Larimer County Colorado Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Larimer County Colorado

Place USGS Topo Map
Alford Lakes Loveland
Andrews Tarn McHenrys Peak
Annex Reservoir Number 8 Wellington
Apache Lake Red Feather Lakes
Arrowhead Lake Fall River Pass
Azure Lake Grand Lake
B-22 Reservoir Fort Collins
Bacon Lake Berthoud
Bacon Reservoir Berthoud
Baker Lake Timnath
Barnes Meadow Reservoir Chambers Lake
Barrett Reservoir Buckeye
Bartel Reservoir Wellington
Bear Lake McHenrys Peak
Bee Lake Reservoir Number 5 Wellington
Bellaire Lake Red Feather Lakes
Bench Lake Rawah Lakes
Berthoud Reservoir Berthoud
Bierstadt Lake McHenrys Peak
Big Rainbow Lake Rawah Lakes
Black Lake Wellington
Black Lake McHenrys Peak
Black Pool McHenrys Peak
Blue Lake Clark Peak
Blue Lake McHenrys Peak
Blue Mountain Reservoir Carter Lake Reservoir
Boedecker Lake Masonville
Box Elder Reservoir Number 2 Buckeye
Box Elder Reservoir Number 3 Wellington
Box Elder Reservoir Number 5 Buckeye
Box I Reservoir Number 1 Buckeye
Boxelder Lake Number 3 Wellington
Boxelder Reservoir Number 1 Buckeye
Boxelder Reservoir Number 2 Buckeye
Boyd Lake Loveland
Browns Lake Comanche Peak
Bubbles Lake Buckeye
Buckingham Lake Masonville
Camp Lake Rawah Lakes
Carey Lake Rawah Lakes
Carter Lake Reservoir Carter Lake Reservoir
Cascade Lake Estes Park
Cattail Pond Loveland
Cattail Reservoir Jack Creek Ranch
Cattail Reservoir Number 1 Jack Creek Ranch
Cavelry Lake Wellington
Caverly Reservoir Wellington
Cedar Springs Reservoir Drake
Cemetery Lake Loveland
Chambers Lake Chambers Lake
Chapman Reservoir Berthoud
Chipmunk Lake Trail Ridge
Chiquita Lake Trail Ridge
Cirque Lake Comanche Peak
Clark Reservoir Cobb Lake
Clarks Lake Cobb Lake
Claymore Lake Horsetooth Reservoir
Cobb Lake Cobb Lake
Coleman Reservoir Carter Lake Reservoir
College Lake Horsetooth Reservoir
Comanche Lake Comanche Peak
Comanche Reservoir Comanche Peak
Creedmore Lakes Red Feather Lakes
Crescent Lake Pinewood Lake
Crystal Lake Trail Ridge
Cub Lake McHenrys Peak
Culver Reservoir Carter Lake Reservoir
Curtis Lake Laporte
Curtis Lake Reservoir Laporte
Deadman Lake Timnath
Deer Lake Red Feather Lakes
Demmel Lake Reservoir Number 2 Wellington
Dixon Reservoir Wellington
Dixon Reservoir Horsetooth Reservoir
Donath Lake Glen Haven
Donath Lake Loveland
Donath Lake Jack Creek Ranch
Dorsey Lake Longs Peak
Doughnut Lake Fall River Pass
Douglas Reservoir Wellington
Douglass Lake Reservoir Number 10 Wellington
Dowdy Lake Red Feather Lakes
Dream Lake McHenrys Peak
Dry Creek Reservoir Wellington
Duck Lake Loveland
East Lake Crazy Mountain
Eaton Reservoir Eaton Reservoir
Elder Reservoir Wellington
Embryo Lake McHenrys Peak
Emerald Lake Boston Peak
Emerald Lake McHenrys Peak
Emmaline Lake Comanche Peak
Equalizer Lake Loveland
Fairport Reservoir Jack Creek Ranch
Fay Lakes Trail Ridge
Fern Lake McHenrys Peak
Flatiron Reservoir Carter Lake Reservoir
Floodwater B-6 Retention Reservoir Table Mountain
Floodwater Retention B-3 Reservoir Carr SW
Floodwater Retention Reservoir B-5 Table Mountain
Forest Lake Trail Ridge
Fossil Creek Reservoir Loveland
Foster Reservoir Carter Lake Reservoir
Fox Acres Number 2 Reservoir Red Feather Lakes
Fox Acres Reservoir Red Feather Lakes
Gem Lake Estes Park
George Rist Reservoir Masonville
Gilmore Lake Wellington
Glacier Number 1 Reservoir Pingree Park
