Inyo County California Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Inyo County California

Place USGS Topo Map
Baboon Lakes Mount Thompson
Bear Lake Mount Tom
Bench Lake Kearsarge Peak
Big Pine Lake Coyote Flat
Big Pine Lakes Mount Thompson
Big Pothole Lake Kearsarge Peak
Birch Lake Split Mountain
Birchim Lake Mount Tom
Bishop Lake North Palisade
Black Lake Coyote Flat
Blue Heaven Lake Mount Darwin
Blue Lake Mount Thompson
Bluff Lake Mount Thompson
Bottleneck Lake Mount Darwin
Box Lake Mount Abbot
Brainerd Lake Split Mountain
Brown Lake Mount Thompson
Buck Lake Mount Morgan
Calvert Lake Blackrock
Camp Lake Mount Langley
Carricut Lake Maturango Peak
Chalfant Lakes Mount Hilgard
Chickenfoot Lake Mount Abbot
Chocolate Lakes Mount Thompson
Cirque Lake Cirque Peak
Consultation Lake Mount Whitney
Cottonwood Lake Number Five Mount Langley
Cottonwood Lake Number Four Cirque Peak
Cottonwood Lake Number One Cirque Peak
Cottonwood Lake Number Three Cirque Peak
Cottonwood Lake Number Two Cirque Peak
Cottonwood Lakes Cirque Peak
Coyote Lake Mount Thompson
Dade Lake Mount Abbot
Deep Springs Lake Deep Springs Lake
Diaz Lake Lone Pine
Dingleberry Lake Mount Darwin
Donkey Lake Mount Thompson
Dorothy Lake Mount Morgan
Duck Lake Independence
Eastern Brook Lakes Mount Morgan
Echo Lake Mount Darwin
Elinor Lake Split Mountain
Emerald Lakes Mount Darwin
Emerson Lake Mount Darwin
Ems Pond Mount Thompson
Fifth Lake Mount Thompson
Finch Lake Mount Morgan
Finger Lake Split Mountain
First Lake Coyote Flat
Fishgut Lakes Mount Darwin
Flower Lake Kearsarge Peak
Fourth Lake Mount Thompson
Francis Lake Mount Morgan
Frog Pond Mount Whitney
Funnel Lake Mount Thompson
Gable Lakes Mount Tom
Gem Lakes Mount Abbot
George Lake Mount Thompson
Gilbert Lake Kearsarge Peak
Golden Lake Mount Tom
Golden Trout Lake Kearsarge Peak
Goose Lake Blackrock
Granite Lake Mount Darwin
Grass Lake Mount Darwin
Grass Lake Mount Langley
Green Lake Mount Thompson
Grimshaw Lake Tecopa
Heart Lake Mount Abbot
Heart Lake Kearsarge Peak
Hell Diver Lakes Mount Darwin
Hidden Lake Coyote Flat
Hidden Lake Cirque Peak
Hidden Lakes Mount Morgan
Higgins Lake Olancha
High Lake Cirque Peak
Honeymoon Lake Mount Tom
Horton Lake Mount Tom
Hungry Packer Lake Mount Darwin
Hurd Lake Mount Thompson
Inconsolable Lake Mount Thompson
Kenneth Lake Mount Morgan
Klondike Lake Big Pine
Lake Sabrina Mount Thompson
Ledge Lake Mount Thompson
Little George Lake Mount Thompson
Little Lake Little Lake
Little Lakes Mount Abbot
Little Meysan Lake Mount Langley
Little Pothole Lake Kearsarge Peak
Loch Leven Mount Darwin
Lone Pine Lake Mount Langley
Long Lake Mount Abbot
Long Lake Mount Thompson
Long Lake Cirque Peak
Longley Lake Mount Tom
Lower Lamarck Lake Mount Darwin
Lower Morgan Lake Mount Morgan
Mack Lake Mount Abbot
Margaret Lake Mount Thompson
Marie Louise Lakes Mount Thompson
Marsh Lake Mount Abbot
Midnight Lake Mount Darwin
Mills Lake Mount Abbot
Mirror Lake Mount Whitney
Moonlight Lake Mount Darwin
Muir Lake Cirque Peak
Mule Lake Mount Thompson
Mule Lake Aberdeen
North Haiwee Reservoir Haiwee Reservoirs
North Lake Mount Thompson
Parker Lakes Kearsarge Peak
Peanut Lake Mount Langley
Pee Wee Lake Mount Darwin
Pine Lake Mount Tom
Piute Lake Mount Darwin
Pleasant Valley Reservoir Rovana
Red Lake Split Mountain
Robinson Lake Kearsarge Peak
Rock Creek Lake Mount Morgan
Rocky Bottom Lake Mount Thompson
Ruby Lake Mount Abbot
Ruwau Lake Mount Thompson
Saddlerock Lake Mount Thompson
Sailor Lake Mount Darwin
Salt Lake Craig Canyon
Sam Mack Lake North Palisade
Sardine Lake Kearsarge Peak
Saunders Lake Poleta Canyon
Sawmill Lake Aberdeen
Schober Lakes Mount Darwin
Second Lake Split Mountain
Serene Lake Mount Morgan
Seventh Lake Mount Thompson
Sixth Lake Mount Thompson
Sky High Lake Mount Darwin
Slim Lake Kearsarge Peak
South Fork Lakes Cirque Peak
South Haiwee Reservoir Haiwee Reservoirs
South Lake Mount Thompson
Spearhead Lake Mount Thompson
Spire Lake Mount Hilgard
Split Lake Mount Tom
Summit Lake Coyote Flat
Sunset Lake Mount Thompson
Tamarack Lakes Mount Morgan
Thibaut Ponds Independence
Third Lake Split Mountain
Thompson Lake Mount Thompson
Thunder and Lightning Lake Mount Thompson
Timberline Tarns Mount Thompson
Tinemaha Lake Split Mountain
Tinemaha Reservoir Tinemaha Reservoir
Topsy Turvy Lake Mount Darwin
Treasure Lakes Mount Thompson
Treasure Lakes Mount Abbot
Twin Lakes Blackrock
Tyee Lakes Mount Thompson
Upper Boy Scout Lake Mount Whitney
Upper Horton Lakes Mount Tom
Upper Lamarck Lake Mount Darwin
Upper Morgan Lake Mount Morgan
Upper Pine Lake Mount Tom
Warren Lake Big Pine
Weir Lake Mount Thompson
Willow Lake Split Mountain
Wishbone Lake Mount Darwin
Wonder Lakes Mount Darwin

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Inyo County, California. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.