Barnstable County Massachusetts Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Barnstable County Massachusetts

Place USGS Topo Map
Amos Pond Sandwich
Andrews Pond Harwich
Areys Pond Orleans
Ashumet Pond Pocasset
Aunt Bettys Pond Hyannis
Aunt Edies Pond Harwich
Aunt Pattys Pond Dennis
Baker Pond Orleans OE W
Bakers Pond Dennis
Bassetts Lot Pond Dennis
Beach Pond Woods Hole
Bear Pond Chatham
Bearse Pond Hyannis
Bennett Pond Provincetown
Bennett Pond Sagamore
Big Sandy Pond Dennis
Big Station Pond Monomoy Point OE W
Black Pond Chatham
Black Pond Sagamore
Black Pond Chatham
Black Pond Harwich
Black Pond Harwich
Black Pond Harwich
Blackwater Pond Provincetown
Blue Pond Chatham
Blueberry Pond Orleans OE W
Bog Pond Sandwich
Bog Pond Falmouth
Boland Pond Orleans
Bourne Pond Pocasset
Bourne Pond Falmouth
Bournes Pond Falmouth
Bucks Pond Harwich
Cahoon Pond Harwich
Canoe Pond Harwich
Cat Swamp Pond Dennis
Cedar Lake Pocasset
Cedar Pond Orleans
Cedar Pond Dennis
Clam Pools Dennis
Clapps Pond Provincetown
Clapps Round Pond Provincetown
Clay Pond Dennis
Clay Pond Pocasset
Cliff Pond Orleans OE W
Cobbs Pond Orleans OE W
Coleman Pond Hyannis
Coles Pond Dennis OE N
Combs Pond Sandwich
Coonamessett Pond Falmouth
Cornelius Pond Harwich
Crocker Pond Falmouth
Crooked Pond Falmouth
Crowell Pond Dennis
Crystal Lake Hyannis OE S
Crystal Lake Orleans
Cuffs Pond Pocasset
Dam Pond Onset
Dam Pond Sandwich
Dean Pond Cotuit
Deep Bottom Pond Pocasset
Deep Pond Woods Hole
Deep Pond Chatham
Deep Pond Falmouth
Deer Pond Falmouth
Dennis Pond Hyannis
Depot Pond Orleans
Dierks Pond Sagamore
Dinahs Pond Dennis
Donnely Pond Pocasset
Doughnut Pond Sandwich
Duane Pond Harwich
Duck Pond Provincetown
Duck Pond Wellfleet
Duck Pond Hyannis
Duck Pond Dennis
Dunns Pond Hyannis
Dyer Pond Wellfleet
Eagle Pond Sandwich
Eagle Pond Dennis
Edmunds Pond Pocasset
Eel Pond Woods Hole
Eel Pond Falmouth
Eel Pond Orleans OE W
Elbow Pond Dennis
Elishas Pond Dennis
Ellis Pond Sagamore
Emery Pond Chatham
Fawcetts Pond Hyannis
Flashy Pond Falmouth
Flat Pond Cotuit
Flax Pond Onset
Flax Pond Dennis
Flax Pond Woods Hole
Flax Pond Harwich
Flax Pond Orleans OE W
Flax Pond Hyannis
Flax Pond Dennis
Flax Pond Pocasset
Flax Pond Falmouth
Flintrock Pond Hyannis
Flume Pond Woods Hole
Follins Pond Dennis
Foundry Pond Sagamore
Freeman Pond Pocasset
Freemans Pond Orleans OE W
Fresh Pond Woods Hole
Fresh Pond Dennis
Fresh Pond Falmouth
Fresh Pond Hyannis
Frog Pond Pocasset
Fund Pond Dennis
Garretts Pond Hyannis
Goat Pasture Pond Sagamore
Goose Pond Harwich
Gould Pond Orleans
Grass Pond Harwich
Grassy Nook Pond Orleans OE W
Grassy Pond Provincetown
Grassy Pond Dennis
Grassy Pond Harwich
Grassy Pond Falmouth
Grassy Pond Pocasset
Great Maring Pond Sagamore
Great Pond Provincetown
Great Pond Wellfleet
Great Pond Orleans
