Avoyelles County Louisiana Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Avoyelles County Louisiana

Place USGS Topo Map
Baie Ronde Ile Natchitoches
Bayou Bourbeux Marksville North
Bayou Creux Moreauville
Bayou des Allemands Belle d'Eau
Bayou du Lac Moreauville
Bayou La Cabane Marksville South
Bayou Voinche Lac Sainte Agnes
Belson Lake Big Bend
Big Buttonwood Lake Cottonport
Big Lake Effie
Blue Hole Lake Larto Lake South
Boggy Lake Cottonport
Bordelon Lake Effie
Cannon Lake Effie
Central Slough Moreauville
Champignol Lake Effie
Coco Lake Moreauville
Coulee Noire Moreauville
Cross Lake Lower Sunk Lake
Cypress Lake Bunkie
Duck Lake Larto Lake South
Fish Bayou Lake Moreauville
Gin Lake Effie
Grand Lac Marksville South
Grand Lake Lower Sunk Lake
Grassy Lake Lower Sunk Lake
Grime Lake (historical) Effie
Heifer Lake (historical) Marksville North
Horseshoe Lake Big Bend
Horseshoe Lake (historical) Powell Point
Jeff Lake Lower Sunk Lake
Jews-harp Lake Cottonport
Jimmy Lake Larto Lake South
Lac a Madame Lee Ile Natchitoches
Lac Amelia Larto Lake South
Lac aux Cygnes Moreauville
Lac aux Perles Marksville South
Lac aux Roseaux Moreauville
Lac Bois Sec Marksville North
Lac Bryon de Chats Lac Sainte Agnes
Lac Choupique Plaucheville
Lac de Johnson Marksville North
Lac Didier Moreauville
Lac en Travers Lac Sainte Agnes
Lac Gabriel Moreauville
Lac Grand Bayou Lac Sainte Agnes
Lac Long Larto Lake South
Lac Mama Big Bend
Lac Moreau Lac Sainte Agnes
Lac Ophelia Lac Sainte Agnes
Lac Patassa Big Bend
Lac Poisson Arme Ile Natchitoches
Lac Sainte Agnes Lac Sainte Agnes
Lac Valerie Lac Sainte Agnes
Lac Volee Ile Natchitoches
Lake Little Solier Lac Sainte Agnes
Lake Wilson Bunkie
Long Lake Turnbull Island
Lyle Lake Bunkie
Martin Bay Turnbull Island
Mauvais Lac Ile Natchitoches
Morel Lake Turnbull Island
Mouillere a Dehors Lac Sainte Agnes
Muscle Lake Big Bend
Nichols Lake Larto Lake South
Otter Lake Big Bend
Petit Lac Marksville South
Petit Lac du Grand Bryon Lac Sainte Agnes
Petite Baie Ile Natchitoches
Premier Lac Moreauville
Racoon Lake (historical) Powell Point
Reynolds Lake Effie
Shark Bay Turnbull Island
Smith Bay Lower Sunk Lake
Sutton Lake Big Bend
Tanner Lake Bunkie
Tilden Lake Big Bend
Townsend Lake (historical) Lone Pine
Westcut Lake Lac Sainte Agnes

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Avoyelles County, Louisiana. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.