Cibola County New Mexico Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Cibola County New Mexico

Place USGS Topo Map
AAA Tank Broom Mountain
Agua Media Post Office Flat
Alcon Tank Broom Mountain
Antelope Tank Broom Mountain
Atarque del Doter San Rafael
Atarque Lake Atarque Lake
Bates Tank Broom Mountain
Big Lake Cerro Hueco
Big Lake Cerro Pelon
Big Pasture Tank Cerro Del Oro
Bill Aseyna Tank Cerro Del Oro
Black Lake Kettner Canyon
Blue Water Tank Broom Mountain
Bluewater Lake Pine Canyon
Boggy Lake Cerro Hueco
Bonita Tank Chicken Mountain
Bull Lake Red Lake Mission
Bull Pasture Tank Broom Mountain
Burkhardt Tank Chicken Mountain
Cabin Tank Rincon Hondo
Cactus Lakes Mecate Meadow
Campbell Tank San Mateo
Carpenter Lake Chimney Hill
Carter Tank Broom Mountain
Cerro Alesna Tanks Chicken Mountain
Chaparral Lake Fence Lake
Chicken Mountain Tank Chicken Mountain
Chimney Lake Chimney Hill
Cordova Tank Puerto De Los Cavadores
Corral Tanks One and Two Cottonwood Canyon
Crockett Tank Cantaralo Spring
Crowder Tank Puerto De Los Cavadores
Cullen Tank Cantaralo Spring
Dead Forest Tank Cantaralo Spring
Dead Horse Tank Cebollita Peak
Dog Lake Togeye Lake
Dog Lake Fence Lake
Double Tank Cerro Del Oro
Double Tanks Cantaralo Spring
Dough Mountain Lake Dough Mountain
Dry Lake Chicken Mountain
Duck Tank San Mateo
Duran Tank Cantaralo Spring
East Tank Field Ranch
East Tank Chicken Mountain
El Rito Tank San Mateo
Fence Lake Fence Lake
Flag Lake Cebollita Peak
Flat Reservoir Dough Mountain
George Tank Cerro Pelon
Gist Tanks Wiley Mesa
Green Tank Cerro Prieto
Heffner Tank Moreno Hill
Henderson Reservoir Broom Mountain
Hillside Tank Cerro Del Oro
Holding Pasture Tank Cerro Del Oro
Horse Canyon Tank Twentytwo Spring
Horse Pasture Tank Cerro Del Oro
Horse Pasture Tank Mecate Meadow
Indian Lake Laguna Honda
Jaramie Lake The Dyke
Jayne Tank Chicken Mountain
Jonah Tank Cerro Del Oro
Jug Tank Cebollita Peak
La Baca Lake Chimney Hill
La Mosca Tank San Mateo
Lady Lake Laguna
Lagnuna Del Oro Pueblo Viejo Mesa
Laguna Americana Cerro Hueco
Laguna Bonita Chicken Mountain
Laguna Bonita Laguna Honda
Laguna Brillante Cerro Brillante
Laguna Colorada Cerro Alto
Laguna Concho Goat Hill
Laguna de Frances Laguna Canoneros
Laguna de la Choza Valle Largo
Laguna del Chical Grants SE
Laguna del Padre Laguna Canoneros
Laguna Encina Laguna Canoneros
Laguna Flora Cerro Alto
Laguna Honda Laguna Honda
Laguna Juan Garcia Ice Caves
Laguna Larga Red Lake Mission
Laguna Larga Cerro Hueco
Laguna Largo Cerro Pelon
Laguna Macho La Rendija
Laguna Mason Cerro Hueco
Laguna Redonda Laguna Canoneros
Laguna Santiago Marquez
Laguna Tarrito Cerro Hueco
Laguna Telesfor Laguna Canoneros
Lake Erie Cerro Del Oro
Largo Stock Tank Valle Largo
Lee Stock Tank San Mateo
Lobo Stock Tank Grants
Long Lake Laguna Honda
Lookout Mountain Stock Tank Kettner Canyon
Lower Axtell Tank Cerro Del Oro
Mantequilla Lake Chimney Hill
Martin Tank Marmon Ranch
Middle Lake Cebollita Peak
Middle Tank Field Ranch
Mimes Tank San Mateo
Montoso Tank Cerro Pomo
Monument Lake Valle Largo
Mormon Tank San Mateo
Mule Tank Chicken Mountain
Mule Tank San Mateo
Nicoll Lake Nicoll Lake
North Pasture Tank North Pasture
North Sanchez Tank Broom Mountain
Ojo Caliente Reservoir Ojo Caliente Reservoir
Paguate Reservoir Mesita
Penasco Lakes Chimney Hill
Perry Lake Rincon Hondo
Pig-a-be-ikiti Goat Hill
Pine Tank Moreno Hill
Porcupine Lake Cebollita Peak
Prairie Dog Tank Cottonwood Canyon
Red Lakes North Tanks Mecate Meadow
Red Windmill Tank Broom Mountain
Rim Tank Cerro Del Oro
Rim Tank Broom Mountain
Roadside Tank Cottonwood Canyon
Rock Tank Mecate Meadow
Rock Tank San Mateo
Rodeo Lake Cebollita Peak
Rough and Muddy Tank Chicken Mountain
Roundy Stock Tank Grants
Salazar Tank Cerro Pelon
Salt Knob Tank Wild Horse Canyon
San Mateo Reservoir San Mateo
Sanchez Tank Broom Mountain
Sawmill Tank Cebollita Peak
School Section Tank Field Ranch
Section Twelve Cottonwood Canyon
Sheep Tank Broom Mountain
Shonagana Reservoir Dough Mountain
Slab Pole Tank Cottonwood Canyon
Snake Tank Field Ranch
Snowbird Lake Mesita
Sokno Lake Cerro Pomo
South Passage Reservoirs Dough Mountain
Spruce Tank Cerro Pelon
Summers Tank Mecate Meadow
Tank Number 4 White Ridge
Tanque Pendejo La Rendija
Temporary Stock Tank Valle Largo
Ten Tank Puerto De Los Cavadores
Three Way Tank Chicken Mountain
Trap Lake Cebollita Peak
Trasquila Tank Laguna Honda
Triple Tank Wild Horse Canyon
Tuas Mesa Stock Tank Pine Canyon
Tub Lakes Cebollita Peak
Tusas Mesa Tank Pine Canyon
Twin Lakes Cerro Hueco
Twin Tank Cerro Del Oro
Upper Galestina Number 7 Reservoir Upper Galestina Canyon
Ward Canyon Tank Broom Mountain
Wedding Tank Wiley Mesa
West Trail Lake San Rafael
Wiley Lake Wiley Mesa
Wiley Tank Broom Mountain
Williams Lake Cerro Hueco
Willie Tank White Ridge
Willow Springs Tank Wiley Mesa
Windmill Tank Cottonwood Canyon
Y Tank Field Ranch
Youngs Tank San Mateo

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Cibola County, New Mexico. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.