Plumas County California Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Plumas County California

Place USGS Topo Map
Antelope Lake Antelope Lake
Antelope Valley Reservoir Antelope Lake
Bald Eagle Lake Bucks Lake
Bear Lake Kimshew Point
Belden Forebay Caribou
Big Bear Lake Gold Lake
Bloomer Lake Frenchman Lake
Blue Lake Mount Harkness
Blue Lake Reading Peak
Blue Lake Bucks Lake
Boiling Springs Lake Reading Peak
Bucks Lake Bucks Lake
Butt Valley Reservoir Almanor
Campbell Lake Storrie
Cape Lake Bucks Lake
Chips Lake Belden
Crystal Lake Crescent Mills
Cub Lake Gold Lake
Dean Valley Reservoir (historical) Meadow Valley
Devils Punchbowl Taylorsville
Domingo Lake Mount Harkness
Doyle Reservoir Stony Ridge
Drake Lake Reading Peak
Dream Lake (historical) Reading Peak
Dry Lake Bucks Lake
Duck Lake Reading Peak
Echo Lake Red Cinder
Elizabeth Lake Reading Peak
Eureka Lake Johnsville
Faggs Debris Pond Haskins Valley
Faggs Reservoir Haskins Valley
Fleischmann Lake Mount Harkness
Fowler Lake Dogwood Peak
Frenchman Lake Frenchman Lake
Frog Lake Belden
Gold Lake Bucks Lake
Grass Lake Gold Lake
Grass Lake Gold Lake
Grassy Lake Storrie
Grassy Lakes Bucks Lake
Green Island Lake Belden
Grizzly Forebay Storrie
Grizzly Ice Pond Portola
Grizzly Lake Haskins Valley
Hellgrammite Lake Gold Lake
Hidden Lake Gold Lake
Jacks Meadow Pond Bucks Lake
Jamison Lake Gold Lake
Kellogg Lake Bucks Lake
Kettle Rock Lake Kettle Rock
Lake Almanor Almanor
Lake Davis Grizzly Valley
Lily Lake Gold Lake
Little Bear Lake Gold Lake
Little Grass Valley Reservoir La Porte
Little Last Chance Lake Reconnaissance Peak
Little Summit Lake Mount Ingalls
Little Willow Lake Reading Peak
Long Lake Storrie
Long Lake Gold Lake
Lost Lake Bucks Lake
Lost Lake Humboldt Peak
Lotts Lake Jonesville
Lower Bucks Lake Bucks Lake
Lower Bucks Lake Bucks Lake
Madora Lake Johnsville
Morris Lake Belden
Mud Lake Humbug Valley
Mud Lake Bucks Lake
Mud Lake Storrie
Mud Lake Bucks Lake
Mud Lake Gold Lake
Mud Lake Kettle Rock
Murphy Lake Storrie
Oliver Lake Storrie
Onion Valley Reservoir Onion Valley
Ridge Lake Reading Peak
Rock Creek Reservoir Storrie
Rock Lake Almanor
Rock Lake Bucks Lake
Rock Lake Gold Lake
Rogers Lake Haskins Valley
Round Lake Gold Lake
Round Valley Reservoir Crescent Mills
Saddle Lake Storrie
Saucer Lake Belden
Silver Lake Gold Lake
Silver Lake Bucks Lake
Slate Creek Reservoir Strawberry Valley
Smith Lake Gold Lake
Smith Lake Meadow Valley
Snake Lake Meadow Valley
Snow Lake Beckwourth Pass
Spring Valley Lake Jonesville
Star Lake Red Cinder
Taylor Lake Kettle Rock
The Beaver Ponds Diamond Mountain
Thompson Lake Bucks Lake
Three Lakes Bucks Lake
Upper Mud Lake Bucks Lake
Wades Lake Gold Lake
Walker Mine Tailings Reservoir Mount Ingalls
Willow Lake Mount Harkness

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Plumas County, California. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.