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Cook County Illinois Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Cook County Illinois

Place USGS Topo Map
Axehead Lake Park Ridge
Baker Lake Lake Zurich
Barrington Road Pond Streamwood
Beck Lake Park Ridge
Belleau Lake Park Ridge
Belly Deep Slough Palos Park
Bergman Slough Sag Bridge
Beverly Lake Streamwood
Big Bend Lake Arlington Heights
Bode Lakes Streamwood
Boomerang Slough Palos Park
Bull Frog Lake Sag Bridge
Busse Lake Palatine
Busse Woods Reservoir Palatine
Citation Lake Park Ridge
Crabtree Lake Streamwood
Cramer Slough Sag Bridge
Cranberry Slough Palos Park
Crawdad Slough Palos Park
Dana Lake Barrington
Dead Stick Pond Lake Calumet
Deer Grove Lake Lake Zurich
Deer Lake Lake Zurich
Doughnut Lake Palatine
East Lagoon Jackson Park
Flatfoot Lake Lake Calumet
Forest Lake Park Ridge
Galvins Lake Streamwood
Goose Lake Romeoville
Goose Lake Barrington
Green Lake Calumet City
Gun Club Ponds Lake Calumet
Hambone Lake Palos Park
Hawley Lake Barrington
Hawthorn Lake Barrington
Heather Lake Barrington
Hidden Pond Slough Palos Park
Hogwash Slough Palos Park
Holy Family Villa Lake Sag Bridge
Horse Collar Slough Sag Bridge
Horsetail Lake Palos Park
Island Lake West Chicago
Joes Pond Sag Bridge
Katydid Slough Palos Park
Keene Lake Barrington
Kingsport Lake Palatine
Lacey Lake Barrington
Lake Arrowhead Palos Park
Lake Calumet Lake Calumet
Lake Cosman Palatine
Lake Cottage Grove Lake Calumet
Lake George Steger
Lake Ida Berwyn
Lake Irene Palatine
Lake Marion Blue Island
Lake Mary Anne Park Ridge
Lake Melissa Barrington
Lake O’Hare Elmhurst
Lake of the Coves Streamwood
Lake Opeka Arlington Heights
Lake Potawatomi Wheeling
Lake Shermerville Wheeling
Lake Terramere Wheeling
Lake Victory Lake Calumet
Longjohn Slough Sag Bridge
Mallard Pond Sag Bridge
Maple Lake Sag Bridge
McGinnis Slough Palos Park
McGinnis Slough Palos Park
Midlothian Creek Detention Reservoir Tinley Park
Mirror Lake Barrington
Mud Lake Barrington
Murphy Lake Park Ridge
North Pond Chicago Loop
North Pool Palatine
Papoose Lake Palos Park
Park Lake Park Ridge
Penny Road Pond Streamwood
Peregrine Lake Palatine
Peterson Lake River Forest
Pollywog Slough Palos Park
Powder Horn Lake Lake Calumet
Rainbarrel Slough Sag Bridge
Red Wing Slough Palos Park
Richton Crossing Detention Reservoir Steger
Saganashkee Slough Sag Bridge
Sauk Trail Lake Steger
Schiller Pond River Forest
Shagbark Lake Arlington Heights
Shoe Factory Woods Pond Streamwood
Skokie Lagoons Highland Park
South Lagoon Jackson Park
South Lagoon Chicago Loop
South Lake of the Coves Streamwood
South Pond Chicago Loop
South Pool Palatine
Spring Lake Barrington
Stephanie Lake Barrington
Suttonbush Slough Palos Park
Swets Lake Calumet City
Tampier Lake Sag Bridge
Tampier Slough Sag Bridge
Techny Reservoir Evanston
Thorn Lake Calumet City
Tomahawk Slough Sag Bridge
Tuma Lake Palos Park
Turtlehead Lake Palos Park
Twin Lakes Barrington
Virginia Lake Lake Zurich
Volkening Lake Palatine
Wampum Lake Calumet City
West Lagoon Jackson Park
White Pine Ditch Reservoir Wheeling
Wolf Lake Lake Calumet

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Cook County, Illinois. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.