Jackson County Mississippi Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Jackson County Mississippi

Place USGS Topo Map
Bangs Lake Grand Bay SW
Barnes Lake Three Rivers
Bear Pond (historical) Three Rivers
Beardslee Lake Pascagoula North
Berlson Lake Easen Hill
Big Lake Pascagoula North
Big Lake Vancleave
Billy Pond Three Rivers
Bird Lake Big Point
Black Creek Cooling Pond Three Rivers
Black Lake Vancleave
Blue Lake Pascagoula South
Bobs Lake Vancleave
Boggy Lake Easen Hill
Bounds Lake Pascagoula North
Brewton Lake Easen Hill
Broadus Lake Gautier North
Cane Lake Easen Hill
Carter Lake Easen Hill
Caswell Lake Three Rivers
Cat Lake Vancleave
Collins Lake Big Point
Crane Lakes Pascagoula North
Culbert Lake Three Rivers
Cunningham Lake Pascagoula North
Cypress Lake Easen Hill
Dads Lake Three Rivers
Davis Dead River Easen Hill
Dead Lake (historical) Easen Hill
Dead River Three Rivers
Dogged Dead River Easen Hill
Duck Lake Pascagoula North
Duck Pond (historical) Vancleave
Ellick Lake Harleston
Farrigut Lake Pascagoula North
Fiddlers Sail Big Point
Files Pond (historical) Harleston
Fletcher Lake Easen Hill
Galloway Lake Easen Hill
Gar Lake Three Rivers
Gater Lake Three Rivers
Goatpen Lake Big Point
Goggle Eye Lake Easen Hill
Goodes Mill Lake Kreole
Goose Lake Pascagoula North
Graham Lake Vancleave
Hackney Lake Three Rivers
Hubbard Lake Three Rivers
Irvin Lake Pascagoula South
Kates Lake Three Rivers
Kates Pond Three Rivers
Kirkwood Lake Three Rivers
Krebs Lake Pascagoula North
Lake Catch-em-all Pascagoula North
Lake Yazoo Pascagoula South
Lices Lake Harleston
Little Lake Three Rivers
Long Lake Big Point
Lower Carter Lake Easen Hill
Lower Jerry Lake Three Rivers
Lower Ramsey Lake Easen Hill
Lyons Lake Big Point
Mallard Lake Pascagoula North
Marsh Lake Pascagoula North
McInnis Lake Pascagoula North
Moon Lake Pascagoula North
O Pines Lake Vancleave
O’Leary Lake Pascagoula North
Orange Lake Kreole
Paige Lake Gautier North
Parish Lake Three Rivers
Parkers Lake Harleston
Petes Lake Big Point
Polly Lake Vancleave
Presley Pond Pascagoula North
Robertson Lake Pascagoula North
Rogers Lake Three Rivers
Round Lake Easen Hill
Sally Lake Harleston
Sams Lake Three Rivers
Sapling Pond Big Point
Shingle Lake Three Rivers
Sims Mill Pond Easen Hill
Spring Lake Vancleave
Stead Dead River Easen Hill
Tucker Lake Easen Hill
Upper Carter Lake Easen Hill
Upper Jerry Lake Three Rivers
Upper Ramsey Lake Easen Hill
Ware Lake Three Rivers
Wilson Lake Easen Hill
Wilson Lake Harleston
Woods Lake Pascagoula North

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Jackson County, Mississippi. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.