Boulder County Colorado Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Boulder County Colorado

Place USGS Topo Map
Albion Lake Ward
Allens Lake Lyons
Autrey Reservoir Louisville
Barker Meadow Reservoir Squaw Pass
Barker Reservoir Tungsten
Base Line Reservoir Louisville
Base Line Reservoir Louisville
Beaver Lake Nederland
Beaver Park Reservoir Ward
Beaver Reservoir Ward
Bellmire Reservoir Hygiene
Betty Lake East Portal
Blue Lake Ward
Bluebird Lake Isolation Peak
Bluebird Reservoir Isolation Peak
Bob Lake East Portal
Bohn Lake Hygiene
Boulder Reservoir Niwot
Box Lake Isolation Peak
Brainard Lake Ward
Branith Reservoir Number 1 Carter Lake Reservoir
Buck Lake Raymond
Burch Lake Hygiene
Burke Lake Niwot
Button Rock Reservoir Raymond
Calkins Reservoir Longmont
Castle Lake Isolation Peak
Castle Lakes Isolation Peak
Chasm Lake Longs Peak
Chickadee Pond Isolation Peak
Clark Reservoir Hygiene
Clover Basin Reservoir Hygiene
Coney Lake Ward
Cony Lake Isolation Peak
Copeland Lake Allenspark
Cowdrey Reservoir Louisville
Cowdrey Reservoir Number 2 Louisville
Crystal Lake Hygiene
Crystal Reservoir Hygiene
Davis Reservoir Hygiene
Davis Reservoir Number 1 Niwot
Davis Reservoir Number 2 Niwot
Devils Thumb Lake East Portal
Diamond Lake East Portal
Divide Reservoir Longmont
Dodd Reservoir Niwot
Duck Lake Ward
Eagle Lake Isolation Peak
Eggleston Reservoir Number 4 Louisville
Elmwood Reservoir Erie
Erie Lake Erie
Falcon Lake Isolation Peak
Finch Lake Allenspark
Foothills Reservoir Hygiene
Frigid Lake Isolation Peak
Frozen Lake McHenrys Peak
Gaynor Lake Erie
Giggey Lake Tungsten
Glacier Lake Ward
Glen Reservoir Nederland
Gold Lake Gold Hill
Goodhue Reservoir Number 1 Lafayette
Goose Lake Ward
Green Lake McHenrys Peak
Green Lake Number 1 Ward
Green Lake Number 2 Ward
Green Lake Number 3 Ward
Green Lakes Ward
Green Reservoir Allenspark
Gross Reservoir Eldorado Springs
Harper Lake Louisville
Hayden Lake Niwot
Hayden Reservoir Niwot
Hecla Lake Lafayette
Highland Reservoir Number 2 Carter Lake Reservoir
Hillcrest Reservoir Niwot
Hodgson-Harris Reservoir Louisville
Hutcheson Lakes Isolation Peak
Independent Reservoir Hygiene
Indigo Pond Isolation Peak
Ish Reservoir Berthoud
Island Lake Ward
Isolation Lake Isolation Peak
Jasper Lake East Portal
Jenny Lake East Portal
Joder Reservoir Boulder
Junco Lake Isolation Peak
Keplinger Lake Isolation Peak
King Lake East Portal
Knoth Reservoir Hygiene
Kohler Reservoir Eldorado Springs
Kossler Lake Eldorado Springs
Lagerman Reservoir Hygiene
Lake Dorothy Monarch Lake
Lake Eldora Nederland
Lake Envy Isolation Peak
Lake Gibraltar Isolation Peak
Lake Isabelle Ward
Lake Isabelle Ward
Lake of Many Winds Isolation Peak
Lake of the Pines Lyons
Lakewood Reservoir Nederland
Lark Pond Isolation Peak
Left Hand Reservoir Hygiene
Left Hand Reservoir Ward
Left Hand Valley Reservoir Boulder
Lefthand Park Reservoir Ward
Leggett and Hillcrest Reservoir Niwot
Leggett Reservoir Niwot
Lion Lake Number 1 Isolation Peak
Lion Lake Number 2 Isolation Peak
Long Lake Ward
Long Lake Ward
Longmont Reservoir Longmont
Longmont Reservoir Lyons
Longmont Water Tank Hygiene
Longs Peak Reservoir Number 1 Hygiene
Longs Peak Reservoir Number 2 Hygiene
Los Lagos Lakes Nederland
Los Lagos Reservoirs Nederland
Lost Lake Nederland
Louisville Reservoir Louisville
Louisville Reservoir Number 1 Louisville
Loukonen Brothers Reservoir Boulder
Marfell Lake Number 1 Erie
Marfell Lakes Erie
Margaret Spurgeon Reservoir Number 1 Boulder
Marshall Lake Louisville
Maxwell Lake Boulder
Maxwell Reservoir Boulder
McCall Lake Hygiene
McCall Reservoir Hygiene
McCaslin Lake Hygiene
McCaslin Reservoir Hygiene
McIntosh Lake Hygiene
McIntosh Reservoir Hygiene
Mesa Reservoir Boulder
Minnie Lake Raymond
Mitchell Lake Ward
Mountain View Lakes Erie
Mud Lake Nederland
Oligarchy Reservoir Number 1 Hygiene
Opalair Reservoir Nederland
Ouzel Lake Isolation Peak
Panama Reservoir Number 1 Erie
Peacock Pool Longs Peak
Pear Reservoir Isolation Peak
Peterson Lake Nederland
Pipit Lake Isolation Peak
Pleasant Valley Reservoir Longmont
Prince Lake Number 1 Erie
Prince Lake Number 2 Erie
Prince Reservoir Number 1 Erie
Prince Reservoir Number 2 Erie
Rainbow Lakes Ward
Red Deer Lake Allenspark
Red Rock Lake Ward
Rock Lake Gold Hill
Saint Joe Reservoir Niwot
Sale Lake Boulder
Sandbeach Lake Allenspark
Silver Lake Ward
Silver Spruce Reservoir Number 1 Gold Hill
Sixmile Reservoir Niwot
Skyscraper Reservoir East Portal
Skyscraper Reservoir East Portal
Slinde Reservoir Hygiene
Snowbank Lake Isolation Peak
Stapp Lakes Ward
Stearns Lake Lafayette
Steele Brothers Reservoir Number 1 Hygiene
Steele Brothers Reservoir Number 2 Hygiene
Steele Lakes Hygiene
Storm Lake East Portal
Sunset Lake Panorama Peak
Sunshine Lake Boulder
Swede Lakes Hygiene
Teller Lake Niwot
Teller Lake Number 5 Niwot
Terry Lake Longmont
Thomas Reservoir Erie
Thunder Lake Isolation Peak
Trevarton Reservoir Hygiene
Triple Lakes Ward
Tumbleson Lake Gold Hill
Twin Lake Niwot
Twin Lakes Allenspark
Upper Coney Lake Ward
Upper Diamond Lake East Portal
Upper Storm Lake East Portal
Valmont Reservoir Niwot
Varsity Lake Boulder
Viele Lake Louisville
Walker Reservoir Longmont
Waneka Reservoir Lafayette
Wonderland Lake Boulder
Woodland Lake East Portal
Yankee Doodle Lake East Portal

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Boulder County, Colorado. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.