Hillsborough County Florida Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Hillsborough County Florida

Place USGS Topo Map
Bay Lake Citrus Park
Bellows Lake Tampa
Bird Lake Sulphur Springs
Boat Lake Sulphur Springs
Brant Lake Lutz
Browns Lake Lutz
Browns Lakes Lithia
Buck Lake Citrus Park
Burrell Lake Sulphur Springs
Carlton Lake Fort Lonesome
Cedar Lake Sulphur Springs
Chapman Lake Brandon
Chapman Lake Sulphur Springs
Church Lake Citrus Park
Citrus Park Lake Citrus Park
Commston Lake Lutz
Cool Kell Lake Lutz
Cooper Lake Lutz
Crescent Lake Odessa
Cypress Lake Odessa
Deer Lake Lutz
Dorset Lake Sulphur Springs
Dosson Lake Citrus Park
Echo Lake Citrus Park
Egypt Lake Sulphur Springs
Equus Meadow Pond Citrus Park
Fairy Lake Citrus Park
Feinsinger Lake Lutz
Flynn Lake Sulphur Springs
Garden Lake Elfers
Glass Lake Citrus Park
Gornto Lake Brandon
Halfmoon Lake Citrus Park
Hanna Lake Lutz
Hart Lake Lutz
Hendrics Lake Brandon
Hickory Hammock Lake Brandon
Hixon Lake Citrus Park
Hog Island Lake Lutz
Horse Lake Citrus Park
Hurrah Lake Lithia
Hutto Lake Riverview
Island Ford Lake Odessa
James Lake Citrus Park
Keene Lake Lutz
Keystone Lake Odessa
Lake Alice Odessa
Lake All Bright Sulphur Springs
Lake Allen Lutz
Lake Armistead Citrus Park
Lake Artillery Odessa
Lake Barbara Citrus Park
Lake Brooker Lutz
Lake Calm Odessa
Lake Carroll Sulphur Springs
Lake Charles Sulphur Springs
Lake Crenshaw Lutz
Lake Dan Elfers
Lake Eckles Sulphur Springs
Lake Elizabeth Odessa
Lake Ellen Sulphur Springs
Lake Ellen Citrus Park
Lake Fern Odessa
Lake Frances Odessa
Lake Gass Sulphur Springs
Lake George Sulphur Springs
Lake Harvey Lutz
Lake Helen Citrus Park
Lake Hiawatha Odessa
Lake Hobbs Lutz
Lake Hooker Brandon
Lake Josephine Citrus Park
Lake Juanita Citrus Park
Lake Kell Lutz
Lake LeClare Citrus Park
Lake Lipsey Sulphur Springs
Lake Magdalene Sulphur Springs
Lake Raleigh Citrus Park
Lake Roberta Sulphur Springs
Lake Rogers Citrus Park
Lake Ruth Lutz
Lake Senac Sulphur Springs
Lake Silver Sulphur Springs
Lake Stemper Lutz
Lake Taylor Odessa
Lake Thomas Lutz
Lake Thonotosassa Thonotosassa
Lake Virginia Lutz
Lake Wastena Odessa
Lake Weeks Brandon
Lake Wimauma Wimauma
Lake Wood Odessa
Lamps Pond Sulphur Springs
Little Deer Lake Lutz
Little Halfmoon Lake Citrus Park
Little Hobbs Lake Lutz
Little Lake Citrus Park
Little Moon Lake Citrus Park
Long Lake Sulphur Springs
Long Pond Brandon
Mango Lake Brandon
Marlee Lake Citrus Park
Mead Lake Brandon
Moore Lake Plant City West
Mound Lake Odessa
Mud Lake Dover
Noreast Lake Sulphur Springs
North Crystal Lake Lutz
North Lake Sulphur Springs
Osceola Lake Odessa
Paradise Lake Citrus Park
Pearl Lake Lutz
Pine Lake Sulphur Springs
Platt Lake Sulphur Springs
Pralls Lake Tampa
Pretty Lake Citrus Park
Rainbow Lake Citrus Park
Reinheimer Lake Lutz
Rock Lake Citrus Park
Round Lake Sulphur Springs
Saddleback Lake Sulphur Springs
Sand Pond Brandon
Sapphire Lake Lutz
South Crystal Lake Lutz
Starvation Lake Citrus Park
Sunset Lake Elfers
Sunshine Lake Citrus Park
Swamp Lake Lutz
Sweats Millpond Plant City West
Tampa Water Works Lake Sulphur Springs
Tenmile Lake Brandon
The Pond Gandy Bridge
Thorpe Lake Citrus Park
Tisawee Lake Brandon
Turkey Ford Lake Odessa
Twin Lake Sulphur Springs
Valrico Lake Brandon
Van Dyke Lake Odessa
Velburton Lake Citrus Park
Wee Lake Brandon
West Lake Sulphur Springs
White Trout Lake Sulphur Springs
Williams Lake Citrus Park
Woodbury Lake Brandon

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Hillsborough County, Florida. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.