Rockingham County New Hampshire Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Rockingham County New Hampshire

Place USGS Topo Map
Adams Pond Derry
Angle Pond Sandown
Arlington Mill Reservoir Salem Depot
Arlington Mill Reservoir Salem Depot
Arlington Mill Reservoir Salem Depot
Arlington Mill Reservoir Salem Depot
Ballard Pond Lawrence
Ballard Pond Sandown
Beaver Lake Derry
Beaver Pond Candia
Beckmans Pond Hampton
Benjamin Adams Pond Derry
Big Acorn Pond Northwood
Big Island Pond Salem Depot
Blunts Pond Salem Depot
Bunker Pond Mount Pawtuckaway
Burke Pond Hampton
Burtt Wildlife Pond Northwood
Cains Millpond Hampton
Calef Pond Derry
Canobie Lake Windham
Captain Pond Salem Depot
Car Barn Pond Hampton
Cedar Waters Barrington
Clamshell Pond Portsmouth
Clark Pond Candia
Clark Pond Candia
Cobbetts Pond Windham
Coffin Pond Hampton
Colcord Pond Exeter
Coombs Pond Portsmouth
Country Pond Kingston
Cub Pond Sandown
Cyrus Pond Barrington
Davis Pond Barrington
Dead Pond Northwood
Dead Pond Mount Pawtuckaway
Deer Pond Mount Pawtuckaway
Demeritt Pond Northwood
Diamond Pond Sandown
Dodge Pond Hampton
Dodge Ponds Hampton
Dole Marsh Northwood
Dow Pond Gossville
Durgin Pond Northwood
Eel Pond Hampton
Exeter Reservoir Exeter
Exeter River Reservoir Kingston
Exeter River Reservoir Kingston
Exeter River Reservoir Exeter
Ezekiel Pond Windham
Freeses Pond Northwood
Governors Lake Mount Pawtuckaway
Great Pond Kingston
Greenwood Pond Kingston
Halfmoon Pond Kingston
Hampton Falls River Reservoir Hampton
Harantis Lake Derry
Harvey Lake Northwood
Hoar Pond Epping
Hodges Millpond Salem Depot
Hog Hill Pond Salem Depot
Hoods Pond Derry
Horns Pond Derry
Hunt Pond Sandown
Island Pond Salem Depot
Jenness Pond Parker Mountain
Johnsons Pond Salem Depot
Judes Pond Exeter
Kendall Pond Windham
Kenison Pond Northwood
Kinnicum Pond Candia
Knowles Pond Hampton
Lamprey Pond Hampton
Lamprey River Reservoir Newmarket
Langley Pond Barrington
Lily Pond Sandown
Little Acorn Pond Northwood
Little Bow Pond Northwood
Little Cohas Brook Reservoir Manchester South
Little Cub Pond Sandown
Little Massabesic Lake Candia
Locke Pond Hampton
Londonderry Sewage Lagoon Windham
Long Pond Kingston
Long Pond Northwood
Loon Pond Mount Pawtuckaway
Lower Ballard Pond Sandown
Lower Shields Pond Derry
Lucas Pond Northwood
Marsh Road Pond Kittery
Massabesic Lake Derry
Meadow Lake Northwood
Meadow Pond Hampton
Mill Pond Hampton
Mill Pond Portsmouth
Millville Lake Salem Depot
Mitchell Pond Windham
Moeckel Pond Windham
Mountain Brook Pond Mount Pawtuckaway
Mud Pond Gossville
Muddy Pond Epping
Muddy Pond Exeter
Mulligan Ponds Northwood
North Mill Pond Portsmouth
North Pond Derry
North River Pond Northwood
Northwood Lake Gossville
Norton Pond Candia
Nottingham Lake Epping
Old Millpond Hampton
Onway Lake Mount Pawtuckaway
Pawtuckaway Pond Mount Pawtuckaway
Pawtuckaway Pond Mount Pawtuckaway
Peverly Brook Lower Pond Portsmouth
Peverly Brook Upper Pond Portsmouth
Philbrick Pond Exeter
Philbrick Pond Hampton
Phillips Pond Sandown
Piscassic Ice Pond Newmarket
Pleasant Lake Gossville
Powwow Pond Kingston
Powwow Pond Kingston
Punch Pond Sandown
Quincy Pond Northwood
Rainbow Lake Derry
Rock Pond Windham
Round Pond Mount Pawtuckaway
Scobie Pond Derry
Seavey Pond Windham
Shadow Lake Salem Depot
Showell Pond Sandown
Simpson Pond Windham
South Mill Pond Portsmouth
Spruce Lakes Candia
Spruce Pond Candia
Taylor Reservoir Salem Depot
Taylor River Reservoir Exeter
Taylor River Reservoir Hampton
Taylors Reservoir Salem Depot
The Meadow Reservoir Derry
Thurston Pond Gossville
Tower Hill Pond Candia
Town of Exeter Sewerage Lagoons Reservoir Exeter
Townsend Pond Lawrence
Tudor Wildlife Pond Northwood
Tuxbury Pond Newburyport West
Tuxbury Pond Newburyport West
Voydatch Pond Gossville
Wash Pond Sandown
Wason Pond Sandown
Wheeler Pond Windham
Winnicut Mills Pond Portsmouth
Winnicut River Reservoir Portsmouth
World End Pond Salem Depot

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Rockingham County, New Hampshire. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.