La Plata County Colorado Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in La Plata County Colorado

Place USGS Topo Map
Annie Lakes Emerald Lake
Aspaas Lake Electra Lake
Betty Lake Emerald Lake
Castilleja Lake Columbine Pass
Chain Lakes Vallecito Reservoir
Chapman Lake Durango West
Charles Lemon RR Reservoir Loma Linda
City Reservoir Columbine Pass
Columbine Lake Columbine Pass
Columbine Lake Electra Lake
Cottonwood Reservoir Thompson Park
Dads Reservoir Basin Mountain
Dollar Lake Mountain View Crest
Durango Regulatory Reservoir Durango East
Durango Reservoir Number 1 Columbine Pass
Electra Lake Electra Lake
Emerald Lake Mountain View Crest
Forebay Lake Electra Lake
Four Base Lake Electra Lake
Goat Canyon Reservoir Basin Mountain
Harper Pond Bayfield
Hatter Pond Electra Lake
Haviland Lake Electra Lake
Hazel Lake Columbine Pass
Henderson Lake Mountain View Crest
Herrera Reservoir Basin Mountain
Hidden Lake Columbine Pass
Hotter Brothers Lake Electra Lake
Huck Finn Pond Durango East
Ignacio Lake Electra Lake
Irving Lake Columbine Pass
Keeler Reservoir Hermosa
Lake Eileen Vallecito Reservoir
Lake Marie Columbine Pass
Lake Mary Alice Emerald Lake
Lake of the Pines Electra Lake
Lake Simpatico Ludwig Mountain
Lemon Reservoir Lemon Reservoir
Lillie Lake Columbine Pass
Lost Lake Lemon Reservoir
Lost Lake Columbine Pass
McCullogh Reservoir Basin Mountain
Montoya Reservoir Basin Mountain
Mormon Reservoir Mormon Reservoir
Oliver Lakes Mountain View Crest
Papoose Lake Electra Lake
Pastorius Reservoir Loma Linda
Pear Lake Mountain View Crest
Pine River Watershed PR-1 Reservoir Tiffany
Pine River Watershed PR-2 Reservoir Tiffany
Rainbow Lake Electra Lake
Red Mesa Ward Reservoir Mormon Reservoir
Relay Retaining Pond Hermosa Peak
Reservoir Number 2 Bayfield
Ruby Lake Mountain View Crest
Shalona Lake Hermosa
Short Reservoir Loma Linda
Smith Lake Hermosa
Sponsel Reservoir Thompson Park
Stratton Lake Hermosa
Stump Lakes Lemon Reservoir
Sullivan Reservoir Basin Mountain
Sunlight Lake Storm King Peak
Taylor Reservoir La Plata
Turner Reservoir Durango East
Vallecito Reservoir Vallecito Reservoir
Warner Reservoir Number 5 Hermosa
Webb Lake Mountain View Crest
Wommer Reservoir Number 1 Ludwig Mountain

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in La Plata County, Colorado. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.