Santa Fe County New Mexico Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Santa Fe County New Mexico

Place USGS Topo Map
Big Lake Mesa El Toro
Big Tank Rencona
Buckhorn Tank Wildhorse Mesa
Canada Tank Rowe
Cerrillos Reservoir Picture Rock
Cerro Tank Ojo Hedionda
Chavez Tanks Bull Canyon
Cochiti Well Tetilla Peak
Comanche Tank Wildhorse Mesa
Corner Tank Clines Corners
Coyote Tank Ojo Hedionda
Cozart Tank Rencona
Cupido Tank Clines Corners
Dead Dog Well Agua Fria
Dinosaur Tank El Cuervo Butte
Estracada Tank Number 1 Wildhorse Mesa
Estracada Tank Number 2 Wildhorse Mesa
Finger Lake Picture Rock
Four Mile Reservoir Santa Fe
Galisteo Lake Galisteo
Galisteo Reservoir Madrid
Granite Point Reservoir McClure Reservoir
Hardscrabble Tank Wildhorse Mesa
Headquarters Well Agua Fria
Highway Tank Clines Corners
Hill Tank Wildhorse Mesa
Horse Pasture Tank Wildhorse Mesa
Horse Shoe Tank Ojo Hedionda
Horse Tank Bull Canyon
Isaque Tank Bull Canyon
Jack Carrin Tank Rencona
K and R Reservoir Stanley
King Tank Wildhorse Mesa
L-Tank El Cuervo Butte
La Jara Tank Ojo Hedionda
Lake Johnson Cowles
Lake Katherine Aspen Basin
Lake Tank Rencona
Los Angeles Tank Galisteo
Lower Rock Tank Ojo Hedionda
Massey Tank Rencona
McClure Reservoir McClure Reservoir
Nambe Falls Reservoir Tesuque
Nambe Lake Aspen Basin
Nambe Reservoir Tesuque
Nichols Reservoir Santa Fe
Nombe Reservoir Tesuque
North Tank Wildhorse Mesa
Ojo Tank Bull Canyon
Ortiz Tank White Rock
Pinabete Tank White Rock
Portales Pond Agua Fria
Pueblito Tank White Rock
Red Tank Galisteo
Rim Well Tetilla Peak
Rock Lake El Cuervo Butte
Rock Quarry Tank Wildhorse Mesa
Salado Tank Bull Canyon
Santa Cruz Lake Cundiyo
Santa Fe Lake Aspen Basin
Sarapio Tank Bull Canyon
School Section Tank Rencona
Section 28 Tank Tetilla Peak
Section Twenty-Eight Tank Tetilla Peak
Shields Tank Rencona
Sierra Mosca Trick Tank Sierra Mosca
South Pine Canyon Tank Wildhorse Mesa
Spirit Lake Cowles
Spring Tank White Lakes
Stewart Lake Cowles
Stoney Tank White Rock
Talaya Hill Reservoir (historical) Santa Fe
Tank Eighteen Montoso Peak
Tank Nineteen Montoso Peak
Tank Thirty Montoso Peak
Tank Thirty-one Montoso Peak
Tarhole Tank Wildhorse Mesa
Tesuque Pueblo Reservoirs Tesuque
Tetilla Hole Montoso Peak
Tetilla Trick Tant Tetilla Peak
Twin Lakes El Cuervo Butte
Twomile Reservoir Santa Fe
Upper Rock Tank Ojo Hedionda
Weir Well Agua Fria
White Lakes White Lakes
Yate Tank Wildhorse Mesa
Young Lake Wildhorse Mesa
Young Tank Wildhorse Mesa

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Santa Fe County, New Mexico. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.