Great Pond Wellfleet
Great Pond Pocasset
Green Pond Falmouth
Greenland Pond Harwich
Greenough Pond Dennis
Grews Pond Falmouth
Griffiths Pond Harwich
Gull Pond Wellfleet
Halfway Pond Dennis
Hallets Millpond Hyannis
Hamblin Pond Sandwich
Harbor Head Woods Hole
Hathaway Ponds Hyannis
Hawksnest Pond Harwich
Herring Pond Wellfleet
Herring Pond Orleans
Higgins Pond Wellfleet
Higgins Pond Orleans OE W
Hinckley Pond Hyannis
Hinckleys Pond Harwich
Hog Ponds Sandwich
Horse Pond Dennis
Horseleech Pond Wellfleet
Hospital Pond Monomoy Point
Howes Pond Dennis
Hoxie Pond Sandwich
Icehouse Pond Orleans
Ishem Pond Cotuit
Island Pond Harwich
Israel Pond Hyannis
Jabinettes Pond Dennis
James Pond Dennis
James Pond Falmouth
Jehu Pond Cotuit
Jemima Pond Orleans
Jenkins Pond Falmouth
Jenkins Pond Falmouth
Jim Pond Cotuit
Johns Pond Pocasset
Jones Pond Falmouth
Josephs Pond Harwich
Joshua Pond Sandwich
Keeler Pond Orleans OE W
Kelleys Pond Dennis
Kescayo Gansett Pond Orleans
Kinnacum Pond Wellfleet OE E
Labans Pond Dennis
Lake Elizabeth Hyannis
Lamson Pond Hyannis
Lawrence Pond Sandwich
Lewis Pond Dennis
Lewis Pond Cotuit
Lewis Pond Hyannis
Lily Pond Cotuit
Lily Pond Dennis
Lily Pond Pocasset
Lily Pond Sandwich
Lily Pond (historical) Pocasset
Little Cliff Pond Orleans OE W
Little Greenough Pond Dennis
Little Halfway Pond Pocasset
Little Israel Pond Hyannis
Little Mill Pond Chatham
Little Pond Falmouth
Little Pond Sandwich
Little Sandy Pond Dennis
Littlefields Pond Dennis
Long Pond Dennis
Long Pond Falmouth
Long Pond Wellfleet
Long Pond Hyannis
Long Pond Hyannis
Long Pond Pocasset
Long Pond Harwich
Long Pond Sandwich
Lovells Pond Sandwich
Lovers Lake Chatham
Lower Millpond Harwich
Lower Millpond Harwich
Lumbert Pond Sandwich
Mares Pond Falmouth
Martha Pond Falmouth
Mary Dunn Pond Hyannis
Mashpee Pond Sandwich
Matthews Pond Dennis
Meeting House Pond Orleans
Micah Pond Sandwich
Middle Pond Sandwich
Miles Pond Woods Hole
Mill Pond Dennis
Mill Pond Chatham
Mill Pond Woods Hole
Mill Pond Sandwich
Mill Pond Orleans
Mill Pond Sandwich
Mill Pond Pocasset
Mill Pond Harwich
Mill Pond Harwich
Mill Pond Hyannis
Mill Pond Falmouth
Mill Pond Pocasset
Mill Pond (historical) Wellfleet
Miller Pond Dennis
Minister Pond Orleans
Ministers Pond Harwich
Miss Thatchers Pond Dennis
Moll Pond Orleans
Moody Pond Pocasset
Moon Pond North Truro
Morse Pond Falmouth
Mud Pond Harwich
Muddy Pond Sandwich
Muddy Pond Dennis
Myricks Pond Orleans OE W
Mystic Lake Sandwich
Naomi Pond Sandwich
Neck Pond Cotuit
Nightingale Pond Sagamore
No Bottom Pond Hyannis
Nobska Pond Woods Hole
North Pond Hyannis
North Pond Hyannis
Northeast Pond Wellfleet OE E
Northern Simmons Pond Dennis
Nye Pond Falmouth
Nye Pond Sandwich
Olivers Pond Harwich
Opening Pond Pocasset
Osborne Pond Pocasset
Owl Pond Orleans OE W
