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Desha County Arkansas Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Desha County Arkansas

Place USGS Topo Map
Alligator Lake Snow Lake
Amos Bayou Winchester
Bar Lake Benoit
Bar Lake Benoit
Bear Lake Lake Cheatham
Bear Lake (historical) Snow Lake
Belcoe Lake Watson
Big Round Lake Snow Lake
Billy Moore Lake Rosedale
Blue Hole Catfish Point
Blue Hole Watson
Blue Hole Gunnison
Blue Hole Catfish Point
Bobs Blue Hole Catfish Point
Bobtail Lake Yancopin
Callie Lake Lake Cheatham
Clear Lake Lake Cheatham
Deep Lake Lake Cheatham
Double Cabin Lake Laconia
Dry Bayou Winchester
Eagles Nest Lake Lake Cheatham
East Moon Lake Henrico SW
Echubby Lake Dumas
Elbow Lakes Snow Lake
Fishing Bayou Waterhole Lake Cheatham
Frenchie Lake Halley
Graddy Blue Hole Snow Lake
Grindle Hole Lake Cheatham
Half Moon Lake Snow Lake
Hog Pen Hole Yancopin
Hole in the Wall Lake Henrico SW
Jefferson Lake Lake Cheatham
Kate Adams Lake Arkansas City
Lake Cheatham Lake Cheatham
Lake Defiance Snow Lake
Lake Isaacs McArthur
Lake Lenox Dumas
Lake Lenox Dumas
Lake Whittington Catfish Point
Little Clear Lake Lake Cheatham
Little Goose Lake Henrico SW
Little Jefferson Lake Lake Cheatham
Long Lake Henrico SW
Long Lake Rosedale
Lower Parish Lake Henrico SW
Lower Swan Lake Snow Lake
Minnie Anderson Old River Yancopin
Mixture Lake Yancopin
Moon Lake Snow Lake
Mossy Lake Henrico SW
Mound Lake Yancopin
Mud Lake Dumas
Oxbow Lake Henrico SW
Oxbow Lake Henrico SW
Ozark Lake Lake Cheatham
Paradise Bayou Henrico SW
Parish Lake Henrico SW
Pelican Lake Rosedale
Pothole Lake Arkansas City
Prairie Lakes Snow Lake
Prices Lake Rosedale
Red Fork Lake Watson
Rosemary Lake (historical) Yancopin
Silver Lake Dumas
Smith Lake Yancopin
Snow Lake (historical) Snow Lake
Swan Lake Lake Cheatham
Swan Lake Henrico SW
Swan Lake Laconia
Swan Lake Snow Lake
Tarblue Lake (historical) Snow Lake
Timber Lake Rosedale
Upper Old River Lake Gunnison
Walnut Lake Winchester
Webfoot Lake Yancopin
Whisky Lake Henrico SW
Whitehill Lake Catfish Point

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Desha County, Arkansas. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.