Chaves County New Mexico Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Chaves County New Mexico

Place USGS Topo Map
Adams Tank Culp Ranch
Adobe Lake Sardine Lake
Akins Tank Round Mountain
Alden Lee Tank Denton Camp
Alkali Lake Sardine Mountain
Anna Tank Denton Camp
Antelope Lake Juan Lake
Antelope Tank Sardine Mountain
Antelope Tank Denton Camp
Archer Tank Denton Camp
Bajillo Tank Rock House Canyon
Ballard Lake Haystack Butte
Bar V Tank Olive
Bar X Tank Chimney Lake
Barringer Tank Elkins
Beadle Tank Oasis
Beaver Lake Kenna
Berts Tank Haystack Butte
Big Chief Water Storage Tank Pinon Ranch
Big Lake Melena
Big Tank Dunlap Sill
Big Tank Mesa
Bill Parks Tank Deep Well
Bitter Lake Bitter Lake
Blm Lake Deep Well
Boat Lake Robertson Canyon
Bomb Target Tank Mesa
Bottomless Lakes Bottomless Lakes
Boulder Tank Round Mountain
Brahman California Tank Mesa
Brawley Tank Olive
Broke Tank Presler Lake
Broke Tank Lake Presler Lake
Brooks Tank Vest Camp
Broom Tank Round Mountain
Browns Lake Deep Well
Buck Lake Sardine Mountain
Buck Springs Mesa
Buck Springs Tank Mesa
Buffalo Lake Hagerman
Buffalo Tank Mesa SE
Bullis Lake Pinon Ranch
Burton Tanks Dunlap Sill
Burts Tank Mesa SW
Camps Tank Wade Ranch
Casaus Lake Wire Lake
Catfish Tank Deep Well
CC Tank Deep Well
CCC Tank Rock House Canyon
Cedar Hill Lake Lewis Peak
Chain Lakes Bitter Lake
China Tank Rock House Canyon
Christine Tank Blackwater Hill
Circle Y Tank Denton Camp
Cistern Tank Round Mountain
Clardy Tank Dunlap Sill
Claypit Tanks Oasis
Cockle Burr Lake Wade Ranch
Cocklebur Lakes Coyote Draw
Cocklebur Tank Elkins
Columbus Tank Round Mountain SE
Coons Lake Coyote Draw
Cooper Tank Presler Lake
Cooper Tank Elkins
Corn Tank Round Mountain
Corner Storage Tank Bullis Spring Ranch
Cottonwood Lake Bottomless Lakes
Cottonwood Tank Mesa SE
Cottonwood Tank Mescalero Point NE
County Line Tank Basin Well
Cox Tank Lewis Peak
Coyote Reservoir Sardine Mountain
Crim Tank Pinon Ranch
Crip Tank Bullis Spring Ranch
Crooked Water Storage Tank South Taylor Tank
Crump Tanks Oasis
Curlew Lake Curlew Lake
Dagger Lake Dark Canyon
Dagger Tank Sagebrush Valley East
Deep Lake Sardine Lake
Deep Lake Lucky Lake
Deep Tank Curlew Lake
Denton Tank Haystack Butte
Devil Tank Malstrom Ranch
Dimmitt Lake Bottomless Lakes
Dirt Tank Bullis Spring Ranch
Doll Day Tank Cornucopia Canyon
Dooley Tank Haystack Butte
Double Tank Malstrom Ranch
Douthett Tank Malstrom Ranch
Doyle Tank Curlew Lake
Drake Tank Swallow Nest Canyon
Draw Tank Malstrom Ranch
Duncan Tank Hondo Reservoir
Duncan Tank Oasis
Durand Reservoir Dexter East
E L Tank Mesa
East Lake Wade Ranch
East Sand Tank Button Mesa South
East Tank Deering Place
East Tank Haystack Butte
East Tank Sardine Lake
East Tank Curlew Lake
East Tank Wire Lake
Elkins Tank Gammil Well SE
Elkins Water Tank Elkins
Elmore Tank Mesa SE
Expensive Tank Haystack Butte
Fence Tank Sardine Mountain
Figure Eight Lake Bottomless Lakes
Fivemile Tank Mesa SE
Flat Tank Olive
Flores Tank Rock House Canyon
Foster Tank Bullis Spring Ranch
Fred Tank Cornucopia Canyon
