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Hancock County Maine Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Hancock County Maine

Place USGS Topo Map
Abamgamook Lake West Lake
Abrams Pond Molasses Pond
Alamoosook Lake Orland
Allen Pond Quillpig Mountain
Alligator Lake Alligator Lake
Ames Pond Deer Isle
Anderson Pond Tunk Mountain
Aunt Betty Pond Southwest Harbor
Barbless Pond Tunk Lake
Basin Pond Sullivan
Bear Pond Lead Mountain
Beaver Dam Pond Seal Harbor
Beaver Ponds Salsbury Cove
Beaver Ponds Bar Harbor
Beech Hill Pond Beech Hill Pond
Beech Island Pond Blue Hill
Big Muckleberry Pond Tunk Lake
Big Pond Ellsworth
Birch Harbor Pond Winter Harbor
Black Pond Sargentville
Blunts Pond Salsbury Cove
Bracey Pond Quillpig Mountain
Branch Lake Branch Lake
Branch Lake Stream Ellsworth
Brandy Pond Brandy Pond
Breakneck Ponds Salsbury Cove
Bubble Pond Seal Harbor
Buggy Pond Beech Hill Pond
Burnt Land Lake Gassabias Lake
Burnt Pond Green Lake
Burntland Pond Deer Isle
Campbell Lake Gassabias Lake
Chalk Pond Lead Mountain
Chicken Millpond Winter Harbor
Clark Pond Sullivan
Clark Pond Molasses Pond
Craig Pond Orland
Crocker Pond The Horseback
Crystal Pond West Lake
Debec Pond Hopkins Pond
Deer Lake Alligator Lake
Dollar Pond The Horseback
Donnell Pond Sullivan
Duck Lake Duck Lake
Duck Pond Sullivan
Duck Pond Bartlett Island
Duck Pond Rocky Pond
Ducktail Pond Hopkins Pond
Duds Pond Alligator Lake
Dutton Pond Great Pond
Eagle Lake West Lake
Eagle Lake Southwest Harbor
East Great Works Pond The Horseback
Echo Lake Southwest Harbor
Fawn Pond Salsbury Cove
First Pond Brooklin
Flanders Pond Sullivan
Floods Pond Beech Hill Pond
Forbes Pond Winter Harbor
Fosters Pond Salsbury Cove
Fourth Pond Penobscot
Fox Pond Tunk Mountain
French Hill Pond Salsbury Cove
Fresh Pond Cape Rosier
Frost Pond Sargentville
Gassabias Lake Gassabias Lake
Georges Pond Deer Isle
Georges Pond Sullivan
Giles Pond Amherst
Gold Stream Pond Branch Lake
Goose Marsh Pond Bartlett Island
Goose Pond Swans Island
Goose Pond Green Lake
Goose Pond Cape Rosier
Graham Lake Beech Hill Pond
Grassy Pond The Horseback
Great Pond Hancock
Great Pond Great Pond
Green Lake Quillpig Mountain
Green Lake Gassabias Lake
Green Lake Beech Hill Pond
Halfmile Pond Hopkins Pond
Halfmile Pond Alligator Lake
Hamilton Pond Salsbury Cove
Hancock Pond Brewer Lake
Hanson Pond Brewer Lake
Harriman Pond Brewer Lake
Hatcase Pond Green Lake
Haycock Pond Alligator Lake
Hazlam Pond Rocky Pond
Heart Pond Orland
Hodgdon Pond Bartlett Island
Holt Pond Deer Isle
Horseshoe Lake Gassabias Lake
Hothole Pond Orland
Hurd Pond Green Lake
Indian Camp Ponds Hopkins Pond
Jacob Buck Pond Brewer Lake
Jellison Hill Pond Hopkins Pond
Jesse Bog Branch Lake
Jimmies Pond Alligator Lake
John Gray Pond Sargentville
Jones Pond Winter Harbor
Jordan Pond Southwest Harbor
Keisers Pond Beech Hill Pond
Kief Pond Seal Harbor
King Pond Great Pond
Lake Wood Salsbury Cove
Leighton River Reservoir Rocky Pond
Leonard Lake Ellsworth
Lilly Pond Hopkins Pond
Lily Pond Winter Harbor
Lily Pond Sargentville
Lily Pond Deer Isle
Little Burnt Pond Beech Hill Pond
Little Duck Pond Green Lake
Little Dutton Pond Great Pond
Little Echo Lake Southwest Harbor
Little Hatcase Pond Green Lake
Little Jellison Hill Pond Hopkins Pond
Little Long Pond Tunk Mountain
Little Pickerel Pond West Lake
Little Pond Orland
Little Pond Sullivan
Little Pond Great Pond
Little Pond Winter Harbor
Little Rocky Pond Green Lake
Little Round Pond Southwest Harbor
Little Tunk Pond Tunk Lake
Little Webb Pond Eastbrook
Long Pond Southwest Harbor
Long Pond Southwest Harbor
Long Pond Brewer Lake
Long Pond Tunk Lake
Long Pond Great Pond
Long Pond Southwest Harbor
Long Pond Sullivan
Loon Pond West Lake
Lovejoy Pond Alligator Lake
Lower Allen Pond Alligator Lake
Lower Hadlock Pond Southwest Harbor
