Okaloosa County Florida Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Okaloosa County Florida

Place USGS Topo Map
A A Hilton Pond Baker
A J Kennedy Pond One Crestview North
A J Kennedy Pond Two Crestview North
Allison Pond Holt SW
Alva Davidson Pond Oak Grove
Anderson Pond Valparaiso
Bass Lake Fort Walton Beach
Bens Lake Fort Walton Beach
Blue Pond Valparaiso
Brandt Pond Niceville
Brooks Pond Niceville
Brown Pond Niceville
Carver Pond Holt
Clyde Reese Pond Crestview South
Corkins Lake Crestview North
Crain Pond Crestview South
Cypress Pond Laurel Hill
Danley Pond Hurricane Lake
Dixon Lake Crestview North
Duck Pond Holt
Dugan Pond Crestview South
E C Younghood Pond Blackman
Eden Lake Crestview North
Faircloth Lakes Dorcas
Flowers Pond Crestview North
Four Prong Lake Destin
Grass Lake Destin
Green Pond Holt SW
Green Ponds Holt
Guest Lake Floridale
Hazelwood Pond Niceville
Holley Pond Harold SE
Hurricane Lake Hurricane Lake
Jack Lake Fort Walton Beach
John Stafford Pond One Crestview North
John Stafford Pond Two Crestview North
Karick Lake Blackman
Kemmons Pond Spencer Flats
Kendrick Pond Valparaiso
Kepner Pond Valparaiso
Lake Clyde Fort Walton Beach
Lake Earl Fort Walton Beach
Lake Ella Dorcas
Lake Kennedy Crestview North
Lake Lorraine Fort Walton Beach
Lake Vivian Fort Walton Beach
Laurence Staff Pond Crestview North
Lost Boy Pond Crestview South
Lower Memorial Lake Fort Walton Beach
Martin Lakes Crestview North
Martin Pond Crestview North
Martins Mill Pond Munson
Metts Pond Harold SE
O G Steele Pond Blackman
Perry Reeves Pond Laurel Hill
Pine Bluff Lake Floridale
Pine Lake Niceville
Pippin Lake Destin
Pirate Cove Mary Esther
Plew Lake Niceville
Pocosin Pond Holt SW
Prairie Ponds Navarre
Puddin Head Lake Destin
Rainbow Lake Crestview North
Roberts Lake Niceville
Sap Ponds Crestview North
Sigler Lake Floridale
Silver Lake Crestview North
Timber Lake Fort Walton Beach
Trout Lake Niceville
Upper Memorial Lake Fort Walton Beach
Walton Pond Spencer Flats
Ward Bay Laurel Hill
Wright Lake Crestview North

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Okaloosa County, Florida. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.