Piscataquis County Maine Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Piscataquis County Maine

Place USGS Topo Map
Abbee Pond Brownville Junction
Abol Pond Abol Pond
Allagash Lake Allagash Lake
Allagash Pond Allagash Pond
Alligator Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Ambajejus Lake Norcross
Atkins Pond Millinocket Lake West
Avery Pond Caucomgomoc Lake West
B Pond Big Shanty Mountain
Badger Pond Monson East
Bait Pond Norcross
Baker Pond Number Four Mountain
Bartlett Pond Round Mountain
Bean Hole Pond Harrington Lake
Bean Pond Rainbow Lake West
Bean Ponds Rainbow Lake West
Bean Pot Pond Bean Pot Pond
Bear Brook Bog Caucomgomoc Lake West
Bear Pond Sebec Lake West
Bear Pond Monson East
Bear Pond Caribou Lake South
Bear Pond Rainbow Lake West
Bear Pond Monson West
Bear Pond Caucomgomoc Lake West
Bear Pond Farrar Mountain
Bear Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Beaver Pond Barren Mountain East
Beaver Pond Doubletop Mountain
Beaver Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Beaver Ponds Mount Kineo
Bell Pond Wassataquoik Lake
Bell Pond Monson West
Bennett Pond Guilford
Berry Pond Big Spencer Mountain
Big Beaver Pond Millinocket Lake East
Big Beaver Pond Rainbow Lake East
Big Bennett Pond Sebec Lake West
Big Bennett Pond Outlet Sebec Lake West
Big Benson Pond Sebec Lake West
Big Caribou Pond Millinocket Lake West
Big Duck Pond North East Carry
Big Fisher Pond Caribou Lake South
Big Grapevine Pond Sebec Lake West
Big Greenwood Pond Monson East
Big Houston Pond Silver Lake
Big Hurd Pond Caucomgomoc Lake West
Big Indian Pond Big Moose Pond
Big Lyford Pond Hay Mountain
Big Marsh Pond Millinocket Lake East
Big Minister Pond Rainbow Lake East
Big Moose Pond Big Moose Pond
Big Notch Pond Big Moose Pond
Big Pine Pond Big Spencer Mountain
Big Pleasant Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Big Reed Pond Beetle Mountain
Big Spring Big Shanty Mountain
Big Wilder Pond Barren Mountain East
Big Wilson Stream Reservoir Greenville
Billfish Pond Trout Brook Mountain
Birch Ridge Ponds Wadleigh Mountain
Black Pond Longley Pond
Black Pond Farrar Mountain
Black Spruce Pond Beetle Mountain
Blackmore Pond Beetle Mountain
Blood Pond Big Spencer Mountain
Bluff Pond Hay Mountain
Bluffer Pond Beetle Mountain
Blunder Pond Frost Pond
Boardway Ponds Big Shanty Mountain
Bog Pond Soper Mountain
Bog Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Boot Pond Barren Mountain East
Bottle Pond Trout Mountain
Boyd Lake Milo South
Brackett Pond Foster Ridge
Brandy Pond Chesuncook
Branns Mill Pond Garland
Brayley Pond Webster Lake
Brown Brook Pond Mooseleuk Mountain
Brown Pond Middle Brook Mountain
Brown Pond Barren Mountain West
Buck Pond Rainbow Lake West
Buckley Pond Beetle Mountain
Bunker Ponds Monson West
Burden Pond Sebec Lake East
Burnham Pond Moosehead
Buttermilk Pond Sebec Lake East
Camp Pond Barren Mountain East
Caribou Deadwater (historical) Bean Pot Pond
Caribou Lake Caribou Lake South
Carlton Stream Reservoir Sangerville
Carpenter Pond Beetle Mountain
Carry Pond Rainbow Lake West
Cassidy Deadwater Seboomook
Caucomgomoc Lake Caucomgomoc Lake East
Cedar Pond Beetle Mountain
Cedar Pond Jo-Mary Mountain
Celia Pond Doubletop Mountain
Center Pond Dexter
Center Pond Nesowadnehunk Lake
Chamberlain Lake Mud Pond
Chamberlain-Telos Lake Telos Lake
Chandler Brook Deadwater Beetle Mountain
Chandler Pond Beetle Mountain
Chase Lake Chase Lake
Chemquasabamticook Lake Upper Russell Pond
