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Kennebec County Maine Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Kennebec County Maine

Place USGS Topo Map
Anderson Pond Togus Pond
Androscoggin Lake Wayne
Annabessacook Lake Winthrop
Apple Valley Lake Wayne
Basin Pond Fayette
Beaver Pond Belgrade Lakes
Berry Pond Wayne
Black Pond Farmington Falls
Bog Pond Augusta
Boody Pond Belgrade Lakes
Brainard Pond Winthrop
Buker Pond Purgatory
Burgess Pond Fayette
Carleton Pond Winthrop
Cascade Pond Augusta
China Lake China Lake
Cobbosseecontee Lake Purgatory
Cobbosseecontee Stream Reservoir Gardiner
Cobbosseecontee Stream Reservoir Purgatory
Cochnewagon Lake Monmouth
Cranberry Pond Fayette
Dam Pond Togus Pond
David Pond Fayette
Davis Pond Belgrade Lakes
Desert Pond Readfield
Dexter Pond Wayne
Doctors Pond Belgrade
Doloff Pond Belgrade Lakes
Dutton Pond Palermo
Echo Lake Fayette
Egypt Pond Farmington Falls
Ellis Pond Rome
Evans Pond China Lake
Fairbanks Pond Belgrade
Flying Pond Belgrade Lakes
Fox Pond Weeks Mills
Gilman Dam Pond Purgatory
Gould Pond Belgrade
Great Pond Rome
Great Pond Belgrade Lakes
Greeley Pond Togus Pond
Grist Mill Pond Readfield
Hales Pond Fayette
Hallowell Recreation Pond Augusta
Hamilton Pond Belgrade
Hopkins Pond Readfield
Horseshoe Pond Purgatory
Hutchinson Pond Augusta
Inghan Pond Readfield
Jays Pond East Pittston
Jimmie Pond Augusta
Jimmy Pond Purgatory
Joe Pond Belgrade
Joys Pond East Pittston
Kennebec River Reservoir Augusta
Kennebec River Reservoir Waterville
Kennebec River Reservoir Fairfield
Kennebec River Reservoir Clinton
Kezar Pond Winthrop
Kidder Pond Belgrade Lakes
Kimball Pond Belgrade Lakes
Lily Bay Belgrade
Lily Pond Togus Pond
Lily Pond Vassalboro
Lily Pond Winthrop
Little Cobbosseecontee Lake Winthrop
Little Jimmie Pond Augusta
Little Pond Rome
Little Purgatory Pond Purgatory
Little Togus Pond Togus Pond
Long Pond Readfield
Loon Pond Purgatory
Lovejoy Pond Albion
Lovejoy Pond Fayette
Lower Narrows Pond Winthrop
Lower Togus Pond Togus Pond
Maranacook Lake Winthrop
McGrath Pond Rome
Messalonskee Lake Belgrade
Messalonskee Stream Reservoir Waterville
Messalonskee Stream Reservoir Waterville
Messalonskee Stream Reservoir Waterville
Messalonskee Stream Reservoir Waterville
Mill Pond Purgatory
Mill Pond Winthrop
Mill Pond Belgrade Lakes
Mill Stream Albion
Mill Stream Rome
Minnehonk Lake Readfield
Moody Pond Weeks Mills
Moose Pond Readfield
Mosher Pond Fayette
Mud Pond Purgatory
Mud Pond China Lake
Mud Pond Purgatory
Nehumkeag Pond East Pittston
Outlet Stream China Lake
Outlet Stream China Lake
Outlet Stream China Lake
Outlet Stream China Lake
Parker Pond Fayette
Pattee Pond Fairfield
Penney Pond Belgrade
Pickerel Pond Wayne
Pleasant Pond Gardiner
Pocasset Lake Wayne
Round Pond Belgrade Lakes
Salmon Lake Rome
Sand Pond Purgatory
Savade Pond Weeks Mills
Sebasticook River Reservoir Waterville
Seven Mile Brook Vassalboro
Shed Pond Winthrop
Silver Lake Belgrade
Spectacle Pond Togus Pond
Stuart Pond Belgrade
Tacoma Lakes Purgatory
Taylor Pond Fayette
Threecornered Pond Togus Pond
Threemile Pond Weeks Mills
Tilton Pond Fayette
Tinkham Pond Togus Pond
Togus Pond Togus Pond
Togus Pond Togus Pond
Tolman Pond Togus Pond
Torsey Lake Readfield
Twelvemile Brook Clinton
Tyler Pond Belgrade
Upper Narrows Pond Winthrop
Upper Pleasant Pond Purgatory
Vaughn Pond Augusta
Ward Pond Belgrade
Watson Pond Belgrade Lakes
Webber Pond Vassalboro
Wellman Pond Togus Pond
Whittier Pond Belgrade Lakes
Whittier Pond Farmington Falls
Wilson Pond Wayne
Wilson Stream Reservoir Wayne
Woodbury Pond Purgatory

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Kennebec County, Maine. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.