Newaygo County Michigan Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Newaygo County Michigan

Place USGS Topo Map
Abeys Lake Newaygo
Ackland Lake Newaygo
Alley Lake White Cloud
Amaung Lake Big Star Lake
Atodd Lake Walkup Lake
Baldwin Lake Sand Lake SW
Baptist Lake Sand Lake
Bass Lake Fremont
Bass Lake Walkup Lake
Bass Lake Woodland Park
Benton Lake Walkup Lake
Berger Pond Woodland Park
Biddleman Marsh Big Prairie
Bills Lake Croton
Bisel Lake Woodville NE
Bitely Lake Woodland Park
Black Lake Walkup Lake
Blackberry Lake Dayton Center
Blacksmith Lake White Cloud
Blanch Lake Grant
Blood Lake Bridgeton
Bluegill Lake Woodland Park
Bolen Lake White Cloud
Brant Lake Walkup Lake
Brooks Lake Newaygo
Brush Lake Woodville
Bub Lake Woodland Park
Burris Lake Hesperia
Butler Lake Sand Lake SW
Butterfield Lake Newaygo
Carey Lake Big Bend
Clarks Lake Dayton Center
Cole Lake Woodville
Condon Lake Big Star Lake
Conover Lake Sand Lake
Cook Lake Dayton Center
Cope Lake Newaygo
Crepin Lake Walkup Lake
Crofoot Lake Croton
Croton Dam Pond Croton
Crystal Lake White Cloud
Cucumber Lake White Cloud
Diamond Lake White Cloud
Dollar Lake Walkup Lake
Dutch Lake Dayton Center
East Lake Woodland Park
Eaves Lake Big Prairie
Egg Lake Woodland Park
Emerald Lake Newaygo
Englewright Lake Sand Lake
Evans Lake Holton
Faupell Lake Walkup Lake
First Lake Fremont
Flanders Lake Walkup Lake
Ford Lake Fremont
Fourth Lake Fremont
Fremont Lake Fremont
Frey Lake Sand Lake SW
Fry Lake Big Prairie
Grandpa Lakes Fremont
Greening Lake Walkup Lake
Gustafson Marsh Big Prairie
Halverson Lake Wolf Lake
Hardy Dam Pond Big Bend
Harwell Lake Sand Lake SW
Hesperia Pond Hesperia
Hess Lake Newaygo
Highbank Lake Big Star Lake
Houseman Lake Marlborough
Hoyt Lake White Cloud
Hungerford Lake Woodville NE
Indian Lake Woodland Park
Isaac Lake Woodland Park
Island Lake Walkerville East
John Ford Lake Newaygo
June Lake Newaygo
Kemperman Lake Newaygo
Kempf Lake Fremont
Kenosha Lake Big Star Lake
Kimball Lake Newaygo
Kimes Lake Walkup Lake
Kinney Lake Woodville
Kirchner Lake Hesperia
Knowles Lake Holton
Lake of the Woods Walkup Lake
Lake White Cloud White Cloud
Lamoreaux Lake Walkup Lake
Lamoreaux Lake Big Star Lake
Leaf Lake Walkup Lake
Lee Lake Big Bend
Lilley Lake Marlborough
Little Lake Newaygo
Little Lake Placid Newaygo
Little Martin Lake Holton
Little Mud Lake Sand Lake
Little Robinson Lake White Cloud
Loda Lake Woodland Park
Loon Lake Woodland Park
Lorden Lake Fremont
Lost Lake Woodland Park
Maple Lake Wolf Lake
Martin Lake Hesperia
Mast Lake Big Bend
McGann Lake Walkerville East
Merrill Lake Woodland Park
Middle Lake Woodland Park
Mill Lake Woodland Park
Minnie Lake Walkup Lake
Moon Lake Walkup Lake
Moonbeam Lake Woodland Park
Moore Lake Sand Lake SW
Mountain Lake Walkerville East
Mowby Lake Marlborough
Mud Lake Walkup Lake
Mud Lake Walkup Lake
Mud Lake Fremont
Mud Lake Big Bend
Mud Lake Woodville NE
Mudget Lake White Cloud
Murphy Lake Walkup Lake
Musketeep Lake Walkup Lake
Mystery Lake Wolf Lake
Nichols Lake Walkup Lake
North Lake Hesperia
Otterman Lake Big Star Lake
Oxford Lake Woodville
Pearl Lake White Cloud
Pearson Lake Big Bend
Peck Lake Fremont
Perch Lake Woodland Park
Peterson Lake Dayton Center
Pettibone Lake Marlborough
Pettit Lake Croton
Pickerel Lake Newaygo
Pickerel Lake Marlborough
Pickerel Lake Big Bend
Railroad Lake Marlborough
Ransom Lake Sand Lake SW
Richmond Lake Woodland Park
Robinson Lake White Cloud
Rollway Lake Walkup Lake
Round Lake Big Bend
Ryerson Lake Newaygo
Sand Lake Bridgeton
Savage Lake Fremont
Sawkaw Lake Big Star Lake
Schultz Lake Marlborough
Second Lake Fremont
Shelley Lake Woodland Park
Sis Lake Woodland Park
Sisson Lake Marlborough
Skipperville Lake Grant
Somers Lake Fremont
South Lake Sand Lake SW
Sylvan Lake Newaygo
Third Lake Fremont
Toft Lake Croton
Toman Lake Whipple Lake
Toogood Lake Woodville
Tourcotte Lake Walkerville East
Triple Lakes Walkup Lake
Trout Lake White Cloud
Truckey Lake Wolf Lake
Tucker Lake Tift Corner
Turnbull Lake Woodville NE
Twinwood Lake Newaygo
Utley Lake Croton
Walkup Lake Walkup Lake
Webinguaw Lake Woodland Park
Whipple Lake Whipple Lake
Winnepesaug Lake Walkup Lake
Woodland Lake Woodland Park
Woodrail Lake White Cloud
Woods Lake Marlborough

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Newaygo County, Michigan. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.