Bristol County Massachusetts Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Bristol County Massachusetts

Place USGS Topo Map
Acushnet River Reservoir New Bedford North
Allens Pond Head of Westport
Ames Pond Brockton
Assonet River Reservoir Assonet
Barrowsville Pond Norton
Barstows Pond Taunton
Betty Spring New Bedford North
Big Bearhole Pond Snipatuit Pond
Bigney Pond Brockton
Black Pond Taunton
Black Pond Attleboro
Bleachery Ponds Fall River
Burrs Pond East Providence
Cabot Pond Mansfield
Cain Pond Assawompset Pond
Cards Pond (historical) Mansfield
Cedar Dell Lake Head of Westport
Chartley Pond Norton
Cockeast Pond Head of Westport
Cole River Pond Somerset
Cook Pond Fall River
Coopers Pond Attleboro
Copicut Reservoir Fall River East
Cornell Pond Fall River East
Dean Pond Brockton
Deep Pond Taunton
Devol Pond Head of Westport
Dodgeville Pond Attleboro
Falls Pond Attleboro
Farmers Pond Attleboro
Firestone Pond Fall River
Flyaway Pond Brockton
Forge Pond Fall River East
Forge Pond Assonet
Forge River Reservoir Taunton
French Pond Brockton
Fulton Pond Mansfield
Furnace Pond Assawompset Pond
Georges Pond New Bedford South
Greenwood Lake Attleboro
Gushee Pond Taunton
Hamlins Pond New Bedford North
Hawes Pond New Bedford North
Hewitt Pond Taunton
High Hill Reservoir New Bedford North
Hoppin Hill Reservoir Attleboro
Johnson Pond Taunton
Jones Pond Taunton
Kingman Pond Mansfield
Kings Pond Assawompset Pond
Kings Pond Taunton
Lake Como Attleboro
Lake Sabbatia Taunton
Leach Pond Mansfield
Lewin Brook Pond Fall River
Little Bearhole Pond Assawompset Pond
Little Cranberry Pond Pawtucket
Longwater Pond Brockton
Luther Reservoir Attleboro
Manchester Pond Attleboro
Manchester Pond Attleboro
Manchester Pond Reservoir Attleboro
Meadow Brook Pond Norton
Mechanics Pond Attleboro
Middle Pond Assawompset Pond
Milford Pond Somerset
Mill Pond New Bedford North
Mill River Reservoir Taunton
Monte Pond Brockton
Morse Pond Brockton
Mount Hope Pond Fall River
Muddy Cove Pond Somerset
New Bedford Reservoir New Bedford North
New Pond Mansfield
Noquochoke Lake Fall River East
Norton Reservoir Norton
Old Grist Mill Pond East Providence
Old Pond Mansfield
Orrs Pond Attleboro
Peck Pond Attleboro
Perryville Pond East Providence
Prospect Hill Pond Taunton
Richmond Pond Head of Westport
Richmond Pond Taunton
Robin Hollow Pond Pawtucket
Robinson Pond Wrentham
Sabin Pond East Providence
Sassaquin Pond New Bedford North
Sawdy Pond Fall River
Segreganset River Reservoir Norton
Shad Factory Pond East Providence
Sheppards Factory Pond Norton
Shovelshop Pond Brockton
Somerset Reservoir Somerset
Ten Mile River Reservoir Attleboro
Terry Brook Pond Assonet
Thatchers Pond Bridgewater
Three Mile River Somerset
Tinkham Pond Marion
Todds Pond Attleboro
Tracy Pond Taunton
Turner Pond New Bedford North
Twinings Pond New Bedford North
Wading River Reservoir Attleboro
Ward Pond Brockton
Warren Reservoir Somerset
Warren Upper Reservoir Somerset
Watson Pond Taunton
Watuppa Pond Fall River East
Whiteville Pond Mansfield
Whiting Pond Attleboro
Wilbur Pond Taunton
Willis Pond Norton
Winnecunnet Pond Norton

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Bristol County, Massachusetts. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.