Bulloch County Georgia Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Bulloch County Georgia

Place USGS Topo Map
Akins Lake Register
Akins Pond Hopeulikit
Akins Pond Thalmann
Altman Pond Statesboro
Anderson Pond Daisy
Atwood Pond Register
Bird Pond Statesboro
Booth Pond Nevils
Bowen Pond Daisy
Brewer Pond (historical) Register
Brooks Instruments Company Pond Dover
Clark Pond (historical) Portal
Cliff Pond Register
Crombley Pond Denmark
Cypress Lake Statesboro
Davis Pond Leefield
De Loach Lower Pond Daisy
De Loach Upper Pond Daisy
Delmus Rushing Lake Nevils
Deloach Lower Pond Daisy
Durden Pond Oliver
East Oglesby Pond Portal
Fields Pond Portal
Groover Pond (historical) Nevils
H Z Smith Lake Statesboro
Hendrix Pond Portal
Hickman Pond Nevils
Hodges Pond Nevils
Hodges Pond Warner Robins SW
Hood Pond Statesboro
Jones Pond Brooklet
Kendrick Pond Stilson
Kennedy Pond Nevils
Lake Collins Portal
Lake Ruby Statesboro
Lake Wells Statesboro
Lamar Smith Lake Rentz
Lanier Pond Portal
Lee Pond Brooklet
Lester Pond Stilson
Mallard Pond Statesboro
Mallards Pond Hopeulikit
Marsh Pond Hopeulikit
Martin Pond Daisy
Martin Pond Brooklet
McDonald Pond Denmark
McElveen Pond (historical) Pulaski
Morf Stanback Estate Lake Pulaski
Nessmith Pond Pulaski
Nevils Pond Register
Oglesby Pond Portal
Oglesby Pond Dam Portal
Oliff Pond Register
Parrish Lake Portal
Quattlebaum Pond Denmark
Ricklighter Pond Dover
Riggs Lake Nevils
Riggs Lake Statesboro
Riggs Pond Statesboro
Robinson Pond (historical) Statesboro
Rozier Pond Stilson
Shephard Pond Leefield
Simmons Pond Denmark
Smith Lake Statesboro
Smith Pond Nevils
Starlins Pond (historical) Groveland
Swint Pond Hopeulikit
T K Rushing Pond Nevils
Tillman Pond Nevils
Tillman Pond Register
Tillman Pond Hopeulikit
Trapnell Pond Denmark
Whitaker Pond Denmark
Williams Pond Nevils
Youngblood Pond Brooklet

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Bulloch County, Georgia. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.