Marquette County Michigan Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Marquette County Michigan

Place USGS Topo Map
2 Lake Silver Lake Basin
3 Lake Silver Lake Basin
8 Lake Silver Lake Basin
Abraham Lake Skandia
Anderson Lake Anderson Lake
Anderson Pond Mountain Lake
Arsenault Lake Michigamme
Autio Lake Republic
Baby Lake Negaunee SW
Baldwin Kiln Lake Negaunee
Bass Lake Little Lake
Bass Lake Cataract Basin
Bat Lake Witch Lake
Bear Lake Big Bay
Bear Lake Green Hills
Beauyan Lake Little Lake
Beaver Lake Republic SW
Beaver Pond Bulldog Lake
Bed Spring Lake Witch Lake
Beltrame Lake Anderson Lake
Bengston Lake Republic SW
Bentley Lake Bulldog Lake
Bentley Ponds Mountain Lake
Berch Lake Witch Lake
Bertraud Lake Gwinn
Big Bass Lake Green Hills
Big Bear Lake Summit Lake
Big Lick Lake Republic SW
Big Mud Lake Negaunee SW
Big Trout Lake Little Lake
Bilsky Lake Anderson Lake
Birch Lake Green Hills
Birch Lake Republic
Bishop Pond Marquette
Blairs Lake Northland
Blemhuber Lake Buckroe
Blue Lake Gwinn
Blue Lake Ishpeming
Bob Lake Silver Lake Basin
Bobs Lake Anderson Lake
Boney Falls Basin Swimming Hole Creek
Boot Lake Green Hills
Boston Lake Diorite
Boys Lake Witch Lake
Brandts Pond Big Bay
Brocky Lake Diorite
Brown Lake Little Lake
Bulldog Lake Bulldog Lake
Bullhead Lake Witch Lake
Buschell Lake Marquette
Bush Lake Champion
Buto Lake Republic
Cameron Lake Little Lake
Camp Eleven Lake Summit Lake
Camp Fifteen Lake Witch Lake
Canyon Lake Mountain Lake
Carp River Lake Sands
Casey Lake Republic SW
Cataract Basin Cataract Basin
Chabeneau Lake Chabeneau Lake
Chain Lakes Green Hills
Chain of Lakes Republic SW
Charley Lake Cataract Basin
Charley Lakes Green Hills
Chief Lake Witch Lake
Cliff Lake Mountain Lake
Club Lake Negaunee
Conway Lake Huron Mountain
Cooper Lake Negaunee SW
Cranberry Lake Witch Lake
Crescent Lake Green Hills
Crooked Lake Cataract Basin
Dashwa Lake Witch Lake NE
Dead River Headwater Bulldog Lake
Dead River Storage Basin Negaunee SW
Deer Lake Chabeneau Lake
Deer Lake Negaunee SW
Dewey Lake Chabeneau Lake
Dishno Lake Champion
Dollar Lake Buckroe
Dollar Lake Little Lake
Dollar Lake Witch Lake
Donaldson Lake Republic SW
Drake Lake Green Hills
Duck Lake Little Lake
Duck Lake Chabeneau Lake
Dutch Johns Pond Ives Hill
East Voelker Lake Green Hills
Echo Lake Buckroe
Egg Lake Republic
Enchantment Lake Marquette
Engman Lake Little Lake
Erickson Lake Green Hills
Farmer Lake Little Lake
Farquar Lake Anderson Lake
Fence Lake Witch Lake
First Bass Lake Buckroe
First Bass Lake Negaunee NW
First Lake Harvey
Fish Lake Republic
Flacks Lakes Anderson Lake
Florence Pond Ives Hill
Foster Lake Ishpeming
Four Island Lake Summit Lake
Frenchy Lake Chabeneau Lake
Gibson Lake Michigamme
Gimse Lake Anderson Lake
Gingrass Lake Diorite
Glass Lake Champion
Gold Mine Lake Diorite
Goose Lake Palmer
