Berkshire County Massachusetts Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Berkshire County Massachusetts

Place USGS Topo Map
Abbey Lake Monterey
Agawam Lake Stockbridge
Anthony Pond Cheshire
Ashley Lake Pittsfield East
Ashley Reservoir Pittsfield East
Ashmere Lake Peru
Atwater Pond South Sandisfield
Barbieri Reservoir Great Barrington
Basin Pond East Lee
Bassett Reservoir Cheshire
Becker Pond Bash Bish Falls
Belmont Reservoir Pittsfield East
Benedict Pond Great Barrington
Benson Pond Peru
Benton Brook Reservoir Otis
Benton Pond Otis
Berkshire Heights Reservoir Egremont
Berkshire Pond Cheshire
Berkshire Trout Pond Bash Bish Falls
Berle Pond Great Barrington
Berry Pond Hancock
Big Pond Otis
Bog Pond North Adams
Bridges Pond Williamstown
Buckley Dunton Lake East Lee
Burnett Pond Windsor
Card Pond Stockbridge
Center Pond Pittsfield East
Center Pond Becket
Cheshire Reservoir Cheshire
Chilson Pond North Adams
Chimney Corners Pond Becket
Choquettes Pond North Adams
Clam Lake Reservoir Otis
Clam River Watershed Reservoir Tolland Center
Clapp Pond East Lee
Clark Pond Stockbridge
Cleveland Brook Reservoir Peru
Combes Pond Bash Bish Falls
Cranberry Pond State Line
Cranberry Pond Pittsfield West
Crane Lake State Line
Crystal Lake Stockbridge
Curtin Pond Monterey
Davis Pond Egremont
Dean Pond (historical) Cheshire
Dunbar Brook Reservoir Rowe
East Branch Housatonic River Reservoir Pittsfield East
East Indies Pond South Sandisfield
Egypt Reservoir Pittsfield East
Eph Pond Williamstown
Excalibur Lake Otis
Fairfield Pond Stockbridge
Farnham Reservoir Pittsfield East
Fawn Lake Bash Bish Falls
Felton Lake East Lee
Fernwood Reservoir Pittsfield East
Finerty Pond East Lee
Fountain Pond Great Barrington
Garnet Lake Peru
Gilder Pond Monterey
Gleason Pond Great Barrington
Goodrich Pond Pittsfield East
Goose Pond East Lee
Gore Pond Cheshire
Greenwater Pond East Lee
Guilder Pond Bash Bish Falls
Hale Pond Monterey
Haley Pond Great Barrington
Halfway Pond East Lee
Harman Marsh Pond Egremont
Harmon Pond South Sandisfield
Harmon Pond Williamstown
Harnett Pond Monterey
Harts Pond State Line
Hatch Pond Stockbridge
Hathaway Reservoir Pittsfield East
Hayden Pond Otis
Hayes Pond Monterey
Horn Pond Becket
Horseshoe Pond Otis
Housatonic River Reservoir Stockbridge
Housatonic River Reservoir Stockbridge
Housatonic River Reservoir East Lee
Housatonic River Reservoir Great Barrington
Hudson Ore Bed Pond State Line
Hunts Pond Bash Bish Falls
Indian Lake Reservoir Otis
Juniper Pond Great Barrington
Lake Averic Stockbridge
Lake Buel Great Barrington
Lake Garfield Monterey
Lake Marguerite Tolland Center
Larkum Pond Otis
Laurel Lake Stockbridge
Lee Pond Bash Bish Falls
Lee Pond Brook Reservoir Bash Bish Falls
Leet Ore Bed Pond State Line
Lenox Reservoirs Stockbridge
Lily Pond Stockbridge
Little Egypt Reservoir Pittsfield East
Little Robin Lake Becket
Long Pond Egremont
Lower Reservoir North Adams
Lower Reservoir East Lee
Lower Reservoir Bear Swamp Rowe
Lower Sackett Reservoir Pittsfield East
Lower Spectacle Pond Otis
Mansfield Pond Great Barrington
Marsh Pond Egremont
Mauserts Pond North Adams
Mill Brook Reservoir Pittsfield East
Mill Pond South Sandisfield
Mill Pond Great Barrington
Mill Pond Egremont
Mirror Lake Tolland Center
Mohawk Lake Stockbridge
Morewood Lake Pittsfield West
Morley Swamp Reservoir Monterey
Mount Williams Reservoir Williamstown
Mud Pond Pittsfield West
Mud Pond Otis
Mud Pond Otis
Mud Pond Monterey
Mud Pond East Lee
Mud Ponds State Line
Muddy Pond Peru
New Tanks North Adams
North Branch Hoosic River Reservoir North Adams
North Pond North Adams
North Silver Lake Reservoir Tolland Center
Notch Reservoir Williamstown
Nottingham Lake Becket
Onota Lake Pittsfield West
Otis Reservoir Otis
Palmer Brook Reservoir Becket
Palmer Pond Monterey
Pecks Pond Pittsfield West
Pelton Reservoir Tolland Center
Perkins Pond Stockbridge
Plantain Pond Bash Bish Falls
Plunkett Reservoir Pittsfield East
Pontoosuc Lake Pittsfield East
Prospect Lake Egremont
Renfrew Pond North Adams
Richmond Pond Pittsfield West
Root Pond Egremont
Round Pond Egremont
Royal Pond Monterey
Rudd Pond Becket
Sandwash Reservoir East Lee
Shaker Mill Pond Stockbridge
Shaker Pond Monterey
Shaker Reservoir Pittsfield West
Shaw Pond East Lee
Silver Lake Pittsfield East
Silver Shield Lake Otis
Sodem Pond Monterey
South Pond North Adams
Spectacle Ponds Otis
Spurr Lake Bash Bish Falls
Steadman Pond Monterey
Stedman Pond Monterey
Stevens Pond Great Barrington
Stockbridge Bowl Stockbridge
Tannery Pond North Adams
The Cove Great Barrington
The Pork Barrel Otis
Thomas Pond Otis
Thousand Acre Swamp Reservoir South Sandisfield
Threemile Pond Great Barrington
Threemile Pond Great Barrington
Tracy Pond Peru
Twin Pond Pittsfield West
Upper Goose Pond East Lee
Upper Reservoir North Adams
Upper Reservoir East Lee
Upper Sackett Reservoir Pittsfield East
Upper Spectacle Pond Otis
Ward Pond Otis
Washington Mountain Lake East Lee
Watson Pond Otis
West Branch Housatonic River Reservoir Pittsfield East
West Lake Monterey
White Lily Pond Otis
Williamstown Reservoir Williamstown
Windemere Lake Reservoir South Sandisfield
Windsor Lake North Adams
Windsor Reservoir Peru
Witts Pond North Adams
Woods Pond East Lee
Yagar Pond Bash Bish Falls
Yokum Pond Becket
York Lake South Sandisfield

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.