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Eagle County Colorado Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Eagle County Colorado

Place USGS Topo Map
Alex Spring Reservoir Wolcott
Alicia Lake Reservoir Crooked Creek Pass
Bear Gulch Reservoir The Seven Hermits
Beaver Dam Lake Piney Peak
Beaver Lake Grouse Mountain
Benchmark Lake Reservoir Edwards
Big Lake Mount Jackson
Big Pine Lake Mount Jackson
Big Spruce Lake Mount Jackson
Black Lake Vail Pass
Black Lake Number 1 Reservoir Vail Pass
Black Lake Number 2 Vail Pass
Blodgett Lake Mount Jackson
Blue Lake Castle Peak
Blue Lake Piney Peak
Bolts Lake Minturn
Boot Lake Grouse Mountain
Booth Lake Vail East
Borah Lake Suicide Mountain
Bowl of Tears Mount of the Holy Cross
Box Canyon Lake Lava Creek
Brady Lake Nast
Buck Lake Toner Reservoir
Buffalo Lake Minturn
Carter Lake Nast
Castle Creek Ponds Castle Peak
Castle Reservoir Lava Creek
Cedar Brook Lake Basalt
Chalk Lake Copper Mountain
Chalk Mountain Reservoir Copper Mountain
Cherry Lake Toner Reservoir
Clark Spring Reservoir Edwards
Cleveland Lake Mount of the Holy Cross
Climax-Moly Number 4 Reservoir Copper Mountain
Clyde Reservoir Meeker
Crooked Creek Reservoir Crooked Creek Pass
Dead Buck Reservoir Edwards
Deluge Lake Willow Lakes
Domantle Lake Castle Peak
Dry Lake Gypsum
Dry Lake Wolcott
Eagle Lake Mount Jackson
East Beard Reservoir Edwards
Edges Lake Castle Peak
Emerald Lake Dome Peak
Erickson Lake Toner Reservoir
Fairview Lake Mount Jackson
Fancy Lake Mount of the Holy Cross
Fish Pond Lake Suicide Mountain
G G Upper Reservoir Castle Peak
George Lake Lava Creek
Gold Dust Lakes Mount Jackson
Gore Lake Willow Lakes
Grouse Lake Minturn
Gutzler Lakes Sheephorn Mountain
Halfmoon Lake Mount Jackson
Harvey Lake Mount Jackson
Hells Hole Reservoir The Seven Hermits
Horse Lake Sugarloaf Mountain
Horse Pond Edwards
Horseshoe Lake Mount Jackson
Hunky Dory Lake Mount of the Holy Cross
Hurt Reservoir Castle Peak
Indian Grove Reservoir Edwards
James Spring Reservoir Edwards
Josephine Lake Mount Jackson
Jouflas Spring Reservoir Edwards
June Creek Reservoir Edwards
Kelly Lake Leon
Kelly Pond Reservoir Leon
Lake Charles Mount Jackson
Lake Constantine Mount of the Holy Cross
Lake Esther Homestake Reservoir
Lake Patricia Mount of the Holy Cross
Lake Thomas Grouse Mountain
Lava Lake Lava Creek
LEDE Reservoir Red Creek
Leeman Lakes Crooked Creek Pass
Little Cottonwood Reservoir Radium
Lone Lick Lakes Piney Peak
Lost Lake Lava Creek
Lost Lake Vail West
Lost Lake Red Creek
Lost Lakes Mount of the Holy Cross
Lost Reservoir Number One Edwards
Lost Reservoir Number Three Edwards
Lost Reservoir Number Two Edwards
Lower Beard Number One Reservoir Edwards
Lower Turquoise Lake Grouse Mountain
Luark Reservoir Blue Hill
Marma Lake Lava Creek
McHatten Reservoir The Seven Hermits
McNulty Reservoir Leon
Middle Lake Grouse Mountain
Missouri Lakes Mount Jackson
Muckey Lake Red Creek
Mulhall Lakes Mount of the Holy Cross
Mystic Island Lake Mount Jackson
New York Lake Mount Jackson
Noecker Reservoir Eagle
Nolan Lake Crooked Creek Pass
Nottingham Reservoir Vail West
Olsen Lake Grouse Mountain
Oxford Lake State Bridge
Oxide Tailings Pond Copper Mountain
Picture Lake Castle Peak
Piney Lake Vail West
Pitkin Lake Vail East
Polar Star Lake Grouse Mountain
Price Reservoir Burns South
Ragged Lakes Red Creek
Rainbow Lake Grouse Mountain
Rim Lake Toner Reservoir
Robinson Lake Copper Mountain
Robinson Reservoir Copper Mountain
Rock Lake Red Creek
Savage Lakes Nast
Schlegel Lake Castle Peak
Seven Sisters Lakes Mount of the Holy Cross
Shingle Lake Toner Reservoir
Slide Lake Grouse Mountain
Slough Grass Lake Piney Peak
Smith Reservoir Toner Reservoir
Snow Lake Willow Lakes
Soda Lakes Piney Peak
Sopris Lake Nast
Sourdough Lakes Toner Reservoir
Spalding Reservoir Wolcott
Spring Creek Number One Reservoir Edwards
Spring Creek Number Two Reservoir Edwards
Spring Park Reservoir Leon
Strawberry Lakes Mount Jackson
Sugarloaf Lake Toner Reservoir
Sundell Reservoir Toner Reservoir
Sylvan Lake Crooked Creek Pass
Tames Number One Reservoir Edwards
Tames Number Two Reservoir Edwards
Tellurium Lake Mount Jackson
The Beaver Ponds Suicide Mountain
Thomas Reservoir Number 2 Mount Sopris
Toner Reservoir Toner Reservoir
Treasure Vault Lake Mount Jackson
Triangle Reservoir Fulford
Tuhare Lakes Mount of the Holy Cross
Twin Lakes Piney Peak
Upper Camp Lake Mount Jackson
Upper Piney Lake Vail East
Upper Turquoise Lake Grouse Mountain
Ute Spring Reservoir Edwards
Van Springs Reservoir Cottonwood Pass
Von Springs Reservoir Number 1 Cottonwood Pass
Von Springs Reservoir Number 2 Cottonwood Pass
Walters Lake Lava Creek
Waterdog Lake Minturn
Waterdog Lake Grouse Mountain
Welsh Reservoir State Bridge
West Beard Reservoir Edwards
Whitney Lake Mount of the Holy Cross
Willow Lake Sugarloaf Mountain
Wilmor Lake Wolcott
Woods Lake Crooked Creek Pass
Yates Reservoir The Seven Hermits

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Eagle County, Colorado. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.