Ox Pond Pocasset
Oyster Pond Chatham
Oyster Pond Woods Hole
Paddocks Pond Harwich
Parker Pond Cotuit
Parker Road Pond Falmouth
Pasture Pond Provincetown
Pattys Pond Sandwich
Paw Wah Pond Orleans
Perch Pond Wellfleet
Perch Pond Dennis
Perch Pond Chatham
Peters Pond Sandwich
Phinneys Bay Hyannis OE S
Pilgrim Lake Orleans
Pimlico Pond Sandwich
Pine Pond Dennis
Plashes Pond Dennis
Powder Hole Monomoy Point OE W
Quahog Pond Woods Hole
Queen Sewell Pond Sagamore
Rafe Pond Harwich
Randal Pond Falmouth
Red Brook Pond Pocasset
Red Brook Reservoir Falmouth
Red Lily Pond Hyannis
Robbins Pond Harwich
Round Pond Wellfleet
Round Pond Wellfleet
Round Pond Falmouth
Round Pond Harwich
Round Pond Dennis
Round Pond Falmouth
Round Pond Sandwich
Run Pond Dennis
Rushy Marsh Pond Cotuit
Ruth Pond Orleans OE W
Ryder Pond Wellfleet
Ryders Pond Harwich
Sage Lot Pond Falmouth
Salls Pond Orleans OE W
Salt Pond Woods Hole
Salt Pond Orleans
Sam Pond Sandwich
Sand Pond Harwich
Sandy Hill Pond Hyannis
Santuit Pond Sandwich
Sarahs Pond Chatham
Scargo Lake Dennis
Schoolhouse Pond Hyannis
Schoolhouse Pond Chatham
Schoolhouse Pond Orleans OE W
Scudder Bay Hyannis
Seine Pond Dennis
Seymour Pond Harwich
Shallow Pond Falmouth
Shallow Pond Hyannis
Shank Painter Pond Provincetown
Shawme Lake Sagamore
Sheep Pond Harwich
Shivericks Pond Falmouth
Shoal Pond Chatham
Shop Pond Pocasset
Shubael Pond Sandwich
Siders Pond Falmouth
Simmons Pond Hyannis
Simmons Ponds Dennis
Skinequit Pond Harwich
Slough Pond Wellfleet
Slough Pond Dennis
Small Pond Hyannis
Smalls Pond Harwich
Smith Pond Harwich
Snake Pond Pocasset
Snow Pond Wellfleet
Sols Pond Falmouth
Southeast Pond Wellfleet OE E
Southern Simmons Pond Dennis
Spectacle Pond Wellfleet OE E
Spectacle Pond Falmouth
Spectacle Pond Falmouth
Spectacle Pond Sandwich
Spruce Pond Hyannis
Stillwater Pond Chatham
Succonnessett Pond Pocasset
Swan Pond Dennis
Taylors Pond Harwich
The Plashes Dennis
Tim Pond Falmouth
Triangle Pond Sandwich
Trout Pond Onset
Turtle Pond Wellfleet
Turtle Pond Pocasset
Two Ponds Woods Hole
Uncle Harvey Pond Orleans
Uncle Israels Pond Chatham
Uncle Seths Pond Chatham
Uncle Stephans Pond Dennis
Upper Gate Pond (historical) Hyannis
Upper Millpond Harwich
Upper Pond Pocasset
Upper Shawme Lake Pocasset
Vespers Pond Orleans OE W
Village Pond North Truro
Wakeby Pond Sandwich
Walkers Pond Dennis
Walkers Pond Harwich
Wash Pond Orleans
Washburn pond Sandwich
Weeks Pond Pocasset
Wequaquet Lake Hyannis
West Pond Sandwich
West Reservoir Harwich
White Pond Chatham
White Pond Dennis
Widger Hole Orleans OE W
Widow Harding Pond Orleans
Williams Pond Wellfleet
Wings Pond Onset
Witch Pond Cotuit

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Barnstable County, Massachusetts. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.