Garfield County Colorado Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Garfield County Colorado

Place USGS Topo Map
Adams Lake Adams Lake
Anderson Lake Trappers Lake
Anderson Reservoir Ripple Creek
Bailey Lakes Dome Peak
Barton Porter Reservoir Storm King Mountain
Battlement Number 1 Reservoir Hawxhurst Creek
Battlement Number 2 Reservoir Hawxhurst Creek
Battlement Number 3 Reservoir Hawxhurst Creek
Battlement Number 4 Reservoir Hawxhurst Creek
Battlement Number 5 Reservoir Hawxhurst Creek
Battlement Number 6 Reservoir Hawxhurst Creek
Battlement Reservoirs Hawxhurst Creek
Baxter Reservoir Baxter Pass
Bear Lake Rifle Falls
Bear Lake Reservoir Orno Peak
Big Fish Lake Big Marvine Peak
Bison Lake Deep Lake
Black Mandall Lake Orno Peak
Blair Lake Blair Mountain
Blue Lake Devils Causeway
Blue Lake Carbonate
Boulder Lake Ripple Creek
Bouller Tank Shoshone
Bowen Lake Carbonate
Buck Lake Sugarloaf Mountain
Buckskin Lake Red Elephant Point
Bugle Lake Adams Lake
Bull Lake Trappers Lake
Causeway Lake Devils Causeway
Clinard Lake Big Marvine Peak
Clock Lake Deep Lake
Coffin Lake Trappers Lake
Consolidated Reservoir Shoshone
Corbett Lake Triangle Park
Coulter Lake Triangle Park
Cow Lake Blair Mountain
Crater Lake Blair Mountain
Crater Lake Dome Peak
Crescent Lake Trappers Lake
Crescent Lake Trappers Lake
Crescent Lake Number 1 Trappers Lake
Crescent Lake Number 2 Trappers Lake
Deep Lake Devils Causeway
Deep Lake Deep Lake
Deer Lake Carbonate
Deer Lake Trappers Lake
Dines Lake Devils Causeway
Doris Lake Ripple Creek
Dry Lake Carbonate
Duck Lake Carbonate
Dynamite Lake Triangle Park
East Lost Lake Devils Causeway
Echo Lake Garvey Canyon
Edge Lake Dome Peak
Elk Lake Devils Causeway
Elk Lakes Blair Mountain
Fivemile Lake Blair Mountain
Florence Lake Big Marvine Peak
Fravert Reservoir Rifle
Gallagher Lake Carbonate
Grass Valley Reservoir Silt
Green Lake Shoshone
Grizzly Lake Carbonate
Gwendolen Lake Big Marvine Peak
Hack Lake Sweetwater Lake
Hanging Lake Shoshone
Harper Reservoir Orno Peak
Harris Reservoir Rio Blanco
Hawk Ditch Reservoir Carbondale
Haypress Lake Carbonate
Heart Lake Orno Peak
Heart Lake Deep Lake
Heart Lake Reservoir Deep Lake
Hidden Spring Reservoir Sugarloaf Mountain
Hooper Lake Dome Peak
Hopkins Reservoir Shoshone
Horseshoe Lake Big Marvine Peak
Howey Reservoir Red Elephant Point
Hughes Reservoir Cattle Creek
Indian Lake Deep Lake
Island Lake Trappers Lake
Jet Lake Blair Mountain
Johnny Meyers Lake Sweetwater Lake
Keener Lake Dome Peak
Lake of the Woods Ripple Creek
Lake of the Woods Ripple Creek
Last Tank Shoshone
Lily Pond Ripple Creek
Little Causeway Lake Devils Causeway
Little Trappers Lake Trappers Lake
Long Lake Devils Causeway
Mackinaw Lake Trappers Lake
Margaret Lake Devils Causeway
McAndrews Lake Baxter Pass
McGinnis Lake Devils Causeway
McGinnis Reservoir Devils Causeway
McMillan Lake Dome Peak
Meadow Creek Lake Meadow Creek Lake
Meadow Creek Reservoir Meadow Creek Lake
Mirror Lake Trappers Lake
Monument Lake Carbonate
Mosquito Lake Devils Causeway
Moss Lake Blair Mountain
Mud Lake Dome Peak
Mud Mandall Lake Orno Peak
Murphy Reservoir Rifle
Muskrat Lake Dome Peak
Northwest Tank Shoshone
One Mile Pond Rifle
Palmer Lake Carbonate
Park Reservoir Rifle Falls
Parker Lake Horse Mountain
Parvin Lake Trappers Lake
Porter Reservoir Storm King Mountain
Rainbow Lake Ripple Creek
Rainbow Lake Devils Causeway
Ralston Reservoir Number 1 Shoshone
Rams Horn Lake Orno Peak
Rifle Gap Reservoir Horse Mountain
Rifle Valley Reservoir Silt
Rim Lake Trappers Lake
Road Lake Dome Peak
Round Lake Devils Causeway
Scotts Lake Trappers Lake
Shadow Lake Blair Mountain
Shepherd Lake Trappers Lake
Shingle Lake Trappers Lake
Sixmile Lake Blair Mountain
Skillet Lake Devils Causeway
Skinny Fish Lake Devils Causeway
Slide Mandall Lake Orno Peak
Smith Lake Orno Peak
Solitary Lake Dome Peak
Star Lake Dome Peak
Star Lake Big Marvine Peak
Steer Lake Devils Causeway
Still Waters Dome Peak
Stillwater Reservoir Devils Causeway
Stillwater Reservoir Number 1 Orno Peak
Supply Basin Reservoir Carbonate
Surprise Lake Trappers Lake
Sweetwater Lake Sweetwater Lake
Trappers Lake Trappers Lake
Trojan Lake Red Elephant Point
Twin Lakes Big Marvine Peak
Twin Mandall Lakes Orno Peak
Upper Island Lake Trappers Lake
Upper Stillwater Reservoir Orno Peak
Ute Lake Carbonate
Van Cleave-Fisher Reservoir Carbondale
Wall Lake Trappers Lake
West Elk Reservoir Rifle Falls
West Lost Lake Devils Causeway
White Owl Lake Carbonate
Wood Lake Orno Peak
Yamcolo Reservoir Orno Peak
Yellow Lake Carbonate

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Garfield County, Colorado. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.