Monroe County Arkansas Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Monroe County Arkansas

Place USGS Topo Map
Barnes Lake De Valls Bluff NE
Bear Slough Clarendon
Beaver Dam Lake Crocketts Bluff
Bellknap Lake Turner
Big Baptize Lake Clarendon
Big Cotton Lake Brinkley
Big Eagle Lake Aberdeen
Big Weidmann Lake Clarendon
Blue Hole Brinkley
Boggy Lake Aberdeen
Brinkley Lake Brinkley
Browns Shanty Lake Crocketts Bluff
Brushy Lake Crocketts Bluff
Brushy Lake Aberdeen
Brushy Lake Clarendon
Buck Lake Turner
Bull Lake De Valls Bluff NE
Burnt Cypress Lake Aberdeen
Caney Slash Brinkley
Carnes Lake Aberdeen
Clear Lake Aberdeen
Cloud Lake Aberdeen
Cooter Lake Holly Grove
Crab Lake Crocketts Bluff
Crosspond Bayou De Valls Bluff SE
Crowfoot Lake Turner
Cruthis Lake Aberdeen
Dodson Lake Brinkley
Eagle Nest Lake Turner
Eagle Nest Lake Aberdeen
East Lake Aberdeen
First Old River Clarendon
Fish Lake De Valls Bluff SE
Forked Lake Aberdeen
Goose Lake Turner
Goose Lake Crocketts Bluff
Goose Lake De Valls Bluff SE
Goose Lakes Aberdeen
Goose Pond Aberdeen
Graveyard Lake Aberdeen
Green Lake Aberdeen
Hart Lake Clarendon
Heifer Lake De Valls Bluff NE
Hickson Lake De Valls Bluff NE
Hog Thief Lake Turner
Hole in the Wall Clarendon
Horseshoe Lake Aberdeen
Horseshoe Lake Crocketts Bluff
Horseshoe Lake De Valls Bluff SE
Ingram Lake De Valls Bluff SE
Kansas Lake Crocketts Bluff
Lake Greenlee Keevil
Lake Greenlee Reservoir Keevil
Lambert Bayou Crocketts Bluff
Little Baptize Lake Clarendon
Little Cotton Lake Brinkley
Little Eagle Lake Aberdeen
Little Long Lake Indian Bay SE
Little Moon Lake Turner
Little Weidmann Lake Clarendon
Long Lake Crocketts Bluff
Long Lake De Valls Bluff SE
Lost Lake De Valls Bluff SE
Lower Crooked Lake Aberdeen
Lower Eagle Nest Lake Crocketts Bluff
Lower Forked Lake Crocketts Bluff
McCollum Lake Roe
Middle Crooked Lake Aberdeen
Middle Old River Clarendon
Midway Lake Clarendon
Mill Lake Brinkley
Moon Lake Indian Bay SE
Mud Lake Holly Grove
Mud Lake Aberdeen
Mule Lake Aberdeen
Otter Lake Clarendon
Passmore Lake Clarendon
Pryor Lake Holly Grove
Rainbow Lake De Valls Bluff SE
Red Cat Lake Clarendon
Round Lake Aberdeen
Round Pond Crocketts Bluff
Round Pond Clarendon
Sandy Slough Indian Bay SE
Section 16 Lake Brinkley
Simpson Lake Crocketts Bluff
Straight Lake De Valls Bluff SE
Straight Lake De Valls Bluff NE
Upper Crooked Lake Aberdeen
Upper Eagle Nest Lake Holly Grove
Upper Forked Lake Crocketts Bluff
Upper Hooked Lake Crocketts Bluff
Upper Old River Clarendon
Upper Swan Lake Crocketts Bluff
Water Bayou Reservoir Turner
Waters Bayou Indian Bay SE
White Oak Lake Crocketts Bluff
Willow Lake Crocketts Bluff
Wire Lake Aberdeen

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Monroe County, Arkansas. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.