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Lincoln County Nevada Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Lincoln County Nevada

Place USGS Topo Map
Able Reservoir Honest John Well
Acoma Reservoir Acoma
Adams Reservoir Trail Canyon
Apple Reservoir Worthington Peak SW
Averett Reservoir Vigo NE
Bailey Knoll Reservoir Coyote Spring
Basin Reservoir Groom Range SE
Big Flat Reservoir Condor Canyon
Black Canyon Reservoir Deadman Spring SE
Black Point Reservoir Delamar Lake
Blowfly Reservoir Cutler Reservoir
Bracken Pond Dodge Spring
Bradshaw Reservoir Elgin
Bristol Lake Number Four Pahroc Spring NE
Bristol Lake Number One Pahroc Spring NE
Bristol Lake Number Three Pahroc Spring NE
Bristol Reservoir Coyote Spring
Bristol Reservoir Number Two Deadman Spring SE
Bullfrog Reservoir Ely Springs
Cedar Reservoir Fife Mountain
Chalk Reservoir Delamar NW
Charco Pit Reservoir Tempiute Mountain South
Chuckwalla Guzzler Burro Basin
Cliff Reservoir Pahroc Spring NE
Cliff Reservoir Fife Mountain
Coal Valley Reservoir Coal Valley Reservoir
Conaway Reservoir Caliente
Cottonwood Reservoir Worthington Peak
Crack Reservoir Delamar Lake
Crescent Reservoir Crescent Reservoir
Culverwell Reservoir Caliente
Cutler Reservoir Cutler Reservoir
Cyanide Reservoir Delamar NW
Delamar Flat Reservoir Delamar Lake
Delamar Lake Delamar Lake
Divide Reservoir Pony Springs
Dodge Pocket Reservoir Blue Nose Peak
Dry Lake Reservoir Bristol Well
Eagle Valley Reservoir Eagle Valley Reservoir
East Coal Valley Reservoir Coal Valley Reservoir
Eccles Reservoir Eccles
Echo Canyon Reservoir Rose Valley
Elgin Summit Reservoir Elgin
End of the Line Trough Blue Nose Peak
Fife Flat Reservoir Fife Mountain
Fox Mountain Reservoir Silver King Mountain SW
Frenchy Lake Hiko
Freshwater Lake Mount Grafton NE
Garden Valley Reservoir Water Gap West
Garden Valley Reservoir Number 1 Wadsworth Ranch
Grassy Spring Reservoir Dutch John Mountain
Gravel Canyon Reservoir Quartz Peak
Gregorson Basin Number Two South of Gregerson Basin
Gregorson Basin Reservoir Gregerson Basin
Groom Lake Groom Mine
Henrie Reservoir Ella Mountain
Hirshi Reservoir Number Two Deadman Spring SE
Hollinger Debris Reservoir Eagle Valley Reservoir
Indian Canyon Reservoir Quartz Peak
Jacks Canyon Reservoir Bunker Peak
John Wright Reservoir Fossil Peak
Jumbo Reservoir Gregerson Basin
Knoll Pond Reservoir Pahroc Summit Pass
Lafes Reservoir Uvada
Lone Pine Reservoir Eccles
Lower Pahranagat Lake Lower Pahranagat Lake
MacKay Reservoir Pahroc Summit Pass
Mag Reservoir Fife Mountain
Mahogany Knoll Reservoir Bunker Peak
Main Wash 6 Reservoir Groom Range NE
Marble Reservoir Bunker Peak
Mathews Canyon Reservoir Bunker Peak
Maynard Lake Lower Pahranagat Lake
Middle Pass Reservoir Bunker Peak
Middle Pond Lower Pahranagat Lake
Middle Pond Reservoir Lime Mountain
Middle Reservoir Bristol Well
Millard Canyon Reservoir Miller Canyon
Minto Reservoir Eccles
Monumental Reservoir Gleason Basin
Murphy Gap Reservoir Murphy Gap SE
Mustang Reservoir Pahroc Spring NE
Nesbitt Lake Hiko
Nesbitt Reservoir White River Narrows
New Reservoir Delamar Lake
Old Highway Reservoir Uvada
Onada Reservoir Water Gap West
Ooze Flat Reservoir Dodge Spring
Papoose Lake Papoose Lake
Pine Canyon Reservoir Fife Mountain
Pocket Number Three Reservoir South of Gregerson Basin
Point of Rock Reservoir Pahroc Spring NE
Pony Reservoir Gregerson Basin
Powerline Reservoir Delamar NW
Quail Reservoir Groom Range NE
Rockhouse Reservoir Bristol Range SE
Rolling Hills Reservoir Bunker Peak
Rye Patch Reservoir Silver King Mountain SW
Sams Camp Reservoir Lime Mountain
Schroeder Lake Pine Park
Sheep Flat Reservoir Fife Mountain
Sheep Reservoir Kane Springs Valley
Sheep Reservoir Number 2 Coal Valley Reservoir
Snow Trough Lime Mountain
South Canyon Reservoir Fife Mountain
Southeast Reservoirs Delamar Lake
Southside Reservoir Pahroc Summit Pass
Southside Reservoirs Delamar Lake
Steward Reservoir Grassy Mountain
Swiss Bob Reservoir Deadman Spring NE
Thiriot Reservoir Pahroc Summit Pass
Thorley Reservoir Ely Springs
Three Points Reservoir Fife Mountain
Tooley Reservoir Murphy Gap SE
Toquop Gap Reservoir Toquop Gap
Tule Desert Reservoir Toquop Gap
Tule Reservoir Seaman Wash
Tungsten Reservoir Groom Range NE
Twin Spring Reservoir Alamo NE
Upper Pahranagat Lake Alamo
Upper Patterson Reservoir Pioche
Upper Reservoir Coyote Spring
Uvada Reservoir Uvada
White River Reservoir Silver King Mountain SW
White Rock Reservoir Blue Nose Peak
White Sage Reservoir Pahroc Summit Pass

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Lincoln County, Nevada. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.