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Park County Montana Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Park County Montana

Place USGS Topo Map
Aldridge Lake Electric Peak
Alpine Lake Mount Cowen
Anvil Lake Cooke City
Aquarius Lake Fossil Lake
Arrastra Lake Mineral Mountain
Astral Lake Cooke City
Basin Lake Fossil Lake
Beauty Lake Cooke City
Blacktail Lake Livingston Peak
Bob Lake Cooke City
Boulder Lakes Fossil Lake
Bridge Lake The Needles
Broadwater Lake Fossil Lake
Campfire Lake Campfire Lake
Carpenter Lake Specimen Creek
Casey Lake Gardiner
Castle Lake Mineral Mountain
Cave Lake Crazy Peak
Cavity Lake Little Park Mountain
Charlie White Lake Ash Mountain
Cliff Lake Fossil Lake
Colley Lake Mount Wallace
Companion Lake Cooke City
Corner Lake Cooke City
Cottonwood Lake Crazy Peak
Cottonwood Reservoir Cottonwood Reservoir
Courthouse Lake Little Park Mountain
Crag Lake Sportsman Lake
Crescent Lake Sportsman Lake
Crevice Lake Ash Mountain
Crystal Lake The Pyramid
Curl Lake Fossil Lake
Cutler Lake Dome Mountain
Dailey Lake Dailey Lake
Dead Horse Lakes Campfire Lake
Diamond Lake Crazy Peak
Dick Lake Cooke City
Dollar Lake Fossil Lake
Druckmiller Lake Crazy Peak
Elbow Lake The Pyramid
Elk Lake Iron Mountain
Fawn Lake Ash Mountain
Ferrell Lake Miner
Finger Lake Fossil Lake
Fire Lake Dexter Point
Fish Lake Monitor Peak
Fitzpatrick Lake Elton
Five Lakes Gardiner
Fizzle Lake Fossil Lake
Fly Lake Cooke City
Fox Lake Fossil Lake
Fulcrum Lake Fossil Lake
Gate Lake Elton
George Lake Dexter Point
Glacier Green Lake Little Park Mountain
Glacier Lake Crazy Peak
Goose Lake Cooke City
Granite Lake Crazy Peak
Grasshopper Lakes Little Park Mountain
Green Lake Miner
Green Lake Cooke City
Hidden Lake Hummingbird Peak
High Lake Sportsman Lake
Hilltop Lake Cooke City
Horseshoe Lake Mount Rae
Horseshoe Lake Pinnacle Mountain
Huckleberry Lake Cooke City
Imelda Lake Little Park Mountain
Incisor Lake Little Park Mountain
Jeff Lake Cooke City
Jewel Lake Mount Cowen
Kaufman Lake West Boulder Plateau
Kersey Lake Fossil Lake
Knott Lake Little Park Mountain
La Velle Lake Little Park Mountain
Lady of the Lake Cooke City
Lake Abundance Cutoff Mountain
Lake Aries Cooke City
Lake McKnight Mount Cowen
Lake of the Woods Pinnacle Mountain
Leaky Raft Lake Fossil Lake
Leech Lake Big Horn Peak
Lillis Lake Fossil Lake
Little Goose Lake Little Park Mountain
Little Green Lake Cooke City
Little Joe Lake Electric Peak
Little Molar Lake Fossil Lake
Lone Elk Lake Fossil Lake
Lone Lake Cooke City
Lone Lake Crazy Peak
Lonesome Pond Mineral Mountain
Long Lake Cooke City
Looking Glass Lake Fossil Lake
Lost Lakes Mount Rae
Lower Aero Lake Fossil Lake
Margaret Lake Fossil Lake
Marsh Lake Fossil Lake
Merrell Lake Miner
Moccasin Lake Fossil Lake
Molar Lake Fossil Lake
Moose Lake Campfire Lake
Mud Lake Livingston
Mud Lake Big Draw
Mud Lake Cooke City
Mutt Lake Cooke City
No Bones Lake Fossil Lake
Nurses Lakes Mount Rae
Oasis Lakes Crazy Peak
Ovis Lake Cooke City
Paddle Lake Fossil Lake
Panhandle Lake Cooke City
Peanut Lake Fossil Lake
Pear Lake Crazy Peak
Pine Creek Lake Mount Cowen
Pneumonia Lake Fossil Lake
Production Lake Fossil Lake
Rainbow Lake Gardiner
Recroitment Lake Fossil Lake
Redfield Lake Mount Rae
Reed Lake Fossil Lake
Rock Island Lake Fossil Lake
Rock Lake Crazy Peak
Rough Lake Fossil Lake
Round Lake Cooke City
Sedge Lake Sportsman Lake
Sedge Lake Fossil Lake
Shelf Lake Big Horn Peak
Shelter Lake Fossil Lake
Shooting Star Lake Sportsman Lake
Silver Lake The Needles
Skull Lake Fossil Lake
Sky Top Lakes Granite Peak
Slide Lake Gardiner
Smeller Lake Crazy Peak
Snow Lake Cooke City
Sodalite Lake Fossil Lake
Sourdough Lake Cooke City
Spider Lake Cooke City
Splinter Lake Fossil Lake
Sportsman Lake Sportsman Lake
Star Dust Lake Cooke City
Star Lake Granite Peak
Star Lake Cooke City
Stash Lake Fossil Lake
Stepping Stone Lake Fossil Lake
Sunlight Lake Campfire Lake
Surprise Lake Fossil Lake
Swamp Lake Cooke City
Thompson Lake Mineral Mountain
Trapper Lake Mount Cowen
Trout Lake Mount Douglas
Twin Lakes Dome Mountain
Twin Lakes Crazy Peak
Twin Lakes Fossil Lake
Upper Aero Lake Granite Peak
Vernon Lake Fossil Lake
Wall Lake Cooke City
Washtub Lake Fossil Lake
Weasel Lake Fossil Lake
West Boulder Lake West Boulder Plateau
Wiedy Lake Fossil Lake
Wolf Lakes Little Park Mountain
Wolf Voice Lake Little Park Mountain
Wrong Lake Little Park Mountain
Yankee Jim Lake Dome Mountain
Zimmer Lake Cooke City

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Park County, Montana. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.