Washington County Maine Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Washington County Maine

Place USGS Topo Map
Ackley Pond Cutler
Amazon Lake Oxbrook Lakes
Barren Pond Montegail Pond
Barrows Lake Crawford Lake
Baskahegan Lake Brookton
Bearce Flowage Meddybemps Lake East
Bearce Lake Meddybemps Lake East
Beaver Lake Devils Head
Beaver Pond Crawford Lake
Beaver Pond Fletcher Peak
Beddington Lake Lead Mountain
Berry Brook Flowage Tomah Ridge
Big Greenland Lake Forest
Big Heath Columbia Falls
Big Lake Big Lake
Big Pond Petit Manan Point
Black Brook Ponds Montegail Pond
Bog Brook Flowage Northeast Bluff
Bog Lake Long Lake
Bog Lake Bog Lake
Bonney Brook Lake Grand Lake Stream
Booming Ground Forest City
Bowles Lake Tug Mountain
Boyden Lake Eastport
Boyden Stream Reservoir Eastport
Bull Pond Simsquish Lake
Butcher Lake Tomah Mountain
Carloe Pond Clifford Lake
Carson Heath Devils Head
Chair Pond Petit Manan Point
Chiputneticook Lakes Forest City
Clifford Lake Clifford Lake
Coffin Brook Pond Epping
Coleback Lake Red Beach
Conic Flowage Meddybemps Lake East
Conic Lake Meddybemps Lake East
Cranberry Inlet Meddybemps Lake East
Cranberry Pond Long Lake
Cranberry Pond Meddybemps Lake East
Crane Mill Brook Reservoir Whiting
Crawford Lake Crawford Lake
Crooked Brook Flowage Brookton
Crooked Brook Flowage Danforth
Crooked Brook Lake Forest
Dead Pond Montegail Pond
Downing Pond Cherryfield
Drake Lake Forest
Duck Pond Montegail Pond
East Arm Clifford Lake Clifford Lake
East Grand Lake Forest City
East Machias River Reservoir Machias
East Musquash Lake Farrow Mountain
East Pike Brook Pond Schoodic Lake
East Steuben Pond Cherryfield
Eastern Lake Whiting
Eastern Lake Red Beach
Enoch Lake Tomah Ridge
Farrow Lake Farrow Mountain
Fifth Machias Lake Fletcher Peak
First Chain Lake Wesley
First Lake Tug Mountain
First Lake Tug Mountain
First Machias Lake Monroe Lake
Flood Lake Oxbrook Lakes
Flowed Land Ponds Devils Head
Flynn Pond Northeast Bluff
Foster Lake Long Lake
Fourth Lake Monroe Lake
Fourth Machias Lake Dark Cove Mountain
Fulton Lake Bog Lake
Gardner Lake Long Lake
George Brook Flowage Tomah Ridge
Getchel Lakes Dark Cove Mountain
Goose Pond Northeast Bluff
Goulding Lake Red Beach
Grand Falls Flowage Kelleyland
Grand Lake Danforth
Grass Pond Montegail Pond
Grassy Pond Peaked Mountain Pond
Grassy Pond Montegail Pond
Gray Pond Lead Mountain
Great Brook Lake Bog Lake
Great Pond Machias Bay
Great Works Pond Porcupine Mountain
Grover Lake Wesley
Hadley Lake Hadley Lake
Hadley Lakes Montegail Pond
Hammond Pond Long Lake
Harmon Lake Bog Lake
Hobart Bog Long Lake
Hobart Lake Long Lake
Holmes Pond Machias Bay
Horse Lake Monroe Lake
Horseshoe Lake Bog Lake
Horseshoe Pond Schoodic Lake
Horseshoe Pond Lead Mountain
Hosea Pug Lake Clifford Lake
Hound Brook Lake Simsquish Lake
Howard Lake Red Beach
Howard Mill Flowage Meddybemps Lake East
Indian Lake Round Lake
Indian Lake Long Lake
Jackson Brook Lake Forest
James Pond Meddybemps Lake East
Josh Pond Long Lake
Keeley Lake Bog Lake
Keene Lake Red Beach
Kerosene Pond Tug Mountain
Knox Lake Fletcher Peak
LaCoute Lake Vanceboro
Lake Cathance Lake Cathance
Lambert Lake Lambert Lake
Ledge Pond Meddybemps Lake East
Lewy Lake Princeton
Lilly Pond Schoodic Lake
Lily Lake West Lubec
Lily Lake Peaked Mountain
Lily Lake Hadley Lake
Lily Lake Long Lake
Little Cathance Lake Porcupine Mountain
Little Greenland Lake Brookton
Little Horseshoe Pond Lead Mountain
Little Lake Whiting
Little Lily Lake Hadley Lake
Little Musquash Lake Monroe Lake
Little Pickerel Pond Forest
Little River Lake Grand Lake Stream
Little Seavey Lake Wesley
Little Tomah Lake Tomah Mountain
Long Lake Long Lake
Long Lake Bog Lake
Long Lake Princeton
Long Pond Northeast Bluff
Loon Lake Long Lake
Love Lake Round Lake
Lower Chain Lake Duck Lake
Lower Cranberry Lake Peaked Mountain
Lower Hot Brook Lake Jimmey Mountain
Lower Mud Lake Crawford Lake
Lower Oxbrook Lake Oxbrook Lakes
