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Putnam County Florida Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Putnam County Florida

Place USGS Topo Map
Alligator Lake Satsuma
Argenta Lake Crescent City
Bass Lake Putnam Hall
Blocker Lake Putnam Hall
Blue Pond San Mateo
Blue Pond Hawthorne
Boll Green Lake Baywood
Boyds Lake Putnam Hall
Brantley Lake Putnam Hall
Bream Lake Hawthorne
Brim Pond Keuka
Bull Pond Keuka
Cambo Lake Keuka
Castle Lake Satsuma
Cat Head Pond Welaka
Church Lake Baywood
Clear Lake Crescent City
Clear Lake Keuka
Clearwater Lake Satsuma
Clearwater Lake Putnam Hall
Clubhouse Lake Putnam Hall
Cooper Lake Putnam Hall
Cowpen Lake Keuka
Crane Ponds Satsuma
Crescent Lake Crescent City
Crystal Lake Keuka
Cue Lake Putnam Hall
Darkwater Lake Keuka
Davis Lake Palatka
Deep Lake Putnam Hall
Dream Pond Crescent City
East Lake Putnam Hall
Enslow Lake Putnam Hall
Faye Lake Putnam Hall
Flamingo Lake Putnam Hall
Floral Lake Rodman
Fowlers Lake Melrose
Fox Lake Welaka
Georges Lake Rice Creek
Gillis Pond Keuka
Goose Lake Putnam Hall
Grassy Lake Putnam Hall
Green Pond Hawthorne
Halfmoon Lake Putnam Hall
Hankley Lake Keuka
Hardesty Lake Rodman
Hart Lake Putnam Hall
Hasenjaeger Lake Rodman
Hewitt Lakes Keuka
Higginbotham Lake Keuka
Hour Glass Lake Putnam Hall
Hubbard Pond Putnam Hall
Jergans Lake Melrose
Jewel Lake Baywood
Junior Lake Putnam Hall
Key Pond Keuka
Ladys-Slipper Lake Keuka
Lak-a-wana Lake Hawthorne
Lake Barco Melrose
Lake Broward San Mateo
Lake Chipco Putnam Hall
Lake Elin Keuka
Lake Fanny Keuka
Lake Galilee Keuka
Lake Goodson Melrose
Lake Grandin Putnam Hall
Lake Green Sills Putnam Hall
Lake Ida Baywood
Lake Issue Hawthorne
Lake Juno Keuka
Lake Keuka Keuka
Lake Lagonda Keuka
Lake Lillie Crescent City
Lake Loyal Putnam Hall
Lake Lucy Putnam Hall
Lake Lula Crescent City
Lake Melrose Melrose
Lake Myra Satsuma
Lake Ocklawaha Rodman
Lake Omega Crescent City
Lake Rosa Melrose
Lake Rowan Melrose
Lake Serena Putnam Hall
Lake Suggs Melrose
Lake Susan Keuka
Lake Virginia Baywood
Lake Whitcomb Melrose
Lake Winnott Melrose
Laura Lake Welaka
Little Lake George Welaka
Little Lake Green Sills Putnam Hall
Little McMeekin Lake Hawthorne
Long Lake Putnam Hall
Long Pond Putnam Hall
Lovers Lake Putnam Hall
Margaret Lake Crescent City
Mariner Lake Putnam Hall
Mason Lake Putnam Hall
McCarthy Lake Keuka
McMeekin Lake Hawthorne
Mirror Lake Baywood
Morris Lake Keuka
Moss Lee Lake Hawthorne
Mud Lake Satsuma
Newton Lake Putnam Hall
North Twin Lake Hawthorne
Orange Grove Lake Putnam Hall
Ox Pond Hawthorne
Pace Lake Hawthorne
Penner Ponds Lake Delancy
Perch Lake Putnam Hall
Picnic Lake Keuka
Pine Lake Satsuma
Redwater Lake Hawthorne
Riley Lake Hawthorne
Ross Lake Putnam Hall
Round Lake Crescent City
Sand Hill Pond Baywood
Saratoga Lake Satsuma
Silver Lake Crescent City
Silver Lake Satsuma
Silver Lake Putnam Hall
Silver Pond Welaka SE
Skinner Lake Keuka
Smith Lake Putnam Hall
South Bull Pond Melrose
South Twin Lake Hawthorne
Spring Lake San Mateo
Spring Lake Rodman
Star Lake Hawthorne
Stella Lake Crescent City
Still Pond Putnam Hall
Sugarbowl Lake Satsuma
Swan Lake Melrose
Trotting Pond Putnam Hall
Trout Lake Putnam Hall
Trowel Lake Crescent City
Twin Lakes Rodman
Twomile Pond Melrose
Up and Down Lake Baywood
Violet Lake Baywood
Wall Lake Putnam Hall
West Lake Putnam Hall
Whirlwind Lake Putnam Hall

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Putnam County, Florida. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.