moffit Tank Holy Joe Peak
Mormon Tank Florence NE
Morris Tank Friendly Corners
Mountain View Tank Putnam Wash
Muddy Tank Fortified Peak
New Tank Florence NE
North Fork Tank Superior
Number One Dirt Tank North of Oracle
Number Three Dirt Tank Oracle
Number Three Tank Red Rock
Number Two Dirt Tank North of Oracle
Patterson Tank Fortified Peak
Peachville Tank Superior
Pedia Tank Picacho Reservoir SE
Picacho Reservoir Picacho Reservoir
Pinto Spring Trough Iron Mountain
Polo Tank Ninetysix Hills SW
Porvenir Tank Greene Reservoir
Power Line Reservoir Oracle Junction
Power Line Tank Oracle Junction
Queen Creek Tank Florence Junction
Rattlesnake Tank Fortified Peak
Rebel Tank Picketpost Mountain
Red Tank Teapot Mountain
Reds Tank Cactus Forest
Repecita Tank Picacho Reservoir SE
Represo Tank Oracle Junction
Rincon Tank Ninetysix Hills NW
Rock Tank Ninetysix Hills NE
Rock Tank Mineral Mountain
Rock Tank Ninetysix Hills NE
Rosas Park Samaniego Hills
Roys Tank Oracle
Ruin Tank Oracle
Sasco Tank Samaniego Hills
Small Hill Reservoir Oracle Junction
Snyder Tank North of Oracle
South Tank Chief Butte
Superior Tank Florence NE
Superior Water Tank Superior
Talley Tank Mineral Mountain
Tank Number One Ninetysix Hills NW
Tank Number Twentytwo Ninetysix Hills NW
Tascal Tank Oracle Junction
Terimate Tank Cactus Forest
The Lake Tank Ninetysix Hills NE
Threeway Tank Oracle Junction
Tipperary Tank Fortified Peak
Tovrea Tank Ninetysix Hills SW
Trail Tank Superior
Twin Tanks Florence NE
Upper Holding Tank Oracle Junction
Upper Tank Florence Junction
Upper Tank Ninetysix Hills NE
Web Tank Florence NE
West Pit Teapot Mountain
West Tank Florence Junction
Whitlow Ranch Flood Control Basin Florence Junction
Whitlow Tank Florence Junction
Wild Cow Tank Fortified Peak
Willow Spring Tank Fortified Peak
Wilmonts Pond Red Rock
Woodrows Tank Booger Canyon
Youtsey Tank Cactus Forest

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Pinal County, Arizona. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.