Gunnison County Colorado Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Gunnison County Colorado

Place USGS Topo Map
Allen Pond X Lazy F Ranch
Annie Lake Fairview Peak
Aspen Leaf Reservoir Bull Mountain
Ault Reservoir Bull Mountain
Bald Mountain Reservoir Mount Guero
Beaver Lake Washboard Rock
Beaver Lake Marble
Beaver Lake Washboard Rock
Beaver Lake Reservoir Marble
Beaver Reservoir Minnesota Pass
Big Alkali Lake Crested Butte
Big Seep Reservoir Parlin
Blue Lake X Lazy F Ranch
Blue Lake Oh-be-joyful
Blue Mesa Reservoir Carpenter Ridge
Boulder Lake Fairview Peak
Burnt Lake Lost Lake
Carter Lake Pitkin
Castle Reservoir Number 1 X Lazy F Ranch
Castle Reservoir Number 3 X Lazy F Ranch
Clear Lake Courthouse Mountain
Copley Lake Mount Axtell
Copper Lake Maroon Bells
Costo Lake Anthracite Range
Cow Lake Tincup
Cowboy Lake Courthouse Mountain
Cowpuncher Lake Washboard Rock
Crystal Lake Grand View Mesa
Cunningham Lake Squirrel Creek
Cunningham Reservoir Squirrel Creek
Dollar Lake Anthracite Range
Dry Lake Curecanti Needle
E Beckwith Reservoir Number 1 Anthracite Range
Elko Lake Snowmass Mountain
Emerald Lake Snowmass Mountain
Fairview Lake Fairview Peak
Fish Creek Reservoir Number 1 Washboard Rock
Fish Creek Reservoir Number 2 Washboard Rock
Fitzpatrick Reservoir Lost Lake
Floating Lake Bull Mountain
Flogus Pond Marble
Galena Lake Snowmass Mountain
Geneva Lake Snowmass Mountain
Graphite Lake Cumberland Pass
Green Lake Mount Axtell
Green Lake Oh-be-joyful
Gunnison Lake West Beckwith Mountain
Hall Reservoir Somerset
Hampton Lake Washboard Rock
Hanging Lake Courthouse Mountain
Henry Lake Fairview Peak
Hidden Lake Rudolph Hill
High Park Lake Washboard Rock
Horsethief Lake Italian Creek
Hot Springs Reservoir Pitkin
Island Lake Marble
Island Lake Placita
Jackson Lake Fairview Peak
Kenny Moore Reservoir Squirrel Creek
Lake Arrowhead Reservoir Poison Draw
Lake Brennand Oh-be-joyful
Lake Claire Mount Harvard
Lake Grant Crested Butte
Lake Irwin Oh-be-joyful
Lake Rebecca Mount Harvard
Lamphier Lake Fairview Peak
Lily Lake Marble
Lily Lake Mount Axtell
Lily Pond Italian Creek
Little Gem Lake Snowmass Mountain
Lizard Lake Marble
Lost Lake Lost Lake
Lost Lake Anthracite Range
Lost Lake Slough Anthracite Range
Lower Lamphier Lake Fairview Peak
Lower Peeler Lake Oh-be-joyful
Mack Lake Lost Lake
Maid Lake Cumberland Pass
Meridian Lake Oh-be-joyful
Meridian Lake Park Reservoir Number 1 Gothic
Meridian Lake Reservoir Oh-be-joyful
Mill Lake Fairview Peak
Minnesota Reservoir Somerset
Mirror Lake Cumberland Pass
Morrow Point Reservoir Curecanti Needle
Mysterious Lake Italian Creek
Nicholson Lake Oh-be-joyful
Paonia Reservoir Paonia Reservoir
Peanut Lake Gothic
Pear Lake Winfield
Peeler Lakes Oh-be-joyful
Perry Pond Chair Mountain
Pothole Reservoir Number 1 Pieplant
Pothole Reservoir Number 2 Pieplant
Ptarmigan Lake New York Peak
Rainbow Lake West Elk Peak
Red Mountain Lake Crested Butte
Sheep Lake Anthracite Range
Silver Jack Reservoir Courthouse Mountain
Snowfield Lake Snowmass Mountain
Soderquist Reservoir Powderhorn
Spring Creek Reservoir Matchless Mountain
Stink Lake Lost Lake
Swanson Lake Lost Lake
Taylor Lake Hayden Peak
Taylor Park Reservoir Taylor Park Reservoir
Tellurium Lake New York Peak
Texas Lakes Tincup
The Wayne N Aspinall Unit McIntosh Mountain
Tomahawk Reservoir Chair Mountain
Twin Lakes Gothic
Upper Peeler Lakes Oh-be-joyful
Van Boxel Lakes Lost Lake
Williams Creek Lake Paonia Reservoir
Yule Lakes Marble

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Gunnison County, Colorado. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.