Taos County New Mexico Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Taos County New Mexico

Place USGS Topo Map
Ambrose Tank Petaca Peak
Aquate Tank Cerro De Los Taoses
Bailey Tank Servilleta Plaza
Bailey Tank Number 2 Servilleta Plaza
Baldy Blue Lake Latir Peak
Barranca Tank Taos Junction
Bear Lake Latir Peak
Bear Lake Wheeler Peak
Bear Wallow Trick Tank Ranchos De Taos
Beaver Lake Big Costilla Peak
Bernardin Lake Shady Brook
Blue Lake Wheeler Peak
Borrego Tank Tres Orejas
Bryd Tank Carson
Cabresto Lake Red River
Cabresto Lake Cerro
Carson Reservoir Tres Orejas
Cebadilla Trick Tank El Valle
Cissell Lake Tres Piedras
Clarkson Tank Carson
Comanche Tank Taos Junction
Corner Tank Servilleta Plaza
Costilla Reservoir Big Costilla Peak
Cow Lake Arroyo Seco
Darkey Tank Servilleta Plaza
Drake Tank Servilleta Plaza
Dunlap Tank Tres Orejas
Eagle Rock Lake Questa
Fawn Lakes Red River
Flechado Trick Tank Tres Ritos
Fuente Trick Tank Tres Ritos
Goose Lake Red River
Hartig Tank Carson
Heart Lake Latir Peak
Horseshoe Lake Jicarita Peak
Horseshoe Lake Wheeler Peak
Huero Lake Cerro Vista
Indian Lake Servilleta Plaza
Indian Lake Jicarita Peak
Jose Tank Taos Junction
Kenyon Tank Taos Junction
La Cueva Lake Cerro Vista
Lake Number One Big Costilla Peak
Lake Number Two Big Costilla Peak
Latir Lakes Latir Peak
Lost Lake Big Costilla Peak
Lost Lake Wheeler Peak
Martinez Tank Taos Junction
McKenzie Tank Taos Junction
Middle Fork Lake Wheeler Peak
Miranda Trick Tank Ranchos De Taos
Mojino Tank Servilleta Plaza
Mondragon Tank Carson
Montosa Tank Carson
Negro Tank Servilleta Plaza
Orejas Tank Tres Orejas
Osha Ridge Trick Tank El Valle
Owl Trick Tank Petaca Peak
Pena tank Servilleta Plaza
Pioneer Lake Red River
Pope Lake Guadalupe Mountain
Punche Lake La Segita Peaks
Railroad Tank Servilleta Plaza
Rest Area Trick Tank Petaca Peak
Reveg Tank Tres Orejas
Rocky Tank Tres Orejas
Rojo Tank Tres Ritos
Romero Lake Cerro Vista
Sandlin Tank Taos Junction
Sandy Tank Carson
Section Fifteen Tank Tres Orejas
Section Thirty One Tank Petaca Peak
Section Thirty-five Tank Carson
Serpent Lake Jicarita Peak
Sertion Three Tank Cerro De Los Taoses
Servilleta Tank Petaca Peak
Seven Lakes Big Costilla Peak
Show Tank Taos Junction
Slater Tank Taos Junction
Soloman Tank Tres Orejas
Soloman Tank Number Two Tres Orejas
South Latir Lake Latir Peak
Star Lake Wheeler Peak
Stover Tank Tres Orejas
Talpa Reservoir Ranchos De Taos
Taoses Tank Cerro De Los Taoses
TCLP Tank Tres Orejas
Torres Tank Tres Orejas
Triangle Tank Petaca Peak
Twin Lakes The Wall
Vibora Tank Taos Junction
Viego Tank Tres Orejas
Water Bird Lake Wheeler Peak
Waterbird Lake Wheeler Peak
Williams Lake Wheeler Peak
Wilson Lake Tres Piedras

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Taos County, New Mexico. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.