Santa Cruz County Arizona Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Santa Cruz County Arizona

Place USGS Topo Map
A Bar Draw Tank Canelo Pass
Agua Cercada Tank Bartlett Mountain
AJ Tank Harshaw
Alto Schumaker Tank Ruby
Alum Gulch Storage Harshaw
Amada Tank Ruby
Amole Tank Murphy Peak
Antonio Tank Duquesne
Apache Tank Sonoita
Apache Tank Harshaw
Arlene Tank Lochiel
Atascosa Trail Tank Ruby
Baldwin Tank Canelo Pass
Barriles Tank Cumero Canyon
Basin Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Basin Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Bat Cave Tank Mount Hughes
Bathtub Tank Mount Wrightson
Bathtub Water Mount Wrightson
Bear Tank Canelo Pass
Beckers Folly Huachuca Peak
Bellota Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Bellotosa Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Bennett Tank Harshaw
Bergier Tank Mount Hopkins
Bergier Trick Tank Mount Hughes
Big Tank Ruby
Bill Woods Tank Huachuca Peak
Bishop Tank Canelo Pass
Black Tank Ruby
Bobby Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Bog Hole Tank Canelo Pass
Bolsa Tank Ruby
Bonita Tank Bartlett Mountain
Border Tank Ruby
Border Tank Alamo Spring
Boulder Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Boulder Tank Ruby
Boundary Tank Bartlett Mountain
Broken Tank Ruby
Buckshot Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Buena Vista Lake Cumero Canyon
Bull Spring Tank Pajarito Peak
Burro Tank O'Donnell Canyon
Calabasas Tank Pajarito Peak
Canyon Tank Mount Wrightson
Caralampi Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Caralampi Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Castle Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Cautiva Tank Kino Springs
CCC Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Cement Tank Harshaw
Cemetery Tank Bartlett Mountain
Cemetery Tank O'Donnell Canyon
Chamberlain Tank Kino Springs
Chango Tank Cumero Canyon
Chiladote Tank Alamo Spring
Chino Seven Tank Harshaw
Chino Tank Harshaw
Chivas Tank San Cayetano Mountains
Cinigita Tank Patagonia
Collins Tank Huachuca Peak
Concrete Tank Huachuca Peak
Corner Tank Bartlett Mountain
Cott Tank Canelo Pass
Cowhead Tank Rio Rico
Coyote Tank Saucito Mountain
Coyote Tank Alamo Spring
Cruz Canyon Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Dan Tank Canelo Pass
Dart Tank Bartlett Mountain
Davis Tank Pajarito Peak
Diablito Tank Amado
Dirt Tank O'Donnell Canyon
Diversion Tank Murphy Peak
Doodlebug Tank Amado
Double F Tank Harshaw
Double Tank O'Donnell Canyon
Dove Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Dove Tank Canelo Pass
Down Under Tank O'Donnell Canyon
Dry Tank Ruby
Dutchman Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Earthen Pond Harshaw
East Tank Mount Hughes
East Tank Pyeatt Ranch
East Ten Tank Duquesne
East Three Tank Harshaw
East Two Tank Harshaw
El Pilar Tank Mount Wrightson
Far Tank O'Donnell Canyon
Finley Tank Pyeatt Ranch
Fish Canyon Tank Mount Wrightson
Fish Tank O'Donnell Canyon
Flower Tank O'Donnell Canyon
Flux Well Harshaw
Forest Tank O'Donnell Canyon
Fort Tank O'Donnell Canyon
Frazier Tank O'Donnell Canyon
Fritz Tank Canelo Pass
Frog Tank Ruby
George Stock Tank Pyeatt Ranch
Glotts Tank O'Donnell Canyon
Grande Tank Cumero Canyon
Granger Tank Kino Springs
Granite Tank Ruby
Green Can Tank Pajarito Peak
Grennan Tank Harshaw
Gunther Tank Mount Hughes
Guy Tank O'Donnell Canyon
H Six Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Headquarters Tank Canelo Pass
Heifer Tank Harshaw
Henry Tank Patagonia
Hidden Tank Tubac
Hidden Tank Ruby
Holden Tank Bartlett Mountain
Holding Pasture Trick Tank Mount Hughes
Home Tank Canelo Pass
Huachuca Tank Lochiel
Indian Hills Tank Murphy Peak
Inez Tank Huachuca Peak
Jack Tank Canelo Pass
Japanese Tank Bartlett Mountain
Jarillas Tank Cumero Canyon
Jay Tank Pyeatt Ranch
Judy Tank Huachuca Peak
Kenny Tank Lochiel
Kenyon Tank Tubac
Kerr-McGee Tank Harshaw
Kino Springs Lake Cumero Canyon
Knoll Tank Harshaw
Lampshire Tank O'Donnell Canyon
Land Tank Bartlett Mountain
Lee Stock Tank O'Donnell Canyon
Leslie Tank Canelo Pass
Liebres Tank Saucito Mountain
Little Alamo Tank Pajarito Peak
Little Casa Tank Mount Wrightson
