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Elko County Nevada Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Elko County Nevada

Place USGS Topo Map
23 Mile Reservoir Chicken Springs
Airport Ponds Elko West
Angel Lake Welcome
Bahm Basa Pond Owyhee
Bapt Reservoir Ventosa
Beers Reservoir Kinsley Mountains
Bills Fishpond Halleck SW
Birdeye Lake Tent Mountain
Bishop Creek Reservoir Summer Camp
Boies Reservoir Boies Reservoir
Boulder Lake Tent Mountain
Box Canyon Reservoir Midas
Boyd Reservoir Boyd Reservoir
Brady Reservoir Groundhog Reservoir
Bull Run Reservoir Bull Run Reservoir
Burnt Reservoir Judd Mountain
Castle Lake Ruby Dome
Charleston Reservoir Charleston Reservoir
Circle Creek Reservoir Groundhog Reservoir
Circle Cross Reservoir Groundhog Reservoir
Clover Valley Wildlife Reservoir Gordon Creek
Cold Lakes Verdi Peak
Cora Lake Jarbidge South
Corner Reservoir Hubbard Basin
Corral Lake Reservoir Corral Lake
Coyote Hole The Point
Coyote Lake Charleston Reservoir
Crittenden Reservoir Crittenden Springs
Currie Ponds McDermid Ranch
Dake Reservoir Tecoma
Deans Pass Reservoir Judd Mountain
Deep Creek Reservoir Cornucopia Ridge
Desert Ranch Reservoir Desert Ranch
Dewar Reservoir Elko East
Dick Reservoir Groundhog Reservoir
Dollar Lakes Ruby Dome
Dorsey Reservoir Dinner Station
Dry Creek Reservoir Dry Creek Reservoir
Dry Farm Reservoir Noon Rock
Dry Lake Boyd Reservoir
Dry Lake Reservoir Mount Ichabod
Eagle Rock Reservoir Reed Station
Echada Reservoir Kinsley Mountains
Echo Lake Ruby Dome
Eight Mile Creek Reservoir Elko West
Elko Mountain Reservoir Elko East
Elko Summit Reservoir Number One Elko East
Elko Summit Reservoir Number Two Elko East
Ellison Reservoir Jake Creek Mountain
Emerald Lake Gods Pocket Peak
Favre Lake Ruby Dome
Ferber Reservoir Number One Utah Peak
Fifth Street Wash Reservoir Elko West
Franklin Lake Franklin Lake SW
Garat Reservoir Peterson Table East
Garat Reservoir G10 Hat Peak
Garat Reservoir G9 State Line Camp
Goat Lake Ruby Dome
Goshute Lake Goshute Lake North
Granite Creek Reservoir The Baldies
Greys Lake Welcome
Griswold Lake Lamoille
Groundhog Reservoir Groundhog Reservoir
Hidden Lakes Verdi Peak
Hot Lake Squaw Valley Ranch
Island Lake Ruby Dome
Jack Creek Tank Robinson Creek
Jarbidge Lake Gods Pocket Peak
Jeannette Lake McAfee Peak
Josephine Reservoir Hat Peak
Lake Creek Reservoir Star Valley Ridge West
Lake Phyllis Halleck SW
Lamb Reservoir (historical) The Point
Lamoille Highway Reservoir Elko East
Lamoille Lake Ruby Dome
Leppy Reservoir Leppy Peak
Liberty Lake Ruby Dome
Little Primrose Dam Reservoir Knoll Mountain
Little Reservoir Charleston Reservoir
Long Canyon Reservoir Big Table
Loray Reservoir Cobre SE
Lost Lake Green Mountain
Manning Reservoir Groundhog Reservoir
Mat Tank High Bald Peaks
McNeilly Reservoir Groundhog Reservoir
Meyers Reservoir Jake Creek Mountain
Middle Draw Reservoir Middle Draw Reservoir
Mill Creek Reservoir Crittenden Springs
Moffat Reservoir Elko East
Mud Lake Snowstorm Mountain
No Name Reservoir Groundhog Reservoir
North Furlong Lake Ruby Dome
Overland Lake Franklin Lake NW
Pearl Lake Pearl Peak
Playa Reservoir Pilot
Poker Flat Reservoir Sheep Creek Reservoir
Rabbit Creek Reservoir Tabor Flats
Rattlesnake Reservoir Groundhog Reservoir
Ravine Reservoir Spruce Mountain NW
Rawhide Reservoir Wilson Reservoir
Reed Reservoir Reed Station
Reservation Fence Reservoir Hat Peak
Robinson Lake Verdi Peak
Rock Creek Reservoir Rock Creek Ranch
Rocky Reservoir Humboldt Hill
Ross Reservoir Mahala Creek West
Rubber Lake Rubber Hill
Ruby Lake Ruby Lake NW
Ruby Lake Unit Fourteen Ruby Lake NW
Ruby Lake Unit Ten Ruby Lake NW
Ruby Lake Unit Thirteen Ruby Lake NW
Ruby Lake Unit Twenty Ruby Lake NW
Ruby Lake Unit Twenty-one Ruby Lake NW
Ruby Valley Reservoir Number One Smith Well
Sandhill Reservoir Boyd Reservoir
Saval Reservoir Mahala Creek West
Scott Table Reservoir Big Table
Seitz Lake Lamoille
Sheep Creek Reservoir Sheep Creek Reservoir
Sleeman Pond West of Lee
Smith Lake Welcome
Snow Water Lake Snow Water Lake
Soldier Lakes Verdi Peak
South Fork Reservoir White Flats
South Fork Reservoir Judd Mountain
South Side Wash Reservoir Elko West
Spencer Reservoir Groundhog Reservoir
Spring Creek Reservoir Noon Rock
Steele Lake Humboldt Peak
Stockland Reservoir Pilot Peak SW
Sunflower Reservoir Tennessee Mountain
Thacker Reservoir Groundhog Reservoir
The Lakes Lake Mountain
Thomas Reservoir Groundhog Reservoir
Tobar Reservoir Snow Water Lake
Tub Spring Reservoir Bearpaw Mountain
Verdi Lake Verdi Peak
Weeks Reservoir Snow Water Lake
Wells City Water Reservoir Wells
Wild Horse Reservoir Wild Horse
Willow Creek Reservoir Willow Creek Reservoir
Wilson Reservoir Wilson Reservoir
Winchell Lake Humboldt Peak
Winters Ranch Reservoir Winters Ranch Reservoir
Zunino Reservoir Jiggs

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Elko County, Nevada. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.