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Lakes in Lake County Michigan

Place USGS Topo Map
Ahmikwam Lake Luther
Alice Lake Peacock
Basford Lake Big Star Lake
Bass Lake Peacock
Baumann Lake Townsend Lake
Beaver Lake Udell
Big Spring Lake Luther
Big Star Lake Big Star Lake
Bluegill Lake Peacock
Bradford Lake Big Star Lake
Brand Lake Peacock
Brasas Lake Peacock
Bray Lake Baldwin
Bristol Pond Whipple Lake
Buckwheat Lake Udell
Bullhead Lake Peacock
Bush Lake Baldwin
Cashion Lake Baldwin
Cecilia Lake Big Star Lake
Chard Lake Whipple Lake
Conna-Mara Lake Marlborough
Cool Lake Wellston
Coon Lake Wellston
Danaher Lake Big Star Lake
Deer Lake Reed City North
Duck Lake Big Star Lake
Elbow Lake Wellston
Fairbanks Lake Wellston
Feeder Lake Townsend Lake
Foreman Lakes Baldwin
Gifford Lake Big Star Lake
Government Lake Baldwin
Guard Lake Whipple Lake
Hamlin Lake Townsend Lake
Harper Lake Wellston
Heart Lake Peacock
Hill Lake Carr
Honeymoon Lake Big Star Lake
Horseshoe Lake Wellston
Howe Lake Bristol
Idlewild Lake Baldwin
Indian Lake Millerton
Ingerman Lake Stewart Lake
Jenks Lake Big Star Lake
Lake Olga Axin
Leverentz Lake Baldwin
List Lake Udell
Little Bass Lake Peacock
Little Bullhead Lake Marlborough
Little Lake Number One Marlborough
Little Lake Number Three Marlborough
Little Lake Number Two Marlborough
Little Leverentz Lake Baldwin
Little Star Lake Baldwin
Little Syers Lake Stewart Lake
Littles Lake Wellston
Loon Lake Peacock
Lost Lake Stewart Lake
Lower Pickerel Lake Wellston
Maple Lake Wellston
McCarthy Lake Peacock
McFall Lake Peacock
Mench Lake Baldwin
Middle Pickerel Lake Wellston
Midget Lake Wellston
Miller Lake Big Star Lake
Mud Lake Big Star Lake
North Lake Marlborough
North Pond Marlborough
Noud Lake Millerton
Nugent Lake Townsend Lake
Orchard Lake Big Star Lake
Oxbow Lake Big Star Lake
Papoose Lake Millerton
Paradise Lake Baldwin
Pine Island Lake Townsend Lake
Pleasant Lake Millerton
Pomeroy Lakes Udell
Putman Lake Baldwin
Quick Lakes Peacock
Railroad Lake Townsend Lake
Rainbow Lake Big Star Lake
Rattlesnake Lake Marlborough
Reed Lake Big Star Lake
Roby Lake Carr
Rockwell Lake Luther
Sand Lake Wellston
Sauble Lakes Peacock
Seaman Lake Peacock
Shonenya Lake Big Star Lake
South Lake Marlborough
Spring Lake Marlborough
Spruce Lake Marlborough
Squaw Lake Millerton
Stevens Lake Marlborough
Stewart Lake Stewart Lake
Stowell Lake Reed City North
Sucker Pond Wellston
Sunshine Lake Peacock
Switzer Lake Marlborough
Syers Lake Stewart Lake
Tank Lake Baldwin
Totten Lake Chase
Townsend Lake Townsend Lake
Tussing Lake Baldwin
Twin Lakes Peacock
Upper Pickerel Lake Wellston
Walton Lake Udell
Ward Lake Tallman
Water Tank Lake Wellston
Watermill Lake Marlborough
Whalen Lake Baldwin
Wide Waters Baldwin
Wile Lake Wellston
Wingleton Lake Townsend Lake
Wolf Lake Stewart Lake
Zoba Lake Peacock

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Lake County, Michigan. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.