Catahoula County Louisiana Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Catahoula County Louisiana

Place USGS Topo Map
Babays Lake Larto Lake North
Barnett Lake Extension
Bens Lake Dunbarton
Big Bayou Oakley
Big Cash Bayou Dunbarton
Big Hole Larto Lake South
Big Lake Extension
Billys Bayou Lake Sicily Island
Black Bayou Lake Sicily Island
Black Lake Manifest
Black Lake Jonesville North
Black Lake Foules
Brooks Lake Sicily Island
Brush Lake Extension
Buck Lake Sicily Island
Bull Lake Walters
Burr Lake Larto Lake North
California Bayou Jonesville South
Cash Lake Sicily Island
Catahoula Lake Walters
Coon Lake Sicily Island
Cypress Lake Extension
Dailey Lake Extension
Dead Lake Dunbarton
Delta Brake Larto Lake South
Dempsey Lake Walters
Devils Lake Larto Lake South
Ditto Lake Wisner
Dry Lake Harrisonburg
Dysons Lake (historical) Manifest
Eagle Nest Lake Mayna
Elm Lake Manifest
Fish Lake Manifest
Fisher Lake Larto Lake South
Five Point Lake Mayna
Gator Hole Mayna
George Lake Sicily Island
Glade Bayou Jonesville South
Grassy Lake Jonesville South
Green Lake Wisner
Guthrie Lake Harrisonburg
Halfmile Lake Jonesville North
Hibbs Lake Walters
Hogpen Slough Walters
Honey Brake Lake Larto Lake North
Hoover Lake Foules
Horseshoe Lake Larto Lake South
Hutook Lake Larto Lake South
King Bayou Sicily Island
Knockanat Lake Dunbarton
Larto Lake Larto Lake North
Larto Lake Larto Lake South
Little Bens Lake Dunbarton
Little Black Lake Sicily Island
Long Lake Manifest
Long Lake Monterey
Lorran Lake Acme
Lovelace Lake Sicily Island
Maknockanut Lake Larto Lake North
Mean Lake Jonesville North
Middle Lake Dunbarton
Mitten Lake Larto Lake South
Moore Lake Mayna
Muscadine Bayou Larto Lake South
Old River Slough Jonesville South
Open Lake Extension
Parker Lake Mayna
Pool Lake Bayou Dunbarton
Rhinehart Lake Walters
Riffee Lake Sicily Island
River Lake Dunbarton
Rock Lake Extension
Round Brake Larto Lake South
Round Lake Mayna
Round Lake Manifest
Round Lake Larto Lake South
Sandy Lake Manifest
Sargent Lake Harrisonburg
Shad Lake Larto Lake North
Sheppards Lake Sicily Island
Snaggy Lake Jonesville South
Stafford Lake Harrisonburg
Sunflower Lake Dunbarton
Sunk Lake Extension
Swan Lake Larto Lake South
Swazee Lake Dunbarton
Tew Lake Jonesville North
Town Lake Harrisonburg
Trap Lake Dunbarton
Twomile Lake Dunbarton
Wallace Lake Jonesville North
Walsh Lake Larto Lake South
Well Lake Sicily Island
Whites Lake Acme
Widow Lake Acme
Willow Lake Jonesville South
Willow Lake Sicily Island
Wilson Lake Mayna
Wise Lake Larto Lake South
York Lake Oakley

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Catahoula County, Louisiana. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.