Guadalupe County New Mexico Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Guadalupe County New Mexico

Place USGS Topo Map
Agua de los Juanes Anton Chico
Aguage Anton Chico
Antelope Tank Bar Y Ranch
Antelope Tank Mesa Palo Amarillo
Baker Lake Thompson Ranch
Bar Y Tank Santa Rosa Lake
Barrel Lake Loco Draw
Bass Lake Santa Rosa
Benavidez Tank Ortega Tank
Bibbs Tank Thompson Ranch
Bills Tank Mesa Palo Amarillo
Blue Hole Santa Rosa
Blue Tank Ortega Tank
Bookout Tank Bar Y Ranch
Box Canyon Tank Bar Y Ranch
Bull Lake San Ignacio
Burro Lake Burro Lake
Camilo Saiz Tank Anton Chico
Cantina Tank Loco Draw
Casino Tank Camaleon Draw East
Catfish Tank Mesa Palo Amarillo
Cherisco Tank Mesa Cherisco
Chico Tank Thompson Ranch
Cluck Tank Thompson Ranch
Cosme Tank Thompson Ranch
Creek Pasture Tank Santa Rosa Lake
Cuervo Tank Mesa Palo Amarillo
De Baca Tank Gate Canyon
Draw Tank Mesa Palo Amarillo
Duran Tank Mesa Palo Amarillo
East Tank Potrillo Hill
Edwardo Lake Thompson Ranch
Edwardo Tank Thompson Ranch
Eversaw Tank Horse Pasture Tank
Farm Gate Tank Santa Rosa Lake
Felix Dee Tank Thompson Ranch
Frank Padilla Tank Anton Chico
Frog Tank Mesita De Guadalupe
Gibson Tank Thompson Ranch
Harben Lake Harben Lake
Hidden Lake Santa Rosa
Holbrook Tank Mesa Palo Amarillo
Hord Tank Thompson Ranch
Horse Pasture Tank Horse Pasture Tank
Kelly Tank Ortega Tank
Laguna de las Vacas Duran NE
Laguna de los Terreros Laguna De Los Terreros
Laguna del Arabe Colonias
Laguna del Desaque Colonias
Laguna del Tul Colonias
Laguna del Tuloso Anton Chico
Laguna Quates Mesa Palo Amarillo
Laguna Seca Colonias
Little Salitre Tank Sacaton Draw
Lower East Tank Potrillo Hill
Lower Tank Sacaton Draw
Mayter Lake Pastura
Middle Tank Sacaton Draw
Middle Tanks Mesa Palo Amarillo
Mojada Blancas Tank Thompson Ranch
Molma Moulton Tank Thompson Ranch
Montecitos Tank Anton Chico
Mullins Tank Colonias
New Tank Mesa Palo Amarillo
Nine Hundred Acre Lake Sunshine Mesa
North Colonias Tank Horse Pasture Tank
North Los Tanos Tank Sacaton Draw
North Tank Santa Rosa Lake
North Tank Bar Y Ranch
Ortega Tank Ortega Tank
Oso Tank Ortega Tank
Padilla Tank Ortega Tank
Park Lake Santa Rosa
Pass Tank Gate Canyon
Perch Lake Santa Rosa
Pipeline Tank Bar Y Ranch
Poso Tank Bar Y Ranch
Post Lake Santa Rosa
Puertico Tank Mesa Palo Amarillo
Puertocito Lake Bar Y Ranch
Punta de la Mesa Anton Chico
Red Lake Horse Pasture Tank
Red Lake Mesa Palo Amarillo
Remigio Tank Anton Chico
Repres de las Uvas Colonias
Rock Lake Santa Rosa
Rock Tank Colonias
Roman Tank Thompson Ranch
Round Top Tank Santa Rosa Lake
Salitre Tank Sacaton Draw
Salt Lake Salt Lake
Santa Rosa Lake Santa Rosa Lake
Secundino Tank Mesa Palo Amarillo
South Los Tanos Tank Sunshine Mesa
Spring Tank Mesa Palo Amarillo
Starve-Out Trap Mesa Palo Amarillo
Streetcar Tank Mesa Palo Amarillo
Swan Lake Santa Rosa
Tank Lake Colonias
Telephone Tank Mesita De Guadalupe
Telephone Tank (historical) Santa Rosa Lake
Thompson Tank Mesa Palo Amarillo
Trailer Tank Bar Y Ranch
Tres Lagunas Santa Rosa
Twin Lake Santa Rosa
Upper East Tank Potrillo Hill
Upper Tank Sacaton Draw
Vigil Tank Mesa Palo Amarillo
Walpole Tank Thompson Ranch
West Colonias Tank Horse Pasture Tank
Woody Tank Horse Pasture Tank

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Guadalupe County, New Mexico. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.