Sierra County New Mexico Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Sierra County New Mexico

Place USGS Topo Map
AAA Tank Fairview Well
AAA Tank Fuller Ranch
Adams Tank Taylor Peak
Adobe House Tank Shannon Canyon
Alligator Tank Bonner Canyon
Ant Tank P A Mountain
Antelope Tank Fairview Well
Antelope Tank Polecat Tank
Apache Gap Tank Apache Gap
Apache Tank Apache Gap
April Tank Bell Mountain
Army Tank Fence Canyon
Artesia Tank Bell Mountain
Baldin Tank Shannon Canyon
Bar B Tank Apache Gap
Barbee Tank Alivio
Barbee Tank Apache Gap
Basin Tank Apache Gap
Basin Tank Kingston
Bear Canyon Tank Sugarloaf Peak
Bear Den Tank Hardscrabble Mountains
Ben Taylor Tank Sulphur Pass
Big Bear Tank Baily Points
Big Rocky Tank Bell Mountain
Big Salt Lake Fifteenmile Lake
Big Tank Fairview Well
Bill Tank Monticello
Black Den Tank Hardscrabble Mountains
Blander Reservoir Number One Black Bluffs
BLM Tank Dugout Canyon
Bobs Tank Apache Gap
Boundary Tank Kingston
Broke Tank Upham Hills
Broke Tank Salinas Peak NW
Broke Tank Prisor Well
Broken House Tank McLeod Tank
Brushy Tank Shannon Canyon
Brushy Tank Kingston
Buckhorn Tank Big Gyp Mountain
Bull Pasture Tank Fence Canyon
C C C Tank Lumley Lake
C C Tank Upham
C C Tank Iron Mountain
Caballo Reservoir Caballo
Camp Water Tank Thumb Tank Peak
Cantrell Tank Number 1 Cuchillo
Capitol Peak Tank Capitol Peak
CCC Tank Saladone Tank
CCC Tank Capitol Peak
CCC Tank Prisor Well
CCC Tank Hembrillo Basin
Cedar Lake Engle
Cedar Tank Clark Spring Canyon
Cedar Tank Apache Gap
Chris Tank Thumb Tank Peak
Cottonwood Tank Sugarloaf Peak
Cox Tank Prisor Hill
Cox Tank Baily Points
Crispy Tank Dugout Canyon
Crooked Tank Taylor Peak
Cuchillo Community Allotment Reservoir Huerfano Hill
Cuchillo Tank Number 2 Cuchillo
Cup Tank Saladone Tank
Curleys Tank Kingston
Cutter Tank Cutter
Deep Tank Thumb Tank Peak
Dennison Tank Priest Tank
Doagy Tank Taylor Peak
Dollar Tank Bell Mountain
Doolittle Tank Number 1 Cuchillo
Downs Tank Huerfano Hill
Dry Tank Thumb Tank Peak
Ducknest Tank Sierra Fijardo
East Avilas Tank Thumb Tank Peak
East Myers Tank Bell Mountain
East Pasture Tank Polecat Tank
East South Salado Peak Tank Bell Mountain
East Tank McLeod Tank
East Tank Fence Canyon
East Tank Big Gyp Mountain
East Tank Number 3 Prisor Hill
Elephant Butte Reservoir Elephant Butte
Engle Lake Engle
Evans Tank Bell Mountain
Fenceline Tank Jaralosa Mountain
Flat Tank McLeod Tank
Flat Tank Sugarloaf Peak
Flat Tank Sawmill Peak
Fox Tank Bell Mountain
Frank Tank Priest Tank
Fuller Tank Fence Canyon
Garcia Tank Priest Tank
Garden Tank Bell Mountain
Garrison Tank Priest Tank
George Mee Tank Bell Mountain
Ghost Tank Apache Gap
Grass Tank Apache Gap
Greer Tank Taylor Peak
Gregory Lake Floyd
Gyp Tank Fence Canyon
H Bierner Number 2 Reservoir Sierra Fijardo
Hardcastle Tank Taylor Peak
Hardin Tank Shannon Canyon
Hardin Tank Number 2 Shannon Canyon
Hayfield Tank Fairview Well
Hidden Tank Alivio
Hidden Tank Prisor Well
Hidden Tank McLeod Tank
Highline Tank Upham
Holding Trap Tank Number 2 Huerfano Hill
Homestead Tank Shannon Canyon NW
Homestead Tank Apache Gap
Horse Tank McLeod Tank
Horseshoe Lake Fifteenmile Lake
Houge Tank Upham Hills
Huerfano Tank Huerfano Hill
Hurt Tank Apache Gap
Ignacio Pares Tank Priest Tank
Indian Tank Apache Peak
Inman Cienega Tank Baily Points
Jack Tank Apache Gap
Jakes Tank Chise
Jalarosa Tank P A Mountain
Joe Pankey Reservoir Number 2 Romero Canyon
Joe Tank Thumb Tank Peak
Joe West Tank Sheep Mountain
Johnson Tank Dugout Canyon
Johnson Tank Bell Mountain
Jonce Tank Salinas Peak
Jornada Lakes Cutter
Juniper Tank Apache Peak
Kacy Tank Upham Hills
Kaylor Tank Hembrillo Basin
Keene Tank Fairview Well
Keith Tank Taylor Peak
Kelly Tank Thumb Tank Peak
L 7 Red Tank Apache Gap
Ladder Tank Fairview Mountain
Lard Tank Thumb Tank Peak
Lathum Tank P A Mountain
Little Joe Tank Priest Tank
Little Ohmey Tank Palomas Gap
Little Rocky Tank Bell Mountain