MacCrae Flowage Meddybemps Lake East
Magurrewock Lakes Red Beach
Marks Lake Bog Lake
Meddybemps Lake Meddybemps Lake East
Merrit Pond Northeast Bluff
Mic-Mac Pond Schoodic Lake
Middle Deadwater Dill Hill
Middle Magurrewock Marsh Calais
Middle River Reservoir Machias
Mill Pond Machias
Mill Pond Tunk Lake
Moneymaker Lake Red Beach
Monroe Lake Monroe Lake
Montegail Pond Montegail Pond
Mopang First Lake Peaked Mountain
Mopang Lake Quillpig Mountain
Mopang Second Lake Peaked Mountain
Mountain Pond Lambert Lake
Mountain Pond Lead Mountain
Mud Lake Red Beach
Mud Lake Lake Cathance
Mud Lake Forest City
Munson Lake Lake Cathance
Myers Ponds Epping
Narraguagus River Reservoir Cherryfield
Nash Lake Devils Head
Nashs Lake Red Beach
Norse Pond Moose River
North Beaverdam Lake Clifford Lake
Oak Pond Northeast Bluff
Oak Pond Montegail Pond
Orange Lake Whiting
Orange River Reservoir Whiting
Orie Lake Oxbrook Lakes
Otter Lake Round Lake
Otter Pond Northeast Bluff
Patrick Lake Lake Cathance
Patten Pond Waite
Peaked Mountain Pond Peaked Mountain Pond
Peep Lake Peaked Mountain
Penknife Lakes Red Beach
Pennamaquan Lake Pembroke
Pennamaquan River Reservoir Red Beach
Pickerel Lake Tug Mountain
Pickerel Pond Scraggly Lake
Pickerel Pond Farrow Mountain
Pine Lake Red Beach
Pineo Pond Schoodic Lake
Pleasant Lake Scraggly Lake
Pleasant Lake Meddybemps Lake West
Pleasant River Lake Northeast Bluff
Pocomoonshine Lake Crawford Lake
Pocumcus Lake Dark Cove Mountain
Pond Lake Grand Lake Stream
Ponwawk Stillwater Kelleyland
Popple Flowage Calais
Pork Barrel Lake Scraggly Lake
Possum Lake Clifford Lake
Pretty Pond Northeast Bluff
Pug Heath Bog Lake
Pug Lake Bog Lake
Pug Lake Crawford Lake
Rand Lake Red Beach
Roaring Lake Whiting
Rocky Lake Hadley Lake
Rocky Lake Montegail Pond
Rocky Lake Long Lake
Rogue Lake Red Beach
Rolfe Brook Pond Grand Lake Stream
Round Lake Round Lake
Round Lake Meddybemps Lake East
Round Pond Tunk Lake
Ryan Lake Meddybemps Lake West
Saint Croix River Reservoir Calais
Saint Croix River Reservoir Woodland
Salmon Pond Tug Mountain
Sam Hill Lake Tug Mountain
Schoodic Lake Schoodic Lake
Seavey Lake Round Lake
Seavey Lake Bog Lake
Second Chain Lake Wesley
Second Lake Hadley Lake
Second Lake Long Lake
Second Lake Monroe Lake
Second Machias Lake Fletcher Peak
Second Marks Lake Bog Lake
Shattuck Lake Red Beach
Shaw Lake Scraggly Lake
Shiny Lake Long Lake
Silica Ponds Epping
Silver Pug Lake Clifford Lake
Simon Pond Tomah Mountain
Simpson Pond Roque Bluffs
Simsquish Lake Simsquish Lake
Six Mile Lake Bog Lake
Sixteenth Stream Meddybemps Lake West
Snare Creek Jonesport
Snare Meadow Meddybemps Lake East
South Beaverdam Lake Wesley
Southwest Pond Northeast Bluff
Spectacle Lakes Lake Cathance
Spectacle Ponds Schoodic Lake
Spednic Lake Vanceboro
Spednik Lake Vanceboro
Spring Hole Pond Schoodic Lake
Spruce Mountain Lake Lead Mountain
Sucker Lake Danforth
Sunken Lake Long Lake
Sysladobsis Lake Dark Cove Mountain
Taylor Brook Pond Montegail Pond
The Basin Forest
The Pond Great Wass Island
Third Chain Lake Clifford Lake
Third Lake Monroe Lake
Third Machias Lake Fletcher Peak
Tomah Lake Forest
Trout Lake Wesley
Trout Lake Dill Hill
Tyler Flowage Meddybemps Lake East
Unknown Pond Tomah Mountain
Upper Barn Meadow Marsh Calais
Upper Cranberry Lake Peaked Mountain
Upper Flood Lake Oxbrook Lakes
Upper Hot Brook Lake Stetson Mountain
Upper Magurrewock Marsh Calais
Upper Mud Lake Crawford Lake
Upper Oxbrook Lake Oxbrook Lakes
Upper Pond Meddybemps Lake East
Vining Lake Lake Cathance
Vose Pond Devils Head
Wabassus Lake Dark Cove Mountain
Warren Meadows Cutler
West Branch Pleasant River Reservoir Addison
West Grand Lake Grand Lake Stream
West Musquash Lake Oxbrook Lakes
West Pike Brook Pond Schoodic Lake
Western Lake Whiting
Western Lake Red Beach
Woodland Flowage Woodland

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Washington County, Maine. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.