Chesuncook Lake Caribou Lake North
Chesuncook Pond Rainbow Lake West
Chesuncook-Ripogenus Lake Harrington Lake
Chimney Pond Mount Katahdin
Church Pond Nahmakanta Stream
Churchill Lake Churchill Lake
Clarkson Pond Clarkson Pond
Clear Lake Third Musquacook Lake
Cliff Lake Spider Lake
Clifford Pond Rainbow Lake East
Cloud Pond Barren Mountain East
Coffeelos Pond Telos Lake
Collins Pond Rainbow Lake West
Compass Pond Abol Pond
Cooper Pond Nahmakanta Stream
Cow Pond Caribou Lake South
Cranberry Pond Abol Pond
Cranberry Pond Big Spencer Mountain
Cranberry Pond Barren Mountain West
Crater Pond Jo-Mary Mountain
Crawford Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Crescent Pond Rainbow Lake West
Crescent Pond Upper Russell Pond
Crockett Pond Foster Ridge
Cuxabexis Lake Cuxabexis Lake
Daggett Pond Caucomgomoc Lake East
Daicey Pond Doubletop Mountain
Daisey Pond Rainbow Lake East
Dam Pond Barren Mountain East
Davis Pond Mount Katahdin
Debsconeag Deadwater Abol Pond
Deep Pond Wassataquoik Lake
Deer Pond Pine Stream Flowage
Deer Pond Doubletop Mountain
Depot Pond Mount Katahdin
Dexter Mill Pond Sebec Lake East
Doe Pond Monson West
Doughnut Pond Rainbow Lake East
Doughty Ponds Monson West
Dow Pond South Sebec
Draper Pond Doubletop Mountain
Draper Pond Wassataquoik Lake
Dry Pond Mount Katahdin
Duck Pond Nahmakanta Stream
Duck Pond Abol Pond
Duck Pond Sebec Lake West
Duck Pond Cuxabexis Lake
Duck Pond Harrington Lake
Dunham Pond Sangerville
Dwelley Pond Nesowadnehunk Lake
Eagle Lake Soper Mountain
East Branch Deadwater Beetle Mountain
East Branch Pond Haymock Lake
East Chairback Pond Barren Mountain East
East Pond Seboeis Lake
Ebeemee Lake Ebeemee Mountain
Echo Lake Chase Lake
Egg Pond Rainbow Lake West
Eighteen Pond Monson East
Eighteen Quarry Pond Monson East
Eighth Debsconeag Pond Rainbow Lake West
Elbow Pond Doubletop Mountain
Elsie Pond Millinocket Lake West
Ervin Pond Millinocket Lake West
Female Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Fifth Currier Pond Chase Lake
Fifth Debsconeag Lake Rainbow Lake East
Fifth Musquacook Lake Fifth Musquacook Lake
First Buttermilk Pond Sebec Lake West
First Currier Pond Chase Lake
First Davis Pond Guilford
First Debsconeag Lake Abol Pond
First Musquash Pond Wadleigh Mountain
First Roach Pond Kokadjo
First South Branch Russell Pond Upper Russell Pond
First West Branch Pond Hay Mountain
Fogg Pond Number Four Mountain
Fork Pond Allagash Pond
Foss and Knowlton Pond Rainbow Lake East
Foss Pond Whetstone Pond
Fourth Currier Pond Chase Lake
Fourth Davis Pond Monson East
Fourth Debsconeag Lake Rainbow Lake East
Fourth Lake Haymock Lake
Fourth Musquacook Lake Third Musquacook Lake
Fourth Roach Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Fourth West Branch Pond Hay Mountain
Fowler Pond Doubletop Mountain
Fox Pond Big Shanty Mountain
Frog Pond Mount Kineo
Frost Pond Frost Pond
Frost Pond Harrington Lake
Frozen Ocean Allagash Lake
Garcock Pond Sebec Lake West
Garland Pond Dover-Foxcroft
Gauntlet Pond Jo-Mary Mountain
Gilbert Pond Cambridge
Gould Pond Rainbow Lake West
Grand Lake Matagamon Trout Brook Mountain
Grass Pond Spider Lake
Grass Pond Big Spencer Mountain
Grassy Pond Rainbow Lake West
Grassy Pond Doubletop Mountain
Grassy Pond Pine Stream Flowage
Grassy Pond Number Four Mountain
Greenleaf Pond Guilford
Greenwood Pond Big Shanty Mountain
Grenell Pond Greenville
Grindstone Pond Monson East
Hale Pond Abol Pond
Harding Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Hardy Pond Hardy Pond