Little Salt Lake Lumley Lake
Lobo Tank Thumb Tank Peak
Lookout Tank Sugarloaf Peak
Lookout Tank Lookout Mountain
Lost Tank Kingston
Lumley Lake Lumley Lake
Lyons Red Tank Apache Gap
Lyons Tank Prisor Well
Marcus Tank Sierra Fijardo
Mare Tank Fence Canyon
Margarita Tank Chise
Martin Tank Prisor Well
Martin Tank Thumb Tank Peak
Marys Tank Dugout Canyon
Mason Tank Lumley Lake
Mason Tank Lumley Lake
Maverick Tank Baily Points
McLeod Tank McLeod Tank
Me Own Tank Bonner Canyon
Middle Diamond Number Two Tank Wall Lake
Middle Tank Fuller Ranch
Middle Tank Fence Canyon
Middle Tank Shannon Canyon
Mike Tank Bell Mountain
Miller Mesa Tank Bell Mountain
Miller Tank Upham
Mims Lake Elephant Butte
Mine Tank McLeod Tank
Miner Tank Taylor Peak
Mn Chavez Reservoir Number 1 Huerfano Hill
Monticello Number One Tank Monticello
Monticello Number Two Tank Monticello
Montosa Tank Sugarloaf Peak
Mose Tank Prisor Hill
Mountain Tank McLeod Tank
Mountain Tank McLeod Tank
Mud Lake Victorio Park
Mud Springs Tank Number 1 Cuchillo
Nelson Tank Number 1 Lumley Lake
New Tank Dugout Canyon
New Tank Apache Peak
New Tank Shannon Canyon
North Richard Tank Sulphur Pass
North Tank Fairview Well
North Tanks Shannon Canyon
Number 2 Tank Bell Mountain
Number 3 Tank Bell Mountain
Number 7 Tank Cutter
O W Tank Priest Tank
Pa Tank Number One P A Mountain
Pa Tank Number Two P A Mountain
Pague Tank Apache Peak
Pass Tank McLeod Tank
Pendergrass Tank Cuchillo
Polecat Tank Polecat Tank
Polecat Tank Bonner Canyon
Polo Tank Thumb Tank Peak
Pot Hole Tank Upham Hills
Priest Tank Priest Tank
Punkin Tank Bell Mountain
R C Tank Dugout Canyon
Rabbit Tank Upham
Rabbit Tank Dugout Canyon
Rattlesnake Tank Sugarloaf Peak
Red Hill Tank McLeod Tank
Red Lake Lava
Red Tank McLeod Tank
Red Tank Palomas Gap
Red Tank Apache Gap
Renick Tank Prisor Well
Rice Tank Kingston
Richard Tank Sulphur Pass
Ridner Tank Tip Top Canyon
Rigon Tanks Tip Top Canyon
Rincon Tank Apache Gap
Road Tank Baily Points
Rock Spill Tank Apache Gap
Rock Tank Jaralosa Mountain
Rockcore Tank Taylor Peak
Rocky Tank Taylor Peak
Romero Tank Sugarloaf Peak
Round Mountain Tank Apache Peak
S C S Tank Shannon Canyon NW
Saddle Tank Apache Gap
Saladone Tank Saladone Tank
Samora Tank Priest Tank
Sand Hills Tanks Gilmore Draw
Sand Tank Polecat Tank
Sandy Tank Apache Gap
Saucer Tank Baily Points
Sawmill Tank Taylor Peak
School Section Tank Saladone Tank
Sevenmile Tank Shannon Canyon NW
Sevety-four Draw Well Baily Points
Shallow Tank Baily Points
Shannon Tanks Shannon Canyon
Shannon Well Shannon Canyon
Sherman Tank Kingston
Silver Tail Tank P A Mountain
Sixteen Tank Huerfano Hill
Slater Red Tanks Apache Gap
Slick Rock Tank Baily Points
Smith Lake Floyd
Smith Tank Lumley Lake NW
South Johnson Tank Bell Mountain
South Mesa Tank Baily Points
South Salado Peak Tank Bell Mountain
South Tank Romero Canyon
South Tank Shannon Canyon
South Tanks Shannon Canyon
South Water Tank Taylor Peak
Stanley Tank Monticello
Stanley Well Monticello
Starvation Tank Kingston
Tank Sixteen Saladone Tank
Tank Sixteen East Saladone Tank
Taylor Tank Alivio
Taylor Tank Sulphur Pass
Taylor Tank Whiterock Mountain
Teacup Tank Clark Spring Canyon
The Lakes Victorio Park
Thumb Tank Thumb Tank Peak
Tip Top Tank Tip Top Canyon
Toby Hole Alivio
Tripple Tank McLeod Tank
Turner Tank Upham Hills
Twin Tanks Tip Top Canyon
Twin Tanks McLeod Tank
Twin Tanks Dugout Canyon
Upper Avilas Tank Sugarloaf Peak
Upper Dry Tank Baily Points
Upper East Diamond Tank Bonner Canyon
Upper South Water Tank Taylor Peak
Upper Taylor Tank Alivio
Upside Down Tank Alivio
Victoria Tank Chise
Wanda Tank Bell Mountain
Waterhole Tank Fairview Well
West Myers Tank Bell Mountain
West Tank Sixteen Saladone Tank
Wetback Tank Upham
White Tank P A Mountain
Wildhorse Tank Saladone Tank

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Sierra County, New Mexico. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.