Lower Lead Mountain Pond Rocky Pond
Lower Middle Branch Pond Alligator Lake
Lower Oxhead Pond West Lake
Lower Patten Pond Branch Lake
Lower Pistol Lake Spring Lake
Lower Pond Peaked Mountain
Lower Sabao Lake Quillpig Mountain
Lower Springy Pond Hopkins Pond
Lower Unknown Lake Duck Lake
Lower West Bay Pond Winter Harbor
Main Stem Orland River Reservoir Orland
McGann Bog Brewer Lake
Middle Allen Pond Alligator Lake
Middle Chain Lake Duck Lake
Middle Lead Mountain Pond Rocky Pond
Middle Oxhead Pond West Lake
Middle Pistol Lake Spring Lake
Middle Unknown Lake Duck Lake
Mill Pond Cape Rosier
Mill Pond Deer Isle
Mill Pond Hancock
Mill Pond Sullivan
Mill Pond Sargentville
Mill Pond Branch Lake
Mitchell Pond Brewer Lake
Molasses Pond Molasses Pond
Morancy Meadow Pond Tunk Lake
Morancy Pond Tunk Lake
Morrison Pond Beech Hill Pond
Morrison Ponds Great Pond
Mother Bush Pond Blue Hill
Moulton Pond Brewer Lake
Mountain Pond Green Lake
Mountainy Pond Green Lake
Muckleberry Pond Tunk Lake
Mud Pond Brewer Lake
Mud Pond Tunk Mountain
Mud Pond Green Lake
Muddy Pond Beech Hill Pond
Myrick Lake Tunk Mountain
Narraguagus Lake Tunk Mountain
New Mills Meadow Pond Bar Harbor
Nicatous Lake West Lake
Noyes Pond Blue Hill
Old Pond Hancock
Olivers Pond Deer Isle
Oran Pond Hopkins Pond
Otter Bog Molasses Pond
Otter Pond West Lake
Otter Ponds Swans Island
Parker Pond Sargentville
Partridge Pond Hopkins Pond
Phillips Lake Green Lake
Pickerel Pond The Horseback
Pierce Pond Penobscot
Porter Pond Spring Lake
Pug Hole Great Pond
Pug Pond Hopkins Pond
Pughole Pond Gassabias Lake
Quarry Pond Swans Island
Rainbow Pond Tunk Lake
Rift Pond Great Pond
Rile Pond Beech Hill Pond
Ripple Pond Southwest Harbor
Rocky Pond Beech Hill Pond
Rocky Pond Rocky Pond
Rocky Pond Branch Lake
Round Pond Bartlett Island
Round Pond Sargentville
Salmon Pond Tunk Mountain
Salt Pond Brooklin
Salt Pond Blue Hill
Salt Ponds Frenchboro
Sargent Mountain Pond Southwest Harbor
Saulter Pond Brewer Lake
Scammon Pond Molasses Pond
Scammon Pond Molasses Pond
Schoodic Bog Sullivan
Seal Cove Pond Bartlett Island
Seawall Pond Bass Harbor
Second Pond Penobscot
Second Pond Green Lake
Selmore Pond Duck Lake
Shillalah Pond Sullivan
Sibley Pond Brooklin
Side Pistol Lake Spring Lake
Silver Lake Bucksport
Simmons Pond Ellsworth
Snail Pond Brandy Pond
Snake Pond Sargentville
Snowshoe Pond Hopkins Pond
Somes Pond Southwest Harbor
Somes Pond Outlet Southwest Harbor
Spectacle Pond Rocky Pond
Spencer Pond Spring Lake
Sperry Pond Blue Hill
Spring Brook Pond Great Pond
Spring Lake Spring Lake
Spring River Lake Tunk Lake
Stiles Lake Quillpig Mountain
Stockbridge Pond Swans Island
The Bowl Seal Harbor
The Tarn Seal Harbor
Third Lake Quillpig Mountain
Third Pond Blue Hill
Thurston Pond Brewer Lake
Tilden Pond Tunk Mountain
Titcomb Pond The Horseback
Toddy Pond Branch Lake
Toddy Pond Branch Lake
Toffet Pond Deer Isle
Torrey Pond Deer Isle
Trout Pond West Lake
Trout Pond The Horseback
Trueworthy Pond Spring Lake
Tunk Lake Tunk Lake
Turtle Pond Penobscot
Twentyeight Pond Quillpig Mountain
Unknown Pond Quillpig Mountain
Upper Allen Pond Alligator Lake
Upper Chain Lake Duck Lake
Upper Hadlock Pond Southwest Harbor
Upper Lead Mountain Pond Rocky Pond
Upper Middle Branch Pond Alligator Lake
Upper Oxhead Pond Brandy Pond
Upper Patten Pond Branch Lake
Upper Pistol Lake Spring Lake
Upper Pond Tunk Lake
Upper Sabao Lake Gassabias Lake
Upper Unknown Lake Duck Lake
Walker Pond Sargentville
Webb Brook Eastbrook
Webb Pond Eastbrook
West Bay Pond Tunk Lake
West Lake West Lake
Wight Pond Penobscot
Williams Pond Hampden
Williams Pond Alligator Lake
Witch Hole Pond Bar Harbor
Wizard Pond Tunk Lake
Wormwood Pond Beech Hill Pond
Youngs Pond Beech Hill Pond

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Hancock County, Maine. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.