Little Tonto Tank Ruby
Lobo Tank Murphy Peak
Lobo Tank Pajarito Peak
Lookout Tank Ruby
Los Pajaros Verdes Tank Cumero Canyon
Lost Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Lower Alamo Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Lower Bellota Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Lower Four Tank Harshaw
Lower One Tank Duquesne
Lower Pauline Trick Tank O'Donnell Canyon
Lower Providencia Tanks Cumero Canyon
Lower Thirteen Tank Duquesne
Lower Three Tank Duquesne
Lower Triangle Tank Pajarito Peak
Lower Two Tank Duquesne
Maggies Tank Cumero Canyon
Margarita Tank Bartlett Mountain
Max Tank Canelo Pass
Meadow Valley Tank O'Donnell Canyon
Mesa Side Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Mesa Tank Ruby
Mesa Tank Ruby
Mesa Tank Pyeatt Ranch
Mesa Tanks Sonoita
Middle Alamo Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Middle Canyon Tank Canelo Pass
Middle Two Tank Harshaw
Mine Tank Patagonia
Montoya Tank Ruby
Monument Tank Ruby
Monument Tank Pajarito Peak
Mud Tank Pajarito Peak
Negro Tank Tubac
Nettle Tank Cumero Canyon
New Tank O'Donnell Canyon
North Eight Tank Harshaw
North Fourteen Tank Duquesne
North Six Tank Harshaw
North Tank Pyeatt Ranch
North Tank Duquesne
North Unit Stock Tank O'Donnell Canyon
Number Three Tanks Harshaw
Number Two Tank Harshaw
Oak Tank Ruby
Ocotillo Tank Mount Hopkins
Oro Blanco Reservoir Bartlett Mountain
Paja Verde Tank Cumero Canyon
Palomas Tank Bartlett Mountain
Papago Tanks Ruby
Patagonia Lake Cumero Canyon
Pauline Stock Tank Canelo Pass
Pena Blanca Lake Pena Blanca Lake
Penasco Tank Saucito Mountain
Pesquiera Tank Pajarito Peak
Pete Tank Saucito Mountain
Piedra Gosa Tank Number Two Kino Springs
Piedragosa Tanks Kino Springs
Pigeon Tank Harshaw
Pinto Tank O'Donnell Canyon
Providencia Storage Cumero Canyon
Punk Tank Pajarito Peak
Quien Sabe Tank Kino Springs
Ralph Tank O'Donnell Canyon
Rattlesnake Tank Ruby
Red Rock Tank Ruby
Red Spring Tank Murphy Peak
Red Tank Saucito Mountain
Red Tank Harshaw
Red Tanks O'Donnell Canyon
Redondo Tank Saucito Mountain
Ridge Tank Ruby
Ridge Tank Harshaw
Road Tank Bartlett Mountain
Roadside Tank Ruby
Rock Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Rogers Well O'Donnell Canyon
Rosemary Tank Canelo Pass
Ruby Lakes Ruby
Ruby Tank Ruby
Saddle Mountain Tank Mount Hughes
Saddle Mountain Tank Harshaw
Saddle Tank Ruby
Salty Tank Ruby
Sandy Tank Saucito Mountain
Sandy Tank Cumero Canyon
Sandy Tank Ruby
Saucita Tank Bartlett Mountain
Sawmill Canyon Tank Mount Wrightson
Sawtelle Tank Huachuca Peak
Seven Tank Harshaw
Sierra Tanks Bartlett Mountain
Silver Tank Canelo Pass
Silver Tank Storage Canelo Pass
Sonny Tank Pajarito Peak
Soto Tank Alamo Spring
South Fourteen Tank Duquesne
South Tank Pyeatt Ranch
Split Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Split Tank Pajarito Peak
Stacey Lake Cumero Canyon
Summit Reservoir Ruby
Sycamore Tank Kino Springs
Tascala Tank Cumero Canyon
Three C Tank Pajarito Peak
Three R Tank Cumero Canyon
Tinker Tank Ruby
Tonto Tank Alamo Spring
Toruno Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Tres de Mayo Tank Cumero Canyon
Tres Puertas Tank Amado
Tungo Tank Harshaw
Turner Tank Bartlett Mountain
Twelve Tank Duquesne
Twin Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Upper Alamo Tank Pajarito Peak
Upper Four Tank Harshaw
Upper One Tank Duquesne
Upper Pesqueira Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Upper Puerto Tank Murphy Peak
Upper Thirteen Tank Duquesne
Upper Turner Tank Bartlett Mountain
Upper Walker Tank Mount Wrightson
Walker Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Warsaw Tank Bartlett Mountain
Weiland Harshaw Storage Mount Hughes
West Nine Tank Harshaw
West Six Tank Harshaw
West Tank O'Donnell Canyon
West Two Tank Harshaw
White Oak Tank Pena Blanca Lake
White Tank Murphy Peak
White Tank O'Donnell Canyon
Williamson Tank Canelo Pass
Willow Tank Ruby
Wisdom Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Wolf Canyon Tank Pena Blanca Lake
Yank Tank Ruby
Yellow Jacket Tank Bartlett Mountain

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Santa Cruz County, Arizona. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.