Madera County California Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Madera County California

Place USGS Topo Map
Adair Lake Merced Peak
Alpine Lake Sing Peak
Alstot Lake Cattle Mountain
Altha Lake Mount Ritter
Anne Lake Timber Knob
Anona Lake Cattle Mountain
Ashley Lake Cattle Mountain
Badger Lakes Mount Ritter
Bare Island Lake Little Shuteye Peak
Bass Lake Bass Lake
Beck Lakes Mount Ritter
Black Hawk Lake Knowles
Blackie Lake Sing Peak
Blue Lake Mount Lyell
Breeze Lake Sing Peak
Buena Vista Lake Mariposa Grove
Burro Lake Timber Knob
Cabin Lake Mount Ritter
Castle Lake Mammoth Mountain
Cecile Lake Mount Ritter
Chain Lakes Sing Peak
Chilkoot Lake Little Shuteye Peak
Chiquito Lake Sing Peak
Chittenden Lake Sing Peak
Clarice Lake Mount Ritter
Cora Lakes Timber Knob
Corrine Lake Cascadel Point
Crescent Lake Mariposa Grove
Dam Six Lake Musick Mountain
Deadhorse Lake Mount Ritter
Dutchman Lake Mariposa Grove
Ediza Lake Mount Ritter
Edna Lake Merced Peak
Emerald Lake Mount Ritter
Emily Lake Mammoth Mountain
Fern Lake Cattle Mountain
Fernandez Lakes Timber Knob
Flat Lake Timber Knob
Florence Lake Mount Lyell
Frying Pan Lake Timber Knob
Gale Lake Sing Peak
Garnet Lake Mount Ritter
Gertrude Lake Cattle Mountain
Givens Lake Sing Peak
Gladys Lake Mammoth Mountain
Grayling Lake Merced Peak
Grizzly Lake Little Shuteye Peak
Grouse Lake Mariposa Grove
H. V. Eastman Lake Raymond
Harriet Lake Mount Lyell
Hensley Lake Daulton
Hoggem Lake White Chief Mountain
Holcomb Lake Mount Ritter
Hoover Lakes Sing Peak
Iceberg Lake Mount Ritter
Iron Lake Cattle Mountain
Iron Lakes Little Shuteye Peak
Isberg Lakes Mount Lyell
Jackass Lakes Timber Knob
Joe Crane Lake Mount Lyell
Johnson Lake Mariposa Grove
Johnston Lake Mammoth Mountain
Junction Lake Little Shuteye Peak
Kerckhoff Lake North Fork
Lady Lake Timber Knob
Lake Catherine Mount Ritter
Lake Moic Bass Lake
Laura Lake Mount Ritter
Lillian Lake Timber Knob
Lily Lake Cattle Mountain
Lost Dog Lake Mammoth Mountain
Lost Lake Little Shuteye Peak
Lost Lake Mount Ritter
Lost Lake Mount Ritter
Lower Merced Pass Lake Merced Peak
Lower Ottoway Lake Merced Peak
Madera Equalization Reservoir Daulton
Madera Lake Daulton
Madera Lakes Timber Knob
Manzanita Lake North Fork
McClure Lake Mount Lyell
McGee Lake Mount Lyell
Millerton Lake Millerton Lake West
Minaret Lake Mount Ritter
Minnow Lake Mariposa Grove
Monument Lake Timber Knob
Mud Lakes Sing Peak
Noname Lake Mount Ritter
Norris Lake Timber Knob
Nydiver Lakes Mount Ritter
Olaine Lake Mammoth Mountain
Ottoway Lakes Merced Peak
Pond Lily Lake Crystal Crag
Porphyry Lake Mount Lyell
Post Lakes Mount Lyell
Rainbow Lake Timber Knob
Rattlesnake Lake Balloon Dome
Red Devil Lake Merced Peak
Redinger Lake Cascadel Point
Reds Lake Mammoth Mountain
Rockbound Lake Mount Lyell
Rosalie Lake Mammoth Mountain
Royal Arch Lake Mariposa Grove
Ruby Lake Mount Ritter
Ruth Lake Timber Knob
Rutherford Lake Timber Knob
Sadler Lake Mount Lyell
Shadow Lake Mount Ritter
Shellenbarger Lake Mount Ritter
Shirley Lake Sing Peak
Slab Lakes Timber Knob
Sotcher Lake Mammoth Mountain
Spotted Lakes Sing Peak
Staniford Lakes Timber Knob
Star Lakes Mariposa Grove
Starkweather Lake Mammoth Mountain
Straube Lake Cattle Mountain
Summit Lake Mount Ritter
Superior Lake Mount Ritter
Swamp Lake Sing Peak
Thousand Island Lake Mount Ritter
Trinity Lakes Mammoth Mountain
Turner Lake Mount Lyell
Twin Island Lakes Mount Ritter
Twin Lakes Timber Knob
Upper Merced Pass Lake Sing Peak
Upper Ottoway Lake Merced Peak
Vanderburgh Lake Timber Knob
Vivian lake Mammoth Mountain
Walton Lake Timber Knob
Ward Lakes Mount Lyell
Washburn Lake Mount Lyell
Windy Lake Mariposa Grove

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Madera County, California. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.