Rio Blanco County Colorado Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Rio Blanco County Colorado

Place USGS Topo Map
Aldrich Lakes Thornburgh
Allen Basin Reservoir Sand Point
Bailey Lake Buford
Ball Lake Dunckley Pass
Banta Flats Reservoir Banta Ridge
Bar-Bel Lake Buford
Basin Reservoir Gillam Draw
Beaver Lake Big Beaver Reservoir
Beaver Lake Reservoir Big Beaver Reservoir
Berry Lake Slide Creek
Big Beaver Reservoir Big Beaver Reservoir
Big Horse Draw Reservoir Water Canyon
Big Lick Reservoir Sawmill Mountain
Bloodsworth Pond Red Elephant Point
Blowdown Water Storage Reservoir Sagebrush Hill
Blue Lake Orno Peak
Bobcat Reservoir Divide Creek
Bunker Lake Reservoir Dunckley Pass
Burning Mine Reservoir Rangely NE
Burro Mountain Lake Big Beaver Reservoir
Butler Reservoir Hayden Gulch
Cabin Lake Big Beaver Reservoir
Cactus Reservoir Cactus Reservoir
Calvert Reservoir Banta Ridge
Camel Lake Sand Point
Chapman Reservoir Sand Point
Chase Draw Reservoir Rangely
Chatfield Reservoir Sand Point
Clam Lake Oyster Lake
Cliff Lakes Meadow Creek Lake
Corral Lake Blair Mountain
Cove Lake Reservoir Sleepy Cat Peak
Cove Reservoir Sleepy Cat Peak
Crater Lake Sand Point
Crosho Lake Sand Point
D D and E Wise Reservoir Thornburgh
Darwin Reservoir Cactus Reservoir
Dead Dog Reservoir Rangely NE
Divide Creek Reservoir Number 2 Divide Creek
Divide Creek Reservoir Number 3 Divide Creek
Divide Creek Reservoir Number 4 Divide Creek
Divide Creek Reservoir Number 5 Divide Creek
Dobbs Reservoir Big Beaver Reservoir
Dripping Rock Reservoir Mellen Hill
Flattop Reservoir Hayden Gulch
Fossil Reservoir Rangely NE
Gill Reservoir Pagoda Peak
Gilley Lake Big Beaver Reservoir
Gregor Reservoir Big Beaver Reservoir
Guthrie Lake Big Marvine Peak
Halandras Reservoir Number 1 Rangely NE
Haley Reservoir Dunckley Pass
Hall Draw Reservoir Divide Creek
Harker Park Lake Buford
Heart Lake Orno Peak
Johnson Draw Reservoir Water Canyon
Johnson Lake Lost Park
Kenney Reservoir Gillam Draw
Killarney Reservoir Sand Point
Konopik Reservoir Sleepy Cat Peak
Lake Avery Big Beaver Reservoir
Larson Reservoir Number 2 Rio Blanco
Lincoln Reservoir Rangely NE
Little Horse Reservoir Texas Mountain
Lower Cottonwood Reservoir Banta Ridge
Lunney Reservoir Ninemile Gap
Mahaffey Lake Blair Mountain
Mark Reservoir Number 1 Big Foundation Creek
Marvine Lakes Big Marvine Peak
Mary Loch Lake Big Marvine Peak
McHatten Reservoir Rattlesnake Mesa
McHatton Reservoir Rattlesnake Mesa
Middle Cottonwood Reservoir Banta Ridge
Mirror Lake Ripple Creek
Muskrat Lakes Oyster Lake
Nate Spring Reservoir The Nipple
Oat Lake Sand Point
Owen-Carrigan Reservoir Sleepy Cat Peak
Oyster Lake Oyster Lake
Pagoda Lake Pagoda Peak
Papoose Lake Oyster Lake
Paradise Lake Ripple Creek
Peltier Lake Buford
Pine Isle Lake Oyster Lake
Pitcairn Reservoir Segar Mountain
Prairie Dog Reservoir Cactus Reservoir
Rainbow Lake Big Marvine Peak
Rainbow Lake Dunckley Pass
Raven Basin Reservoir Rangely NE
Red Wash Reservoir Texas Creek
Red Wash Reservoir Number 2 Cactus Reservoir
Red Wash Reservoir Number 3 Cactus Reservoir
Rio Blanco Lake White River City
Rock Shale Reservoir Rangely NE
Sable Lake Ripple Creek
Sand Lake Sand Point
Seventh Lake Big Beaver Reservoir
Shadow Lake Big Beaver Reservoir
Shallow Lake Big Marvine Peak
Shamrock Lake Ripple Creek
Shavetail Reservoir Banta Ridge
Sheriff Reservoir Dunckley Pass
Simon Reservoir Number 1 Sand Point
Slide Lake Oyster Lake
Spring Lake Dunckley Pass
Sterry Lake Buford
Stinsby Reservoir Pagoda Peak
Stump Lake Big Beaver Reservoir
Swede Lake LO 7 Hill
The Lake Razorback Ridge
Upper Cottonwood Reservoir Banta Ridge
Vaughan Lake Pagoda Peak
Villard Flats Reservoir Cactus Reservoir
Water Canyon Reservoir Texas Mountain
West Fourmile Reservoir Water Canyon
West Miller Reservoir Thirteenmile Creek
Wheat Lake Dunckley Pass
Wilbur Lake Buford
Wilson Reservoir LO 7 Hill
Wyman Reservoir Thornburgh
Wymore Lake Sleepy Cat Peak

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Rio Blanco County, Colorado. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.