Gorge Lakes Grand Lake
Grass Lake Chambers Lake
Gray Reservoir Number 3 Timnath
Grothe Reservoir Cobb Lake
Halligan Reservoir Virginia Dale
Handy Reservoir Berthoud
Hang Lake Clark Peak
Hayden Lake McHenrys Peak
Hazeline Lake Trail Ridge
Heinricy Lake Loveland
Hertha Reservoir Carter Lake Reservoir
Hiawatha Lake Red Feather Lakes
Highest Lake Grand Lake
Hinkley Lake Cobb Lake
Home Supply Reservoir Carter Lake Reservoir
Horseshoe Lake Loveland
Horsetooth Reservoir Horsetooth Reservoir
Hourglass Lake McHenrys Peak
Hourglass Reservoir Comanche Peak
Houts Reservoir Loveland
Iceberg Lake Rawah Lakes
Iceberg Lake Fall River Pass
Idylwilde Reservoir Drake
Indian Creek Reservoir Cobb Lake
Inkwell Lake Grand Lake
Irene Lake McHenrys Peak
Island Lake Rawah Lakes
Jewel Lake McHenrys Peak
Joe Mills Pond Longs Peak
Joe Wright Reservoir Chambers Lake
Johnson Reservoir Old Roach
Kelsey Lake Diamond Peak
Kitchel Lake Timnath
Kluver Reservoir Wellington
Kluver Reservoir Number 2 Wellington
Lady Moon Lake Red Feather Lakes
Lake Dunraven Pingree Park
Lake Erie Red Feather Lakes
Lake Estes Glen Haven
Lake Haiyaha McHenrys Peak
Lake Helene McHenrys Peak
Lake Husted Pingree Park
Lake Louise Pingree Park
Lake Loveland Loveland
Lake Loveland Jack Creek Ranch
Lake Nokomis Red Feather Lakes
Lake of Glass McHenrys Peak
Lake Ramona Red Feather Lakes
Laramie Lake Chambers Lake
Latman Lake Pingree Park
Lawn Lake Trail Ridge
Letitia Lake Red Feather Lakes
Lily Lake Longs Peak
Lily Pond Lake Boston Peak
Lindenmeier Lake Fort Collins
Little Crystal Lake Trail Ridge
Little Hohnholz Lake Crazy Mountain
Little Rainbow Lake Rawah Lakes
Little Rock Lake Trail Ridge
Livingston Lake Estes Park
Lon Hagler Reservoir Carter Lake Reservoir
Lone Pine Lake Red Feather Lakes
Lone Pine Reservoir Red Feather Lakes
Lonesome Lake McHenrys Peak
Lonetree Reservoir Carter Lake Reservoir
Long Draw Reservoir Fall River Pass
Long Pond Reservoir Fort Collins
Long Pond Reservoir Number 5 Fort Collins
Loomis Lake McHenrys Peak
Lost Lake Red Feather Lakes
Lost Lake Rawah Lakes
Lost Lake Pingree Park
Lost Lake Chambers Lake
Love Lake Fall River Pass
Loveland Reservoir Berthoud
Loveland Water Storage Reservoir Masonville
Lower Hoffman Lake Loveland
Lower Sandbar Lake Rawah Lakes
Lower Twin Lake Rawah Lakes
Mariano Reservoir Masonville
Marigold Lake McHenrys Peak
Marigold Pond McHenrys Peak
Martin Seepage Reservoir Number 2 Buckeye
Marys Lake Longs Peak
Mattingly Reservoir Wellington
McIntyre Lake Rawah Lakes
Meadow Lake Panorama Peak
Mills Lake McHenrys Peak
Milton Seaman Reservoir Laporte
Miners Lake Laporte
Mirror Lake Comanche Peak
Mirror Lake Panorama Peak
Mitchell Lake Number 1 Red Feather Lakes
Mitchell Lake Number 3 Red Feather Lakes
Molly Lake Red Feather Lakes
Morris Reservoir Cobb Lake
Mountain Supply Reservoir Number 1 Round Butte
Mountain Supply Reservoir Number 18 Cobb Lake
Mountain Supply Reservoir Number 6 Wellington
Mountain Supply Reservoir Number 7 Buckeye
Mountain Supply Reservoir Number 8 Wellington
Mountain Supply Reservoir Number 9 Wellington
Mud Lake Loveland
Nelson Reservoir Loveland
Nelson Reservoir Fort Collins
North Gray Reservoir Timnath
North Poudre Reservoir Number 1 Laporte
North Poudre Reservoir Number 10 Wellington
North Poudre Reservoir Number 11 Buckeye
North Poudre Reservoir Number 15 Buckeye