Harlow Pond Guilford
Harriman Pond Dover-Foxcroft
Harrington Lake Harrington Lake
Harrington Pond Doubletop Mountain
Harrow Lake Third Musquacook Lake
Hay Pond Beetle Mountain
Haymock Lake Haymock Lake
Hedgehog Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Hedgehog Pond Foster Ridge
Hedgehog Pond Barren Mountain West
Helon Taylor Pond Abol Pond
Henderson Pond Nahmakanta Stream
Heron Lake Churchill Lake
Heron-Churchill Lakes Soper Mountain
High Pond Trout Brook Mountain
Hilton Ponds Foster Ridge
Holbrook Pond Rainbow Lake West
Holmes Hole Caribou Lake North
Horserace Ponds Rainbow Lake East
Horseshoe Pond Ebeemee Mountain
Horseshoe Pond Monson East
Horseshoe Pond Number Four Mountain
Hudson Pond Webster Lake
Hurd Pond Abol Pond
Hussey Pond Foster Ridge
Hutchinson Pond Big Shanty Mountain
Imlos Pond Telos Lake
Indian Pitch Ponds Rainbow Lake East
Indian Pond Soper Mountain
Indian Pond Barren Mountain East
Indian Pond Barren Mountain West
Intake Pond Big Moose Pond
Island Pond Chase Lake
Jack Pond Millinocket Lake West
Jackson Pond Doubletop Mountain
Jackson Pond Harrington Lake
Jaquith Pond Milo North
Jewett Pond Kokadjo
Jo-Mary Lake Pemadumcook Lake
Jo-Mary Pond Jo-Mary Mountain
Johnson Pond Allagash Lake
Johnston Pond Jo-Mary Mountain
Juniper Knee Pond Monson East
Kelly Pond Rainbow Lake West
Kidney Pond Doubletop Mountain
Kidney Pond Big Spencer Mountain
Kingsbury Pond Kingsbury
Klondike Pond Mount Katahdin
Kyle Pond Millinocket Lake West
Kyle Pond Haymock Lake
Lake Cowles Mount Katahdin
Lake Hebron Monson West
Lake Onawa Monson East
Lamont Ponds Sebec Lake East
Lazy Tom Pond Kokadjo
Lazy Tom Stream Reservoir Kokadjo
Leadbetter Pond Mud Pond
Leadbetter Pond Spider Lake
Leavitt Pond Nahmakanta Stream
Leonard Pond Round Mountain
Lewis Pond Churchill Lake
Lily Pad Pond Doubletop Mountain
Lily Pond Monson West
Lily Pond Monson West
Line Pond Haymock Lake
Little Beaver Pond Millinocket Lake East
Little Beaver Pond Rainbow Lake East
Little Beaver Pond Doubletop Mountain
Little Bennett Pond Sebec Lake West
Little Benson Pond Sebec Lake West
Little Berry Pond Big Spencer Mountain
Little Bluffer Pond Chase Lake
Little Caribou Pond Millinocket Lake West
Little Churchill Pond Umsaskis Lake West
Little Coffeelos Pond Webster Lake
Little Duck Pond Lobster Mountain
Little Female Pond Rainbow Lake West
Little Fisher Pond Caribou Lake South
Little Fowler Pond The Traveler
Little Frost Pond Harrington Lake
Little Grapevine Pond Sebec Lake West
Little Greenwood Pond Monson East
Little Harrow Lake Third Musquacook Lake
Little Holbrook Pond Rainbow Lake West
Little Houston Pond Silver Lake
Little Hudson Pond Chase Lake
Little Hurd Pond Rainbow Lake East
Little Hurd Pond Caucomgomoc Lake West
Little Indian Pond Haymock Lake
Little Johnson Pond Allagash Lake
Little Kelly Pond Rainbow Lake West
Little Leadbetter Pond Telos Lake
Little Lobster Lake Penobscot Farm
Little Longley Pond Longley Pond
Little Lyford Ponds Hay Mountain
Little Marsh Pond Millinocket Lake East
Little Millinocket Lake Millinocket Lake West
Little Minister Pond Rainbow Lake East
Little Moose Pond Millinocket Lake West
Little Moose Pond Big Moose Pond
Little Mud Pond Harrington Lake
Little Mud Pond Lily Bay
Little Munsungan Lake Mooseleuk Mountain
Little Nesowadnehunk Lake Nesowadnehunk Lake
Little Notch Pond Big Moose Pond
Little Ordway Pond Bald Mountain Pond
Little Penobscot Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Little Pillsbury Pond Haymock Lake
