Houghton County Michigan Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Houghton County Michigan

Place USGS Topo Map
Barchard Lake Echo Lake
Bear Lake Hancock
Beck Lake Sidnaw
Beitner Lake Glitter Lake
Beller Pond Glitter Lake
Bender Lake Echo Lake
Bob Hall Lake Winona South
Bob Lake Rousseau
Bog Lake Marten Lake
Bohmier Lake Winona South
Booth Lake Echo Lake
Boston Lake Hancock
Bowstead Lake Marten Lake
Burns Lake Glitter Lake
Bush Lake Graveraet River
Calumet Lake Ahmeek
Cemetery Lake Winona South
Chapman Pond Echo Lake
Clear Lake Nisula
Corbin Lake Echo Lake
Crystal Lake Echo Lake
Davidson Lakes Sparrow Rapids
Davis Lake Echo Lake
Deer Lake Rice Lake
Dentel Lake Echo Lake
Donken Lake Donken
Echo Lake Echo Lake
Elevenmile Lake South Range
Elginor Lake Sidnaw
Emily Lake Nisula
Estes Lake Echo Lake
Fuller Lake Echo Lake
Green Lake Echo Lake
Hager Lake Marten Lake
Hall Lake Donken
Haywire Lake Sidnaw
High Lake Sidnaw
Hop Lake Echo Lake
Horseshoe Lake Winona South
Huron Lake Chassell
Irish Lake Echo Lake
Kentucky Lake Echo Lake
Koski Lake Graveraet River
Kratt Lakes Nisula
Kunze Lake Marten Lake
Lake Annie Hancock
Lake Eva Graveraet River
Lake Fifteen Nisula
Lake Fourteen Nisula
Lake Gerald Donken
Lake On-Three Glitter Lake
Lake Ongie Donken
Lake Perrault South Range
Lake Roland Donken
Lake Thirteen Glitter Lake
Lake Twentyeight Kenton
Lake Weber Graveraet River
Lily Pond Hancock
Linda Lake Echo Lake
Little Rice Lake Rice Lake
Maggie Lake Kenton
Markey Lake Echo Lake
McLellan Lake Marten Lake
Mill Lake Sidnaw
Moonshine Lake Sidnaw
Morrison Lake Donken
Mud Lake Rice Lake
Mud Lake Otter Lake
Mud Lake Donken
Obenhoff Lake South Range
Otter Lake Otter Lake
Peck Lake Marten Lake
Penegor Lake Echo Lake
Pequet Lake Sidnaw
Pike Lake Nisula
Pine Dam Lake Winona North
Pine Lake Pine Lake
Pine Lake Echo Lake
Plantation Lakes Echo Lake
Portage Lake Point Mills
Prickett Lake Prickett Lake
Rice Lake Rice Lake
Richard Lake Echo Lake
Saint George Lake Sidnaw
Sandy Lake Nisula
Saunder Lake Echo Lake
Saw Lake Echo Lake
Seventeenmile Lake Donken
Skip Lake Echo Lake
Staff Lake Echo Lake
Still Lake Echo Lake
Stone Quarry Lake Point Mills
Stonington Lake Donken
Tear Lake Oskar
Thirteenmile Lake Pine Lake
Thomas Lake Glitter Lake
Toby Lake Marten Lake
Toivola Lakes Donken
Torch Bay Point Mills
Torch Lake Laurium
Townsend Lake Sparrow Rapids
Twelvemile Lake South Range
Upper Dam Lake Marten Lake
Walton Lake Kenton
Winona Lake Winona South
York Lake Sparrow Rapids

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Houghton County, Michigan. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.