Essex County Massachusetts Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Essex County Massachusetts

Place USGS Topo Map
Babson Reservoir Gloucester OE N
Bailey Pond Newburyport West
Bakers Meadow Pond Lawrence
Bakers Meadow Reservoir Lawrence
Baldpate Pond South Groveland
Bartholowmew Pond Salem
Bear Pond Lynn
Bear Pond Reading
Bear Pond (historical) Lynn
Beaver Pond Marblehead North
Beck Pond Marblehead North
Berry Pond Reading
Birch Pond Lynn
Black Joe Pond Marblehead North
Bobby Harris Pond Marblehead North
Brackett Pond Reading
Breeds Pond Lynn
Browns Pond Lynn
Bull Brook Reservoir Ipswich
Buswell Pond Gloucester
Camborne Pond Rockport
Cape Pond Gloucester OE N
Cedar Pond Salem
Cedar Pond Salem
Cedar Pond Salem
Cedar Pond South Groveland
Chadwick Pond South Groveland
Chebacco Lake Marblehead North
Clark Pond Ipswich
Clark Pond Gloucester
Clarks Pond Newburyport West
Collins Pond Reading
Coy Pond Marblehead North
Craig Pond Salem
Crane Pond Newburyport West
Creighton Pond South Groveland
Crooked Pond Georgetown
Crystal Lake Newton
Crystal Lake Reservoir Salem Depot
Crystal Pond Salem
Cutler Pond Marblehead North
Danvers Reservoir (historical) Salem
Devils Dishfull Pond Reading
Dexter Pond Gloucester
Dow Brook Reservoir Ipswich
Dykes Pond Gloucester
Elginwood Pond Reading
Emerson Brook Reservoir Reading
Farnums Mill Pond South Groveland
Fernwood Lake Gloucester
Field Pond Reading
Fish Brook Reservoir Georgetown
Flag Pond Marblehead North
Flax Pond Lynn
Floating Bridge Pond Lynn
Folly Hill Reservoir Salem
Forest Lake Lawrence
Foster Pond Lynn
Fosters Pond Wilmington
Fourmile Pond Ipswich
Frog Pond Lynn
Frye Pond Haverhill
Frye Pond Reading
Goldfish Pond Lynn
Gravelly Pond Marblehead North
Griswold Pond Boston North
Haggetts Pond Lawrence
Haskell Pond Gloucester
Hawkes Pond Reading
Hills Pond Lawrence
Hobbs Pond Marblehead North
Hoveys Pond South Groveland
Howes Pond South Groveland
Hussey Pond Lawrence
Ipswich River Reservoir Ipswich
Ipswich River Reservoir Georgetown
Ipswich River Reservoir Reading
Johnsons Pond South Groveland
Kellehers Pond Marblehead North
Kenoza Lake Haverhill
Kimballs Pond South Groveland
Lake Attitash Newburyport West
Lake Cochichewick South Groveland
Lake Gardner Newburyport West
Lake Pentucket Haverhill
Lake Saltonstall Haverhill
Langsford Pond Gloucester OE N
Lawrence Reservoir Lawrence
Lily Mere Lynn
Little Crane Pond Newburyport West
Little Elder Pond Salem
Little River Reservoir Haverhill
Longham Reservoir Marblehead North
Loop Pond Gloucester OE N
Lowe Pond Georgetown
Lower Artichoke Reservoir Newburyport West
Lower Banjo Pond Gloucester
Lower Millpond Georgetown
Lower Pond Boston North
Lower Pond South Groveland
Lynn Reservoir Lynn
Meadow Pond Salem
Merrimack River Reservoir Lawrence
Middleton Pond Reading
Mill Pond Gloucester OE N
Mill Pond Salem
Mill Pond Newburyport West
Mill Pond Lawrence
Mill Pond Reading
Mill Pond Stevens Pond South Groveland
Millvale Reservoir Haverhill
Muddy Pond Salem
Mystic Pond Lawrence
Nells Pond Salem
Niles Pond Gloucester
North Canal Reservoir Lawrence
Norwood Pond Marblehead North
Oliver Pond Lynn
Osgood Pond Lawrence
Palmer Pond Lynn
Parker River Reservoir Georgetown
Parker River Reservoir Newburyport West
Parker River Reservoir Newburyport West
Pattens Pond Newburyport West
Peabody Reservoir Salem
Peabody Reservoir (historical) Salem
Pentucket Pond Outlet Reservoir Georgetown
Pierces Pond Salem
Pillings Pond Reading
Pintail Pond Georgetown
Pleasant Pond Salem
Pomps Pond Wilmington
Pout Pond South Groveland
Prankers Pond Boston North
Putnamville Reservoir Salem
Quills Pond Newburyport East
Rabbit Pond Lawrence
Rantoul Pond Ipswich
Redds Pond Marblehead North
Rock Pond South Groveland
Rockery Pond Georgetown
Round Pond Marblehead North
Rum Rock Lake Rockport
Salem Pond Reading
Salem Reservoir Salem
Sargent Millpond Haverhill
Scotts Pond Boston North
Searles Pond Lawrence
Sharpners Pond South Groveland
Shawsheen River Reservoir Lawrence
Shawsheen River Reservoir Lawrence
Shawsheen River Reservoir Lawrence
Shoe Pond Salem
Sidneys Pond Salem
Sisters Pond Salem Depot
Sleepy Hollow Pond Gloucester OE N
Sluice Pond Lynn
Sperrys Pond South Groveland
Spicket River Reservoir Lawrence
Spofford Pond South Groveland
Spring Pond Boston North
Spring Pond Salem
Spring Pond Lynn
Stage Island Pool Ipswich
Stearns Pond Reading
Stevens Pond Boston North
Stevens Pond South Groveland
Stevens Pond Georgetown
Stevens Pond Lawrence
Stiles Pond South Groveland
Strangman Pond Gloucester OE N
Sudden Pond Reading
Suntaug Lake Reading
Sutton Pond Lawrence
Sydneys Pond Salem
Towne Pond South Groveland
Upper Artichoke Reservoir Newburyport West
Upper Banjo Pond Gloucester
Upper Millpond Georgetown
Upper Pond Boston North
Walden Pond Boston North
Wallace Pond Gloucester
Ware Pond Lynn
Wenham Lake Salem
West Pond Gloucester
Wilson Pond Georgetown
Winona Pond Reading

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Essex County, Massachusetts. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.