Little Pleasant Pond Fifth Musquacook Lake
Little Pleasant Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Little Pond Pine Stream Flowage
Little Pond Wellington
Little Ragged Pond Chase Lake
Little Reed Pond Beetle Mountain
Little Rocky Pond Doubletop Mountain
Little Rocky Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Little Round Pond Tramway
Little Scott Deadwater Caucomgomoc Lake East
Little Scott Pond Ragmuff Stream
Little Shallow Lake Tramway
Little Spencer Pond Lobster Mountain
Little Wadleigh Pond Wadleigh Pond
Little Wassataquoik Lake Wassataquoik Lake
Little Wilder Pond Barren Mountain East
Little Wilson Deadwater Monson West
Little Wilson Pond Barren Mountain West
Littlefield Pond Trout Brook Mountain
Lloyd Pond Hay Mountain
Lobster Lake Lobster Mountain
Logan Ponds Trout Mountain
Long Bog Wellington
Long Bog Farrar Mountain
Long Pond Trout Brook Mountain
Long Pond Barren Mountain West
Long Pond Wassataquoik Lake
Long Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Longley Pond Longley Pond
Loon Lake Caucomgomoc Lake West
Loon Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Lost Pond Mud Pond
Lost Pond Webster Lake
Lost Pond Barren Mountain East
Lost Pond Rainbow Lake East
Lost Pond Number Four Mountain
Lower Deadwater Barren Mountain East
Lower Deadwater Pond Spider Lake
Lower Ebeemee Pond Ebeemee Mountain
Lower Elbow Pond Fifth Musquacook Lake
Lower Ellis Pond Tramway
Lower Fowler Pond Trout Brook Mountain
Lower Hudson Pond Fifth Musquacook Lake
Lower Jo-Mary Lake Nahmakanta Stream
Lower Partridge Pond Haymock Lake
Lower Portage Pond Spider Lake
Lower Russell Pond Clarkson Pond
Lower South Branch Pond Wassataquoik Lake
Lower Togue Pond Trout Mountain
Lower Wilson Pond Greenville
Lucia Pond Barren Mountain East
Lucky Pond Spencer Bay
Maher Pond Wassataquoik Lake
Manhanock Pond Guilford
Marble Pond Foster Ridge
Marr Pond Sangerville
Martin Ponds Katahdin Lake
Matthews Pond Beetle Mountain
May Pond Beetle Mountain
McDougal Pond Caucomgomoc Lake West
McGooseley Pond Ragmuff Stream
McKenna Pond Doubletop Mountain
McLellan Pond Monson West
McPherson Pond Mooseleuk Lake
Meadow Pond Monson East
Midday Pond Barren Mountain West
Middle Branch Pond Ebeemee Mountain
Middle Brook Pond Mooseleuk Mountain
Middle Elbow Pond Fifth Musquacook Lake
Middle Fowler Pond The Traveler
Middle Russell Pond Upper Russell Pond
Midnight Pond Telos Lake
Mile Pond Allagash Lake
Mill Brook Pond Sebec Lake East
Millinocket Lake Millinocket Lake East
Minister Cove Rainbow Lake East
Mink Marsh Pond Mooseleuk Lake
Mink Pond Abol Pond
Minnow Pond Sangerville
Mirror Pond Big Moose Pond
Monkey Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Monson Pond Monson East
Moores Pond Monson West
Moose Pond Pemadumcook Lake
Moose Pond Millinocket Lake West
Moose Pond Barren Mountain West
Moose Pond Cuxabexis Lake
Moose Pond Rainbow Lake East
Moosehead Lake Moosehead
Mooseleuk Lake Mooseleuk Lake
Mountain Brook Pond Number Four Mountain
Mountain Pond Allagash Lake
Mountain Pond Fifth Musquacook Lake
Mountain Pond Number Four Mountain
Mountain View Pond Moosehead
Mountain View Pond Big Shanty Mountain
Mud Gauntlet Deadwater Jo-Mary Mountain
Mud Greenwood Pond Monson East
Mud Pond Milo North
Mud Pond Nahmakanta Stream
Mud Pond Cambridge
Mud Pond Abol Pond
Mud Pond Whetstone Pond
Mud Pond Sebec Lake West
Mud Pond Barren Mountain East
Mud Pond Mud Pond
Mud Pond Caribou Lake North
Mud Pond Monson East
Mud Pond Lily Bay
Mud Pond Greenville