Goose Lake Witch Lake NE
Grace Lake Sands
Granite Lake Republic
Grant Lake Witch Lake
Gravel Lake Michigamme
Gravels Pond Little Lake
Greenier Lake Anderson Lake
Greenwood Reservoir Greenwood
Grimm Lake Little Lake
Gunpowder Lake Ishpeming
Harkin Lake Negaunee
Harlow Lake Marquette NW
Harris Lake Witch Lake
Harvey Lake Sands
Hasseib Lake Summit Lake
Hawkins Ponds Green Hills
Hay Lake Green Hills
Hay Wire Lake Cataract Basin
Haywire Lake Witch Lake
Heart Lake Chabeneau Lake
Heart Lake Witch Lake
Hebert Lake Summit Lake
Helen Lake Republic SW
Hemmings Lake Green Hills
Hermit Lake Republic SW
Hills Lakes Silver Lake Basin
Hilltop Lake Michigamme
Horseshoe Lake Cataract Basin
Horseshoe Lake Green Hills
Horseshoe Lake Negaunee
Horseshoe Lake Witch Lake
Horseshoe Lake Republic
Hot Jack Lake Republic SW
Howe Lake Howe Lake
Hurt Lake Green Hills
Indian Lake Michigamme
Irene Lake Gwinn
Island Lake Greenwood
Island Lake Witch Lake
Island Lake Witch Lake
Island Lake Silver Lake Basin
Ives Lake Ives Hill
James D Jeske Flooding Skandia
James D Jeske Flooding Sand River
Johnson Lake Gwinn
Johnson Lake Chabeneau Lake
Johnson Lake Chabeneau Lake
Juncob Lake Witch Lake NE
Just Lake Republic SW
Kaski Lake Chabeneau Lake
Kidney Lake Green Hills
Kirk Lake Republic
Lake Angeline Ishpeming
Lake Ann Mountain Lake
Lake Arfelin Summit Lake
Lake Arvid Michigamme
Lake Bacon Negaunee SW
Lake Bancroft Ishpeming
Lake Elinor Summit Lake
Lake Elizabeth Witch Lake
Lake Francoeur Chabeneau Lake
Lake Gribben Palmer
Lake Independence Big Bay
Lake Kawbawgam Skandia
Lake LeVasseur Skandia
Lake Lory Republic
Lake Margaret Bulldog Lake
Lake Michigamme Michigamme
Lake Miller Ishpeming
Lake Minnie Ishpeming
Lake of The Plains Republic SW
Lake Ogden Ishpeming
Lake Raymond Bulldog Lake
Lake Sally Ishpeming
Lake Sally Lou Summit Lake
Lake Sixteen Michigamme
Lake Unky Greenwood
Lake Vedder Summit Lake
Landon Lake Northland NE
Lily Lake Witch Lake
Lily Pond Ives Hill
Little Bass Lake Green Hills
Little Bear Lake Summit Lake
Little Bobs Lake Anderson Lake
Little Chabeneau Lake Chabeneau Lake
Little Chief Lake Witch Lake
Little Dishno Lake Bulldog Lake
Little Drake Lake Green Hills
Little Lake Little Lake
Little Lake Negaunee SW
Little Michigamme Lake Michigamme
Little Pelissier Lake Sands
Little Perch Lake Chabeneau Lake
Little Shag Lake Gwinn
Little Squaw Lake Witch Lake
Little Trout Lake Gwinn
Little White Goat Lake Michigamme
Log Lake Champion
Lone Pine Lake Green Hills
Long Lake Ishpeming
Long Lake Negaunee
Long Lake Republic SW
Long Lake Champion
Loon Lake Republic SW
Lost Lake Bulldog Lake
Lotto Lake Witch Lake
Lower Baraga Lake Summit Lake
Lowmoor Lake Greenwood
Lustig Lake Republic SW
MacGregor Lake Little Lake
Martells Lake Republic SW
Martin Lake Little Lake
McClure Storage Basin Negaunee
McKenzie Bay Big Bay
