Churchill County Nevada Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Churchill County Nevada

Place USGS Topo Map
Big Cottonwood Lake Stillwater
Big Indian Lake Indian Lakes
Big Mallard Pond Stillwater
Big Water Pintail Bay
Boney Pond Stillwater
Cardinal Pond Stillwater
Carson Lake Carson Lake
Cattail Lake Foxtail Lake
Chappelle Pond Stillwater
Diamond Canyon Reservoir Diamond Canyon
Division Lake Foxtail Lake
Dixie Valley Reservoir Number One Drumm Summit
Dixie Valley Reservoir Number Two Drumm Summit
Dog Head Pond Foxtail Lake
Dry Lake Foxtail Lake
Duck Lake Battleground Point
Dutch Bill Lake Stillwater
East Alkali Lake Number One Foxtail Lake
East Alkali Lake Number Two Foxtail Lake
East Lake Stillwater
Foxtail Lake Foxtail Lake
Freeman Pond Stillwater
Goose Lake Foxtail Lake
Harmon Reservoir Grimes Point
Humboldt Lake Ocala
Indian Lakes Indian Lakes
Kerman Pond Stillwater
Kirkley Pond Stillwater
Lead Lake Stillwater
Leter Lake Indian Lakes
Leter Reservoir Battleground Point
Likes Lake Indian Lakes
Little Cottonwood Lake Stillwater
Little Dutch Bill Pond Stillwater
Little Freeman Pond Stillwater
Little Mallard Pond Stillwater
Little Soda Lake Soda Lake West
Mud Lake Soda Lake West
Mustang Pond Soda Lake West
North Lead Lake Stillwater
North Nutgrass Pintail Bay
Old Reservoir Soda Lake East
Old River Reservoir Indian Lakes
Oles Pond Indian Lakes
Papoose Lake Indian Lakes
Pappis Pond Foxtail Lake
Pintail Bay Pintail Bay
S Line Reservoir Grimes Point
Sans Pond Stillwater
Sheckler Reservoir Sheckler Reservoir
Soda Lake Soda Lake West
South Lead Lake Foxtail Lake
South Nutgrass Pintail Bay
Spragia Pond Stillwater
Stillwater Point Reservoir Stillwater
Sullivan Pond Stillwater
Swan Check Pintail Bay
Swan Lake Pintail Bay
Terrell Hole Dixie Valley
Timber Lake Battleground Point
Tule Lake Foxtail Lake
Twin Lakes Indian Lakes
Upper Foxtail Lake Foxtail Lake
Upper Lake Indian Lakes
Vaughn Lake Indian Lakes
Ward Pond Stillwater
West Nutgrass Pintail Bay
Willow Lake Pintail Bay

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Churchill County, Nevada. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.