Mud Pond Upper Russell Pond
Mud Pond Big Moose Pond
Munsungan Lake Millinocket Lake West
Murphy Pond Big Shanty Mountain
Murphy Ponds Rainbow Lake West
Nahmakanta Lake Rainbow Lake West
Narrow Pond Allagash Lake
Nesowadnehunk Deadwater Rainbow Lake East
Nesowadnehunk Lake Nesowadnehunk Lake
North Inlet Kokadjo
North Pond Monson East
Northwest Pond Seboeis Lake
Norton Pond Milo North
Norway Pond Mooseleuk Mountain
Notch Pond Barren Mountain West
Oak Hill Pond Trout Mountain
Ordway Pond Bald Mountain Pond
Otter Pond Barren Mountain West
Otter Pond Churchill Lake
Otter Pond Tramway
Otter Pond Caribou Lake South
Pamola Pond Mount Katahdin
Papoose Pond Big Moose Pond
Parker Pond South Sebec
Partridge Pond Haymock Lake
Passamagamet Lake Pemadumcook Lake
Peaked Mountain Pond Fifth Musquacook Lake
Pearl Pond Ebeemee Mountain
Pearl Ponds Number Four Mountain
Pemadumcook Lake Pemadumcook Lake
Penobscot Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Pickerel Pond Sebec Lake East
Pillsbury Pond Haymock Lake
Pine Pond Wadleigh Pond
Pine Stream Flowage Pine Stream Flowage
Pingree Pond Cambridge
Piper Pond Whetstone Pond
Piscataquis River Reservoir Dover-Foxcroft
Piscataquis River Reservoir Dover-Foxcroft
Piscataquis River Reservoir Guilford
Pitman Pond Rainbow Lake East
Pleasant Lake Spider Lake
Pleasant Pond Milo South
Pleasant River Reservoir Brownville Junction
Pockwockamus Pond Abol Pond
Pogy Pond Wassataquoik Lake
Poland Pond Allagash Lake
Polly Pond Doubletop Mountain
Pollywog Pond Rainbow Lake West
Poverty Pond Monson East
Prentiss Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Prescott Pond Barren Mountain West
Pretty Pond Beetle Mountain
Priestly Lake Umsaskis Lake West
Prong Pond Lily Bay
Pudding Pond Sebec Lake East
Pugwash Pond Barren Mountain East
Punchbowl Pond Whetstone Pond
Pym Pond Rainbow Lake West
Rabbit Pond Monson West
Rabbit Pond Nahmakanta Stream
Ragged Lake Caribou Lake South
Ragged Pond Chase Lake
Rainbow Lake Rainbow Lake East
Rays Mill Pond Barren Mountain East
Reed Deadwater Beetle Mountain
Ripogenus Lake Harrington Lake
Ripogenus Pond Caribou Lake North
River Pond Abol Pond
Roaring Brook Pond Silver Lake
Rocky Pond Abol Pond
Rocky Pond Doubletop Mountain
Rocky Pond Rainbow Lake West
Rocky Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Round Bog Wellington
Round Pond Abol Pond
Round Pond Millinocket Lake East
Round Pond Trout Brook Mountain
Round Pond Churchill Lake
Round Pond Telos Lake
Round Pond Caucomgomoc Lake East
Round Pond Big Shanty Mountain
Round Pond Pine Stream Flowage
Rowe Pond Caucomgomoc Lake East
Rum Pond Abol Pond
Rum Pond Barren Mountain West
Russell Pond Mount Katahdin
Saddle Pond Trout Brook Mountain
Saddlerock Pond Silver Lake
Salmon Pond Pine Stream Flowage
Salmon Pond Greenville
Salmon Stream Pond Sangerville
Sampson Pond Barren Mountain East
Sanborn Pond Ragged Mountain
Sandy Stream Pond Katahdin Lake
Sawyer Pond Greenville
Schoodic Lake Milo North
Sebec Lake Sebec Lake West
Sebec River Reservoir Milo North
Seboeis Lake Seboeis Lake
Second Buttermilk Pond Sebec Lake West
Second Currier Pond Chase Lake
Second Davis Pond Guilford
Second Debsconeag Lake Rainbow Lake East
Second Lake Trout Brook Mountain
Second Musquash Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Second Roach Pond Farrar Mountain
Second South Branch Russell Pond Allagash Lake
Second West Branch Pond Hay Mountain
Secret Pond Barren Mountain West
Secret Pond Greenville
Seventh Debsconeag Pond Rainbow Lake East