North Poudre Reservoir Number 17 Fort Collins
North Poudre Reservoir Number 2 Wellington
North Poudre Reservoir Number 3 Wellington
North Poudre Reservoir Number 4 Wellington
North Poudre Reservoir Number 5 Wellington
North Poudre Reservoir Number 6 Wellington
Nymph Lake McHenrys Peak
Odessa Lake McHenrys Peak
Panhandle Reservoir South Bald Mountain
Park Creek Reservoir Livermore
Park Creek Reservoir Number 2 Livermore
Parvin Lake Red Feather Lakes
Pavel Reservoir Number 1 Rustic
Pavel Reservoir Number 3 Rustic
Pavel Reservoir Number 5 Rustic
Pennock Creek Reservoir Pingree Park
Peterson Lake Chambers Lake
Pinewood Lake Pinewood Lake
Placid Lake Estes Park
Pocahontas Lake Red Feather Lakes
Poison Lake Carter Lake Reservoir
Portner Reservoir Fort Collins
Potts Puddle Estes Park
Poudre Lake Fall River Pass
Rainbow Lake McHenrys Peak
Rainbow Lake Panorama Peak
Rawah Lake Number 1 Rawah Lakes
Rawah Lake Number 2 Rawah Lakes
Rawah Lake Number 3 Rawah Lakes
Rawah Lake Number 4 Rawah Lakes
Rawah Lakes Rawah Lakes
Red Feather Lake Red Feather Lakes
Red Feather Lakes Red Feather Lakes
Retention Reservoir B-4 Carr SW
Richard Lake Reservoir Number 6 Wellington
Richards Reservoir Wellington
Rist Benson Reservoir Loveland
Robert Benson Lake Loveland
Rock Lake Trail Ridge
Rockhole Lake Rawah Lakes
Rocky Ridge Lake Reservoir Number 1 Wellington
Rollers Lake Loveland
Round Butte Reservoir Round Butte
Round Pond McHenrys Peak
Ryan Gulch Lake Berthoud
Ryan Gulch Reservoir Berthoud
Seaman Reservoir Laporte
Setzer Reservoir Wellington
Shagwa Lake Red Feather Lakes
Sheep Lakes Estes Park
Sheldon Lake Fort Collins
Shelf Lake McHenrys Peak
Sherwood Reservoir Fort Collins
Sky Pond McHenrys Peak
Slab Canyon Reservoir Livermore
Snake Lake Red Feather Lakes
Soldier Canyon Reservoir Horsetooth Reservoir
Solitude Lake McHenrys Peak
South Gray Reservoir Timnath
South Side Reservoir Jack Creek Ranch
Spectacle Lakes Trail Ridge
Spitzer Lake Wellington
Sprague Lake Longs Peak
Spruce Lake McHenrys Peak
Sugarbowl Lake Rawah Lakes
Sunny Slope Reservoir Berthoud
Sunnyslope Reservoir Berthoud
Swede Lake Windsor
Terry Lake Wellington
The Loch McHenrys Peak
The Pool McHenrys Peak
Tibbits Lake Livermore
Timber Lake Clark Peak
Timberline Lake Comanche Peak
Timnath Reservoir Timnath
Tourmaline Lake McHenrys Peak
Trap Lake Chambers Lake
Twin Crater Lakes Rawah Lakes
Twin Lake Red Feather Lakes
Twin Lake Reservoir Pingree Park
Twin Lakes Boston Peak
Two Rivers Lake McHenrys Peak
Upper Camp Lake Rawah Lakes
Upper Hoffman Lake Loveland
Upper Sandbar Lake Rawah Lakes
Upper Stonewall Reservoir Livermore Mountain
Upper Twin Lake Rawah Lakes
Warren Lake Fort Collins
Wasson Reservoir Buckeye
Water Supply and Storage Reservoir Number 3 Wellington
Water Supply and Storage Reservoir Number 4 Wellington
Watson Lake Laporte
Welch Reservoir Berthoud
West Lake Red Feather Lakes
Westerdoll Lake Loveland
Williams Lake Fort Collins
Willow Lake Panorama Peak
Wilson Reservoir Carter Lake Reservoir
Windsor Reservoir Divide Number 8 Wellington
Windsor Reservoir Number 8 Wellington
Windy Gap Lake Red Feather Lakes
Worster Reservoir Eaton Reservoir
Ypsilon Lake Trail Ridge
Zimmerman Lake Chambers Lake

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Larimer County, Colorado. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.