Mehl Lake Little Lake
Michigamme Basin Republic
Miller Lake Cataract Basin
Milwaukee Lake Republic
Moccasin Lake Little Lake
Morbit Lake Little Lake
Morgan Pond Negaunee
Mountain Lake Mountain Lake
Mud Lake Cataract Basin
Mud Lake Sands
Mud Lake Witch Lake
Mud Lake Republic
Mud Lake Republic
Mud Lake Michigamme
Nash Lake Negaunee
Nirish Lake Witch Lake NE
Noren Lake Gwinn
North Lake Diorite
Northwest Lake Witch Lake NE
Northwestern Lake Little Lake
Northwestern Lake Michigamme
Palmer Lake Palmer
Pelissier Lake Sands
Penglase Lake Chabeneau Lake
Penglase Lake Witch Lake
Penny Lake Silver Lake Basin
Perch Lake Gwinn
Perch Lake Chabeneau Lake
Perch Lake Republic
Perch Lake Witch Lake NE
Perch Lake Republic
Petcuson Lake Republic SW
Peterson Lake Republic SW
Pickerel Lake Witch Lake
Picket Lake Negaunee
Pike Lake Cataract Basin
Pilliot Lake Green Hills
Pine Lake Ives Hill
Pine Lake Gwinn
Porterfield Lake Republic SW
Powell Lake Sands
Provost Lake Little Lake
Quarry Pond Marquette
Reany Lake Negaunee
Regan Lake Negaunee NW
Rice Lake Gwinn
Rock Lake Ishpeming
Rocking Chair Lakes Silver Lake Basin
Round Lake Chabeneau Lake
Round Lake Champion
Rush Lake Howe Lake
Sagola Lakes Chabeneau Lake
Saint Clair Lake Republic SW
Saux Head Lake Buckroe
Schoolhouse Lake Ishpeming
Second Bass Lake Negaunee NW
Second Lake Ives Hill
Second Lake Harvey
Section Thirteen Lake Bulldog Lake
Section Twenty-eight Lake Michigamme
Shag Lake Cataract Basin
Shiras Pool Marquette
Silver Lake Little Lake
Silver Lake Basin Silver Lake Basin
Silver Lead Mine Lake Silver Lake Basin
Silver Mine Lakes Negaunee SW
Simons Lake Witch Lake
Skinnies Lake Chabeneau Lake
Sleighrunner Lake Anderson Lake
Slough Lake Gwinn
Spear Lake Green Hills
Sporley Lake Little Lake
Spring Lake Cataract Basin
Spring Lake Witch Lake
Springhole Lake Witch Lake
Squaw Lake Witch Lake
Stag Lake Silver Lake Basin
Strawberry Lake Sands
Stump Lake Gwinn
Sundog Lake Witch Lake
Sunson Lake Republic SW
Swanzy Lake Little Lake
Tanglefoot Lake Chabeneau Lake
Teal Lake Negaunee SW
The Basin Republic
Third Bass Lake Negaunee NW
Third Lake Ives Hill
Third Lake Republic SW
Thomas Lake Michigamme
Three Lake Little Lake
Three Lakes Marquette
Tibbets Lake Chabeneau Lake
Tilden Lake Ishpeming
Tonkowa Lake Anderson Lake
Tower Lake Republic
Trembath Lake Diorite
Trout Lake Mountain Lake
Trout Lake Green Hills
Twin Lake Republic
Twin Lakes Witch Lake
Twin Lakes Republic SW
Uncle Tom Lake Sands
Upper Baraga Lake Summit Lake
Van Riper Lakes Champion
Voelker Lake Green Hills
Wahlstrom Lake Republic SW
Wetmore Pond Marquette
White Deer Lake Summit Lake
Wilson Lake Little Lake
Witch Lake Witch Lake
Wolf Lake Champion

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Marquette County, Michigan. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.