Frenchman Lake Sixteenmile Draw West
Fry Lake Kenna
Gambil Tank Olive
Gavi Tank Rock House Canyon
Government Tank Round Mountain
Government Water Hole Round Mountain
Grage Tank Mesa
Grandpa Tank Hernandez Lake
Gressett Water Hole Indian Bluff
Grub Tank Curlew Lake
Hall Tank Encino Draw
Havens Tank Haystack Butte
Henery Tanks Haystack Butte
Hernandez Lake Hernandez Lake
Highway Tank Curlew Lake
Hilltop Tank Coyote Draw
Hite Tanks Oasis
Holman Tank Dunlap Sill
Hondo Reservoir Hondo Reservoir
Hooten Tank Pinon Ranch
House Tank Sardine Lake
Hub Tank Barn Draw
Hunt Tank Mesa
Indian Bluff Water Hole Indian Bluff
Indian Tank Haystack Butte
Indian Water Tank Bullis Spring Ranch
Ink Pots Melena
Inkwell Lake Bottomless Lakes
Janey Tank Loco Canyon
Joes Tank Deep Well
John Gentry Tank Cornucopia Canyon
Johnson Lake Elkins
Jones Tank Basin Well
Jones Tank Haystack Butte
Juan Lake Juan Lake
Jugs Tank Mesa
Junior Tank Denton Camp
Kelly Tank Kenna SW
Lake Arthur Hagerman
Lake Saint Francis Bitter Lake
Lake Tank Malstrom Ranch
Lake Tank Mesa SE
Lake Tank Dunlap Sill
Lake Tolliver Hagerman
Lake Van Dexter East
Lea Lake Bottomless Lakes
Lee Tank Lewis Peak
Lewis Lake Hernandez Lake
Little Burts Tank Mesa SW
Little Lake Blackwater Hill
Little Lucky Tank Cedar Point
Little Red Lake Elkins
Loco Tank Malstrom Ranch
Long Canyon Tank Chimney Lake
Lost Lake Presler Lake
Lowe Lake Melena
Lower Irabane Tank South Taylor Tank
Lower Long Water Tank Bullis Spring Ranch
Lucky Lake Lucky Lake
Mac Tank Curlew Lake
Made Tank Kincaid Ranch
Madison Square Garden Tank Sardine Lake
Malone Tank Denton Camp
Mare Lake Blackwater Hill
Mathews Tank Number 1 Elk
Mathews Tank Number 2 Elk
Mathews Tank Number Three Elk
McBride Tank Haystack Butte
McDowell Tank Hernandez Lake
McDowell Tank Curlew Lake
McGrew Tank Haystack Butte
Meadow Tanks Oasis
Mennecke Lake Blackwater Hill
Mesa Tank Mesa
Mesquite Tank Wade Ranch
Middle Lake Kenna
Mikes Tank Round Mountain
Milner Lake Eightmile Draw
Mirror Lake Bottomless Lakes
Moon Tank Sardine Lake
Morning Glory Tank Sardine Mountain
Mountain Tank Curlew Lake
Mule Canyon Tank Robertson Canyon
Mule Canyon Trick Tank Robertson Canyon
Nakee Ishee Lake Basin Well
Ned Tank Barn Draw
New Fork Tank Dunlap Sill
New Tank Wire Lake
New Tank Bullis Spring Ranch
New Tank Cornucopia Canyon
North Morris Tank Bar C Bar Ranch
North Red Tank Dunlap Sill
North Tank Swallow Nest Canyon
North Tank Curlew Lake
North Tank Lone Wolf
North Tank Rock House Canyon
North Tank Round Mountain SE
North Tank Round Mountain
North Water Storage Tank Pinon Ranch
Northwest Tank Chivata Canyon
Ogg Tank Cornucopia Canyon
Olas Tank Mesa
Old Fork Tank Dunlap Sill
Pacheco Tank Round Mountain
Pasture Lake Bottomless Lakes
Pecan Tank Mescalero Point NE
Peters Lake Peters Lake
Philley Tank Cedar Point
Pine Tank Chimney Lake
Pipeline Tank Deep Well
Pipeline Tank Round Mountain SE
Plains Tank Button Mesa South
Presler Lake Presler Lake
Price Tank Round Mountain
Prichard Lake Hagerman
Prichard Lakes Hagerman
