Chippewa County Michigan Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Chippewa County Michigan

Place USGS Topo Map
Andrus Lake Shelldrake
Arbutus Lake Strongs
Avery Lake Pendills Lake
Baileys Lake Whitney Bay
Bass Lake Marble Head
Bayou Pond Pendills Lake
Bear Lake Whitney Bay
Bear Lake De Tour Village
Bear Lake Sheephead Lake
Beaver Dam Pond Meade Island
Beaver Pond Marble Head
Beaver Pond Trout Lake
Beaver Pond Trout Lake
Beaver Pond Trout Lake
Beaver Pond Trout Lake
Bender Lake Goetzville
Betchler Lakes Strongs
Big Bear Ponds Ozark
Big Trout Lake Albany Island
Boaz Lake Ozark
Bobbygay Lake Ozark
Boot Lake Whitney Bay
Brown Lake De Tour Village
Brown Lake Strongs
Browns Lake Vermilion
Cabin Lake Timberlost
Camp Ten Lakes Timberlost
Camp Ten Pond Ozark
Canoe Lake Meade Island
Caribou Lake De Tour Village
Carlton Lake Goetzville
Clear Lake Marble Head
Covach Lake Stalwart
Cranberry Lake Albany Island
Crego Lake Strongs
Dawson Lake Drummond
Deer Lake Oak Ridge
Deerfoot Lake Eckerman
Delirium Pond Raco
Dick Pond Strongs
Dickenson Lake Marble Head
Dishpan Lake Sullivan Creek
Dry Lake Marble Head
Duck Lake Oak Ridge
Duck Lake Piatt Lake
Dukes Lake Dafter
Eagle Lake Kinross
East Soldier Lake Sullivan Creek
Espanore Lake Whitney Bay
Fiftyfour Pond Ozark
First Lake Drummond SE
Foreman Lake Goetzville
Fourth Lake Drummond SE
Frenchman Lake Trout Lake
Fulmer Lake Stalwart
Garkinghouse Lake Kinross
Gravel Lake Whitney Bay
Hartley Lake De Tour Village
Hawkins Lake Shelldrake
Helen Lake Whitney Bay
High Banks Lake Sullivan Creek
Huckleberry Lake Trout Lake
Hulbert Lake Eckerman
Isaacson Lake Whitney Bay
Jackson Lake Whitney Bay
Jarvinen Marsh Lake Marble Head
Johnson Lake Sullivan Creek
Johnson Lake Piatt Lake
Johnson Lake Trout Lake
Jones Lake Whitney Bay
Kempaien Lake Whitney Bay
Kinross Lake Kinross
Kirk Lake Goetzville
Knutsen Lake Meade Island
Lake George Baie de Wasai
Lake Nicolet Baie de Wasai
Laurie Lakes Emerson
Little Avery Lake Pendills Lake
Little Lake Vermilion SE
Little Mud Lake Eckerman
Little Salt Lake Strongs
Little Trout Lake Albany Island
Little Trout Lake Trout Lake
Lost Lake Emerson
Lost Lake Strongs
Loyal Lake Drummond
Mackinaw Lake Big Beaver Creek
Maki Lake Meade Island
Marl Lake Meade Island
Marsh Lakes Shelldrake
McAdams Lake Stalwart
McMullan Lakes Shelldrake
McNearney Lake McNearney Lake
Miller Lake Meade Island
Monocle Lake Dollar Settlement
Monument Lake Sullivan Creek
Mud Lake Kinross
Mud Lake Eckerman
Mud Lake Trout Lake
Munuscong Lake Munuscong
Muskrat Lake Oak Ridge
Naomikong Lake McNearney Lake
Naomikong Pond McNearney Lake
Nasi Lake Meade Island
North Pond Brimley
Oldman Lake Sault Ste. Marie South
Pardy Pond Eckerman
Parish Lake Whitney Bay
Pats Lake Meade Island
Peck and Rye Lake McNearney Lake
Pendills Lake Pendills Lake
Piatt Lake Piatt Lake
Pine Lake Marble Head
Preacher Lake Emerson
Proctor Lake McNearney Lake
Rice Lakes Strongs
Riley Lake Eckerman
Riordan Lake Dafter
Roach Lake Oak Ridge
Roxbury Pond Piatt Lake
Salt Lake Strongs
Sam Taylor Lake Stalwart
Schlehubers Marsh Ozark
Seaman Lake Whitney Bay
Second Lake Drummond SE
Shawnee Lake Sault Ste. Marie South
Sheephead Lake Sheephead Lake
Shelldrake Lake Shelldrake
Soldier Lake Sullivan Creek
South Pond Brimley
Spectacle Lake Dollar Settlement
Spring Pond Drummond
Squeaky Lake Whitney Bay
Stevens Lake Drummond SE
Stringham Lake Burnt Island
Stump Lake Strongs
Sylvester Impoundment Raco
The Widewaters Sheephead Lake
Third Lake Drummond SE
Toivola Lake Meade Island
Toy Soldier Lake Sullivan Creek
Trout Brook Pond Ozark NE
Trout Lake Trout Lake
Twomile Lake Vermilion
Vanio Lake Meade Island
Walker Lake Strongs
Water Tank Lakes Timberlost
Weatherhogs Lake Vermilion SE
Wegwaas Lake Trout Lake
West Lake Strongs
Whitmarsh Lake Strongs
Williams Lake Eckerman
Ziegler Lake Goetzville

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Chippewa County, Michigan. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.