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Lakes in Arkansas County Arkansas

Place USGS Topo Map
Abernathy Reservoir De Witt NE
Alter Lake De Witt
Alter Lake Number Two De Witt
Arkansas Post Canal Reservoir Henrico SW
Baker Brothers Reservoir Ulm
Bark Shanty Lake Crocketts Bluff
Bay Bayou Gillett
Bear Lake Henrico NE
Bear Pond Yancopin
Bennett Reservoir Almyra
Benson Lake Lodge Corner
Big Horseshoe Lake Indian Bay SE
Big White Lake Indian Bay SE
Black Lake Henrico SW
Botts Lake Tichnor
Bradberry Pond Weber
Brooks Lake Henrico SW
Brother Reservoir Ulm
Brushy Lake Indian Bay SE
Brushy Lake Crocketts Bluff
Burnt Lake Henrico NE
Butler Lake Ethel
Butler Lake Number Two Ethel
Chaney Lake One Horse Store
Childers Lake Dam Tichnor
Cocklebur Lakes Indian Bay SE
Columbus Lake Henrico NE
Cooks Lake De Witt NE
Covington Lake Indian Bay SE
Cox Cypress Lake Lodge Corner
Cox Reservoir Lodge Corner
Crane Lake Henrico NE
Crockett Lake Crocketts Bluff
Daugherty Reservoir Aberdeen
Daugherty Reservoir Ulm
Ditch Lake Crocketts Bluff
Drainie Lake Weber
Dry Lake Henrico SW
Dry Lake Henrico SW
Dudley Lake Weber
Eagle Nest Lake Weber
Eason Lake Crocketts Bluff
Escronges Lake Henrico NE
Fish Lake Henrico NE
Flag Lake One Horse Store
Flat Lake Henrico SW
Flat Lake Henrico NE
Frazier Lake Indian Bay SE
Frazier Lake Ethel
Fridenburg Reservoir Ulm
Fullers Reservoir De Witt SW
Girerd Pond De Witt SW
Glenwood Lake Humphrey
Goose Lake Henrico SW
Goosefoot Lake Crocketts Bluff
Gordon Lake Crocketts Bluff
Grand Cypress Lake Lodge Corner
Grassy Lake Weber
Gregory Lake Tichnor
Gum Pond Henrico NE
Gum Pond (historical) Stuttgart North
Gunnell Pond De Witt NE
Gut Lake Indian Bay SE
H Lake Henrico NE
Hall Lake De Witt SW
Hall Lake Ethel
Haller Lake One Horse Store
Halowell Reservoir Humphrey SW
Hammonds Reservoir Ulm
Hamptons Reservoir Lodge Corner
Hillman Pond De Witt SW
Hillman Reservoir Almyra
Hillman Reservoir Number Two Almyra
Hobert Reservoir Ethel
Hole in the Wall Weber
Holly Lake Crocketts Bluff
Horton Lake Indian Bay SE
J Gunnell Lake De Witt NE
Jacobs Lake One Horse Store
Jenkins Lake Tichnor
John Smith Lake Yancopin
Jones Lake Indian Bay SE
Knoff Reservoir Almyra
La Fargue Lake Tichnor
La Grue Lake Henrico SW
Laboring Bay Henrico SW
Lake Dumond Watson
Lake Lane De Witt NE
Lake Rosebud Ethel
Lake Wilson One Horse Store
Lake Wisdom Tichnor
Lambert Reservoir (historical) Ulm
Layne Arkansas Reservoir Ulm
Leak Lake Crocketts Bluff
Leibrock Lake De Witt NE
Lemmons Lake Reydell
Little Goose Lake Henrico NE
Little H Lake Henrico NE
Little Horseshoe Lake Indian Bay SE
Little Jones Lake Indian Bay SE
Little Lake Crocketts Bluff
Little Pecan Lake One Horse Store
Little Round Pond Crocketts Bluff
Little White Lake Indian Bay SE
Long Lake Weber
Long Lake Henrico NE
Long Lake Indian Bay SE
Long Lake Crocketts Bluff
Lost Lake Henrico SW
Lowe Lake Tichnor
Lower Eagle Nest Lake Weber
Lower White Lake Henrico NE
Loyd Rodgers Reservoir One Horse Store
Luckett Lake Aberdeen
Lumsden Lake One Horse Store
Lumsdens Reservoir One Horse Store
McCracken Lake Tichnor
McDoogle Reservoir Almyra
McFall Lake Aberdeen
McGauhey Lake Aberdeen
McGraw Lake De Witt NE
McKewen Lake De Witt
McKinley Reservoir One Horse Store
Merrisach Lake Arkansas Post
Miller Lake De Witt
Mitchell Lake De Witt
Mobley Lake Henrico NE
Moody Old River Gillett
Moon Lakes Weber
Mopkins Lake Ethel
Mud Lake Weber
Mud Lake Indian Bay SE
Mud Lake Indian Bay SE
Mud Lakes Henrico NE
Old Old River Arkansas Post
Old River Lake Yancopin
Otis Pond Ethel
Otter Lake Indian Bay SE
Owens Lake Yancopin
Oxbow Lake Henrico SW
Parish Lake Arkansas Post
Park Lake Arkansas Post
Payer Lake Number One Aberdeen
Payer Lake Number Three Aberdeen
Payer Lake Number Two Aberdeen
Pecan Lake One Horse Store
Pike Pond Indian Bay SE
Polecat Lakes Crocketts Bluff
Pool Two Watson
Poplar Creek Lake Crocketts Bluff
Potlatch Pond Number Two Weber
Prairie Lake Henrico NE
Prices Lake Indian Bay SE
Prosperous Bayou Henrico SW
Randolph Reservoir Humphrey
Rodgers Lake Number One One Horse Store
Rodgers Lake Number Two One Horse Store
Rodgers Reservoir Reydell
Round Lake Henrico NE
Round Lake Crocketts Bluff
Scroggins Reservoir Ulm
Shook Reservoir De Witt NE
Sollars Reservoir One Horse Store
Sollars Reservoir De Witt SW
Southern Lake Crocketts Bluff
Star Lake Henrico NE
Stinking Bay Reservoir Crocketts Bluff
T Lake Henrico NE
Thomas Reservoir De Witt SW
Thomas Reservoirs De Witt SW
Tindall Lake Almyra
Tindall Reservoir Stuttgart South
Trice Lake Aberdeen
Trotters Reservoir Ulm
Tupelo Lake Crocketts Bluff
Turner Lake Indian Bay SE
Twin Lakes Weber
Twin Lakes Indian Bay SE
Union Lake De Witt
Voss Lake Crocketts Bluff
Voss Reservoir Almyra
Walworth Reservoir Almyra
Ward Reservoir Tichnor
Wegert Reservoir One Horse Store
Wheeler Lake One Horse Store
White Lake Henrico SW
Whiting Lake Henrico SW
Willow Lake Indian Bay SE
Wilson Reservoir Lodge Corner
Wofford Lake De Witt NE
Wolf Lake Weber
Wright Lake Weber

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Arkansas County, Arkansas. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.