Sheridan County Nebraska Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Sheridan County Nebraska

Place USGS Topo Map
Albrecht Lake Twin Lakes
Antelope Creek Reservoir 20-A Gordon
Antelope Creek Reservoir 40-B Gordon
Antelope Creek Reservoir 60-A Clinton
Arnold Lake Arnold Lake
Ashburger Lake Lakeside
Auker Lake Billys Lake
Bennett Lake Krause Lake East
Berry Lake Gaunt Lake
Billys Lake Billys Lake
Black Lake Ellsworth
Bower Lake Antioch
Bunger Lake Argo Hill
Burton Lake Gaunt Lake
Burton Lake Gaunt Lake
Carmichael Lake Gaunt Lake
Carnes Lake Arnold Lake
Cat Lake Lakeside
Chicken Lake Dolly Warden Lake
Chokecherry Lake Bovee Valley East
Clear Lake Billys Lake
Cody Lake Lakeside
Colwell Reservoir Beaver Wall
Conley Lake Peter Long Lake
Cook Lake Lakeside
Cravath Lake Twin Lakes
Crowther Lake Lakeside
D Briggs Lake Krause Lake East
Davis Reservoir Hay Springs
Deer Lake Arnold Lake
Dennis Lake Peter Long Lake
Diamond Lake Twin Lakes
Dillings Lake Skunk Lake
Dillmans Lake Gaunt Lake
Dolly Warden Lake Dolly Warden Lake
Dorshorst Reservoir Hay Springs SW
East Kinney Lake Billys Lake
Fenner Lakes Jesse Lake
Fenner Lakes Jesse Lake
Floyd Lake Lakeside
Forester Lake Antioch
Frank Reservoir Clinton SW
Frye Lake Hog Island
Gaunt Lake Gaunt Lake
Goose Lake Billys Lake
Goose Lake Skunk Lake
Granning Lake Lowe Valley
Green Lake Green Lake
Hackberry Lake Bovee Valley East
Haines Lake Ellsworth
Hancock Lake Lakeside
Harris Lake Lakeside
Heaton Reservoir Skunk Lake NW
Hebbert Lake Wolford Valley
Hiers Lakes Antioch
Holzberger Reservoir Clinton NE
Hoover Lake Hog Island
Hughes Lakes Peter Long Lake
Hupp Lake Billys Lake
Isham Reservoir Chadron NE
Jacobs Lake Billys Lake
Jennings Lake White Lake
Jess Lake Krause Lake East
Jesse Lake Jesse Lake
Joe Lake Krause Lake East
Johnson Reservoir Clinton
Johnson Reservoir Whiteclay SE
Joy Lake Twin Lakes
Kadlecek Reservoir Whiteclay SW
Kennedy Lake Gaunt Lake
Kern Lake Billys Lake
Keys Lake Dolly Warden Lake
Kinney Lake Billys Lake
Lane Lake Antioch
Leach Reservoir South of Gordon
Lily Lake Antioch
Linden Reservoir Hay Springs
Long Lake Krause Lake East
Louden Lake Gaunt Lake
Lundy Reservoir Beaver Wall
McAlister Lake Billys Lake
McFall Lake Lakeside
McFall Lake Antioch
Merritt Lake Ellsworth
Middle Osborne Lake Dolly Warden Lake
Miller Lake Dolly Warden Lake
Minnich Lake Billys Lake
Mirage Flats Reservoir 3 Hay Springs SE
Moore Lake Ellsworth
Mulhall Lake Lakeside
Musfelt Reservoir Hay Springs NE
Nelson Lake Antioch
Norman Reservoir Hay Springs NE
Nye Lake Peter Long Lake
O Brien Lake White Lake
O’Neil Lake Jesse Lake
Osborne Lake Billys Lake
Otte Reservoir Clinton NW
Palmer Lake Antioch
Patton Lake White Lake
Peter Long Lake Peter Long Lake
Peterson Lake Krause Lake West
Petes Lake Dolly Warden Lake
Potash Lake Antioch
Potmesil Lake Peter Long Lake
Powell Lake Hog Island
Rasberg Lake Ellsworth
Reeves Lake Jesse Lake
Reid Lake Ellsworth
Roethler Lake Arnold Lake
Round Lake Dolly Warden Lake
Rush Lake Hog Island
Sandow Lake White Lake
Sandoz Lake Dolly Warden Lake
School Section Lake Krause Lake East
School Section Lakes Krause Lake East
Shane Lake Green Lake
Shubert Lake Ellsworth
Simondson Lake Lakeside
Simondson Lake Lakeside
Sisco Lake White Lake
Skunk Lake Skunk Lake
Smith Lake Smith Lake
Snow Lake Peter Long Lake
Spring Lake Twin Lakes NE
Spring Lake Dolly Warden Lake
Star Lake Argo Hill
Strong Lake Lakeside
Sweeney Lake Jesse Lake
T Briggs Lake Krause Lake East
Tallon Reservoir Whiteclay SE
Taylor Lake White Lake
Thompson Lake Hog Island
Thompson Lake Lakeside
Tin Can Lake White Lake
Tree Claim Lake Krause Lake East
Twin Lakes Twin Lakes
Twin Lakes Krause Lake West
Van Loon Lake White Lake
Von Krosigh Lake Gaunt Lake
Walgren Lake Hay Springs
Walters Lake Arnold Lake
Watson Lake Arnold Lake
Welsh Lake Lakeside
West Osborne Lake Dolly Warden Lake
White Lake White Lake
Wickson Lake Krause Lake East
Wilkinson Lake Krause Lake East
Wilkinson Lakes Krause Lake East
Willy Lake Bingham
Wilson Lake Antioch
Wintermuth Lake Arnold Lake

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Sheridan County, Nebraska. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.