Purcilly Tank Cornucopia Canyon
Rainwater Tank Denton Camp
Ramadge Lake Haystack Butte
Red and White Tank Oasis
Red Lake Sardine Mountain
Red Lake Sardine Lake
Red Lake Tank L E Ranch
Red Tank Rock House Canyon
Red Tank Mescalero Point
Red Tank San Juan Mesa West
Red Tank Dunlap Sill
Red Tank Dunlap Sill
Redman Tank Swallow Nest Canyon
Reese Tank Hernandez Lake
Road Lake Curlew Lake
Rogers Lake Kenna
Roosevelt Tanks Dunlap Sill
Rose Bowl Tank Malstrom Ranch
Rosy Tank Deep Well
Round Mountain Tank Round Mountain
Round Tank Basin Well
Rudolph Tank Haystack Butte
Sally Tank Wire Lake
Salt Cedar Lake Haystack Butte
Salt Cedar Tank Haystack Butte
Salt Lake Hernandez Lake
Salt Lake Curlew Lake
Salt Well Tank Denton Camp
Samples Lake Elkins
Sand Lake Elkins
Sand Tanks Curlew Lake SE
Sardine Lake Sardine Lake
Sardine Tank Sardine Mountain
School Tank Cornucopia Canyon
Schram Lake Schram Lake
Scott Tank Dunlap Sill
Scotts Lake Hackberry Ranch
Sealey Lake Kenna
Seesaw Tank Elkins
Selman Tank Marley Draw
Shaw Lake Melena
Shortys Tank Mesa
Sikes Tanks Mescalero Point
Silas Tank Rippee Ranch
Silman Lake Sardine Mountain
Singer Lake Singer Lake
Sink Hole Tank Basin Well
Sixmile Tank Haystack Butte
Sixmile Tank Denton Camp
Skull Lake Melena
Sons Tank Wire Lake
South Ballard Tank Haystack Butte
South Home Lake Wire Lake
South Lake Deep Well
South Pasture Tank Number 1 Robertson Canyon
South Pasture Tank Number 2 Robertson Canyon
South Tank Bar C Bar Ranch
South Tank Sardine Lake
South Tank Dunlap Sill
South Tank Round Mountain
South Taylor Tank South Taylor Tank
South Well Pinon Ranch
Spotted Tank Sardine Lake
Spring Tank Deering Place
Steve Water Storage Tank Bullis Spring Ranch
Stewart Tank Coyote Draw
Strong Tank Cornucopia Canyon
Sunflower Tank Chimney Lake
Tammy Water Storage Tank Bullis Spring Ranch
Tank in the Flat Mesa SE
Threadgill Tank Round Mountain
TJ Tank Round Mountain
Todd Tank Barn Draw
Tom Ned Tank Panther Hill
Tom Tank Hernandez Lake
Tuck Tank South Taylor Tank
Twin Lakes Sardine Lake
Twin Tanks Round Mountain SE
Twin Water Storage Tank Bullis Spring Ranch
Two Rivers Reservoir Hondo Reservoir
TX Tank Coyote Draw
Upper Bear Canyon Water Storage Tank Bullis Spring Ranch
Vest Lake Button Mesa North
Walker Tank Dunlap Sill
Watts Tank Thimble Canyon
Weak Wells Tank Denton Camp
Wells Tank Mesa SW
Wesley Tank Haystack Butte
West Cow Water Storage Pinon Ranch
West Crip Water Storage Tank Bullis Spring Ranch
West Tank Haystack Butte
West Tank Ramon SW
Westfall Tanks Oasis
White Lake Diamond Mound
White Lake Elkins
White Lake Tank Elkins
White Tank Campbell
White Tank Denton Camp
White Tank Button Mesa South
Wilcox Tanks Curlew Lake SE
Will Johnson Tank Deep Well
Windy Smith Tank Hernandez Lake
Wire Lake Wire Lake
Wolf Tank Sardine Lake
Woods Lake Schram Lake
Woods Tank Pinon Ranch
Yellow Lake Coyote Draw
Yoder Tank Round Mountain
Young Tank Sagebrush Valley East

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Chaves County, New Mexico. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.