Seventh Roach Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Sewall Deadwater Pond Chase Lake
Sewall Pond Rainbow Lake East
Shack Pond Pine Stream Flowage
Shadow Pond Greenville
Shallow Lake Longley Pond
Shallow Pond Seboeis Lake
Shirley Pond Monson West
Silver Lake Silver Lake
Sing Sing Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Six Ponds Wassataquoik Lake
Sixth Currier Pond Chase Lake
Sixth Debsconeag Pond Rainbow Lake East
Sixth Roach Pond Big Shanty Mountain
Slaughter Pond Doubletop Mountain
Smith Brook Pond Mooseleuk Mountain
Smith Pond Barren Mountain West
Snake Pond Telos Lake
Snowshoe Pond Beetle Mountain
Soper Pond Haymock Lake
South Pond Monson East
South Pond Barren Mountain East
Spectacle Pond Foster Ridge
Spectacle Ponds Monson West
Spencer Pond Spencer Bay
Spider Lake Spider Lake
Spring Brook Pond Mooseleuk Lake
Spring Pond Beetle Mountain
Spruance Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Spruce Mountain Pond Big Shanty Mountain
Squankin Pond Monson East
Stink Pond Haymock Lake
Stink Pond Rainbow Lake East
Stratton Pond Rainbow Lake East
Sucker Brook Pond Silver Lake
Sunday Pond Abol Pond
Sunrise Pond Barren Mountain West
Sunset Pond Barren Mountain West
Tannery Pond Brownville Junction
Tarbox Pond Caucomgomoc Lake East
Tea Pond Trout Mountain
Telos Lake Telos Lake
Thanksgiving Pond Foster Ridge
The Inlet Ragged Mountain
Third Currier Pond Chase Lake
Third Davis Pond Monson East
Third Debsconeag Lake Rainbow Lake East
Third Lake Webster Lake
Third Musquash Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Third Roach Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Third West Branch Pond Hay Mountain
Thissell Bog Webster Lake
Thissell Pond Nesowadnehunk Lake
Thompson Pond Sangerville
Tilly Pond Millinocket Lake East
Tom Young Pond Lobster Mountain
Towne Pond Monson West
Tracy Pond Doubletop Mountain
Traveler Pond The Traveler
Trout Pond Barren Mountain West
Trout Pond Farrar Mountain
Trout Pond Big Moose Pond
Tumbledown Dick Pond Nahmakanta Stream
Turner Deadwater Mount Katahdin
Turtle Pond Endless Lake
Tussle Lagoon Lily Bay
Twin Lake Churchill Lake
Twin Lakes Pemadumcook Lake
Twin Ponds Trout Mountain
Twin Ponds Katahdin Lake
Umbazooksus Lake Longley Pond
Upper Bluffer Pond Beetle Mountain
Upper Deadwater Barren Mountain West
Upper Deadwater Pond Spider Lake
Upper Ebeemee Lake Ragged Mountain
Upper Elbow Pond Fifth Musquacook Lake
Upper Ellis Pond Allagash Lake
Upper Island Pond Fifth Musquacook Lake
Upper Jo-Mary Lake Ragged Mountain
Upper Moose Pond Beetle Mountain
Upper Partridge Pond Haymock Lake
Upper Portage Pond Spider Lake
Upper Russell Pond Upper Russell Pond
Upper Soper Pond Spider Lake
Upper South Branch Pond Wassataquoik Lake
Upper Togue Pond Abol Pond
Upper Wilson Pond Number Four Mountain
Vellieur Pond Umsaskis Lake West
Wadleigh Pond Wadleigh Mountain
Wadleigh Pond Wadleigh Pond
Wangan Brook Deadwater Ragged Mountain
Wassataquoik Lake Wassataquoik Lake
Webster Lake Webster Lake
Weed Pond Wassataquoik Lake
West Chairback Pond Barren Mountain East
West Pond Ebeemee Mountain
West Shirley Bog Bald Mountain Pond
Whetstone Pond Whetstone Pond
Whidden Ponds Katahdin Lake
Williams Pond Doubletop Mountain
Withey Bog Bean Pot Pond
Woodman Pond Haymock Lake
Woodman Pond Rainbow Lake East
Yoke Ponds Wadleigh Mountain

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Piscataquis County, Maine. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.